Reviews for Following the Footsteps of Destiny
Guest chapter 297 . 9/17
I love your work,i'ts amazing!
destiny chosen chapter 169 . 9/6
Kiss her? How old are these kids? One thing that bothers me about this story is they're still 11-12, aren't they? Having romantic feelings, kissing each other - aint they a bit too young? Unless in Japan, it's different...I like the story but Daichi and Takara are kids. That's just weird.
destiny chosen chapter 131 . 9/6
Lol the conversation between Tai and Piximon had me laughing. And Agumon, you're not helping. That had me cracking up.
destiny chosen chapter 127 . 9/6
Matt! You really did say too much. But the conversation regarding Cherrymon was very touching. I feel Tai should have been there too as well as TK, since it concerned them too but oh god, Ryoko's figured out the truth about Ken.
destiny chosen chapter 104 . 9/6
Not sure how I feel about this. I kinda liked DNA Digivolution...but I do understand why you chose this.
destiny chosen chapter 95 . 9/6
Oh Luciamon's double-crossing them isn't she? Honestly, why am I not surprised? She is the female version of Lucemon.
destiny chosen chapter 87 . 9/6
Ooh things are getting really exciting now.
destiny chosen chapter 82 . 9/5
Oh god, the end of this chapter...the whole chapter was frikkin tense but the end just had me at the edge of the seat. Gah, too many cliffhangers!
destiny chosen chapter 76 . 9/5
Poor Ken. I agree. I love how protective the older teams still are of each other. Davis was so worried and so was Matt. This is going to be interesting
destiny chosen chapter 72 . 9/5
Oh god. They're beginning about the Digimon Emperor. Oh god, what if Veemon lets something slip? Oh god, oh god. This is going to be a tough one if they do. But hey Davis and the others managed to forgive Ken so'll be ok?
destiny chosen chapter 71 . 9/5
Matt is being a bit of a hypocrite but I love the way you write the characters. I loved this chapter a lot.
destiny chosen chapter 68 . 9/5
So one thing I don't get is how is Primary Village still stable if the digital world is in danger? But I love how well you write. You're a brilliant source of inspiration for me.
destiny chosen chapter 67 . 9/5
Finally! I thought I'd go grey before this time came lol.
destiny chosen chapter 24 . 9/4
That was way too close for comfort. But I like your idea of the digimon digivolving for their human's friends instead of the human themselves.
destiny chosen chapter 19 . 9/4
That last part is very touching but I adore Mickey and Matty. They'd probably get along with Dai and Yuki splendidly.
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