Reviews for Harry Potter and the Realization of Fate
james.mattson.7 chapter 27 . 7/25
Your story is truly a work of art! It is the standard by which I think other "harry goes to Azkaban" stories should be judged. I am looking forward to the next chapters with great anticipation.
TigerCat chapter 24 . 7/21
Hedwig! That greasy [censored, censored, censored, still censored, whoo boy is that censored, ... this went on for about 5 minutes, really] bastard! And Dumbledore. I notice Fawkes hasn't been mentioned at all, did he leave when Dumbledore performed that bit of cruelty?
TigerCat chapter 15 . 7/20
A few corrections, first. Kata, not katra. The Room of Requirements is on the 7th floor, not 3rd. Please pay more attention to homophones, in this chapter, for example, sense versus since.

Next, you mentioned Hedwig, and then NOTHING! You've explained what happened to the Firebolt, but not the living, breathing awesomeness that is Hedwig. I really hope that's resolved soon, although the fact that she hasn't shown up yet is troubling if it reflects her fate.
Less important, the cloak.

Finally, I really enjoy the story itself. It's worth wasing through formatting and errors.
ScubaDoc3 chapter 27 . 6/27
Really enjoyable and well-written story.
PickNick95 chapter 1 . 6/26
I couldn't make it past chapter 2. To much of Harry constantly asking questions and ekther not getting them answered or half answered. Overly frustrating and annoying to read.
aalens chapter 27 . 6/17
This is a wonderful story. Thank you!
william488 chapter 27 . 5/20
Nice to see you back. Look forward to your uodates. Loving the story.
mattchew chapter 9 . 5/20
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy no thank you... The ginny thing is so cringe worthy that I can't follow it. And the indignant anger at being found out that she was snooping on Harry? Cringe... The descriptions of Harry falling into her eyes a few chapters back or ginny waiting for a strong man to enter her life? Not my cup of tea at all, good luck on finishing the story and all that jazz.
Dzerx chapter 1 . 5/14
Ugh he better not forgive them, I certainly wouldn't.
hyper-swain chapter 27 . 5/10
Update? Pretty please with sugar on top
Dzerx chapter 10 . 5/1
Not sure if I've missed it but what happened to Hedwig? What happened to his invisibility Cloak which CANNOT be destroyed?

I know you mentioned his family album was destroyed but the Ministry mentioned his things will be returned thus shouldn't another be given to him? (Hagrid made it in the first place so I'm sure he could make another)

Why isn't Harry angry at the Weasleys and Dumbledore for stealing his money? He seems mad at them for the initial betrayal but nothing has since been said regarding them stealing from him.

What happened to Kreacher? No mention of him nor Dobby has been said thus far, thought it would have been when he re-took possession of Grimmauld Place.
pawn6252 chapter 1 . 4/15
I like the story a little slow moving in some parts but overall quite a good.
I hope you have a better time in your personal life going forward if it means anything to you I'll lite a candle and say a prayer for yourself and your family.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/7
"Shrinking his Firebolt"
Wait, when did he get his firebolt back?
Tenblood chapter 27 . 3/22
I have enjoyed this story. Very different from many others that I have read. I hope you will be able to continue it.
DoublePea chapter 27 . 3/17
Thank you for your interesting story. I appreciate your devotion to finishing it and for writing such a different storyline. Just wanted to send you some kudos.
"Good Job" (as I used to tell my grand daughters when they were little) .
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