Reviews for Harry Potter and the Realization of Fate
Ciel Moony chapter 27 . 2/20
Wow! I can't believe you actually came back! I feared the worst :( this is the first fanfiction I ever read, and you pulled me into a new world!(Idk if I should bless you or curse you for the amount of time I have come to spend on here lol) but I can't wait as you grind out the last few chapters! Welcome back and I hope you well in your own endeavors!
mdauben chapter 27 . 2/19
I'm sorry for not commenting before, but I just ran across your story the other day and I've been reading it straight through. I really like the characters and story you have created. I agree that having been thrown into Azkaban for something he never did would have a definite effect on him, even aside from the time he spent in the afterlife with his family. Everything seems to flow logically from those events. Its been fun seeing Harry get to this point, outwitting both Voldemort and Dumbledore along the way. I'll definitely be looking forward to your next update, whenever you have time to write it!
PatrickMeharg chapter 27 . 2/18
good stuff. hurry up with the next one
RowanRhys chapter 23 . 2/9
Cosmyk Angel chapter 27 . 2/8
So glad you decided to finish This!

riegert8 chapter 27 . 2/5
I am glad to see a update to this story

I still see Dumbledore worse then Voldemort, I don't see Dumbledore as a light have to be judge by his action
Soki711 chapter 12 . 1/31
You've made Ginny so much like her mother in an aggressive manner. Does he want to be with Ginny who is overbearing and has a temper as bad as Voldy?
Soki711 chapter 7 . 1/31
Harry one day will realize its time to grow up and quit whining about the Weasleys. He's there to fight a war not handing out stunners. He should just forgot about the Weasleys, the backstabbing bastards.
rdjjevans chapter 6 . 1/28
flight.of.the.phoenix.86 chapter 27 . 1/27
finally you updated this story!

hope to see more soon!
Ginny-Potter1981 chapter 27 . 1/26
I was shocked an excited to find a new chapter to a story I had long thought might not be finished. I was very happy to see the new chapter and hope the next one we will not have to wait 7 or 8 years for. Still a great story.

Jimbocous chapter 27 . 1/25
Great to see you back, and hope life will even out a bit soon. Thanks for the update!
Jimbocous chapter 21 . 1/25
Final Arthur Weasley line when exiting the OOTP meeting:
"But I swore that oath to combat the Dark Lord Voldemort, not to worship at the throne of the Dark Lord Dumbledore".
Sir Ollivander chapter 27 . 1/23
I always had faith that you would return to continue this story. It stayed in my "Favorites" for quite some time. And I was right, you are or were in the military. Navy Chief here. I hope all is well for you and your family and continue to wait for further chapters to this wonderful story. By the way, Harry is acting a little too cheerful in this chapter than I expected. Tom
hawkswench chapter 27 . 1/25
I am glad your writing again. I hope your RL settles down enough for you to relax.
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