Reviews for Following the Footsteps of Destiny
KumoFuzei chapter 16 . 6/15/2016
"Either you hand over the D-Coders or your handsome little friend here is going to end up being a cute little corpse!" Actually quite funny, haha.
Poor Ryoko. He tries so hard with Dai but doesn't know how to show his affections to people. I feel he'd be a good candidate for a crest of love.
"The hurt he had felt at Dai's words quickly changed to cold dread. "You can't," he whispered and closed his eyes in horror as the gun pressed harder against his temple. In that moment, all of the faces of his friends and family flashed before his eyes. This wasn't suppose to happen. How does someone go from having a normal day of school to fighting for their life? Why me? Why was I sent here only to end up dying? It's just not fair..." Love this section.
I like how the battle never becomes one-sided. Even after Embermon Digivolves, which is when it usually would. It's a two-way battle.
That's one evil Digimon down already. This story is flying. I wonder how the story is still going 200-odd chapters later :P
A spooky ending.
KumoFuzei chapter 15 . 6/15/2016
I agree with Dai, Ryoko was surprisingly brave.
Crystalmon is badass! Although, I'm not a fan of having them announce types and everything in speech. I think I'd prefer seperate DigiAnalyzer entries as these are quite jarring.
Starting two sentences with "The thing" in a row was also jarring as well.
Damn, poor Takara.
I wonder if she'll manage to get Ryoko. Also, this battle is quite speech heavy but the non-speech bits are really immersive.
What an ending. Hopefully Embermon will Digivolve or someone else will come to their rescue.
KumoFuzei chapter 14 . 6/15/2016
Back again. Hopefully I'll be caught up by the end of summer :')
I love how you write Tai. In fact, all of the originals have that tinge of themselves that reminds you its them in more than just name.
They've gotten themselves into a whole different world (punny!) of trouble.
Miss Anonymous hp chapter 287 . 6/13/2016
Ah, Willis! What a pleasant surprise! I was not expecting to see him here. I thought that entire conversation was very cute between Jayden and Matty. I think it's funny how modern Matty is; I know that's a strange thing to say, but it's weird to think that 25 years in the future actually isn't that far away from where we are now. So Matty using Skype or Facetime or whatever regularly makes perfect sense. And to consider someone that lives in another country such a close friend despite almost never (or possibly never!) getting to see them - this is the internet age where such a relationship is such a commonality as we know! So if it was about 10pm for Matty... that would've made it about 7am for Jayden! Wow, he was up early on a Sunday, haha! I just like those little details.

I also liked that Matty knows English. Does he also know French? I know TK and Matt have family that lives in France, so I've always had a headcanon that TK at least knows French since it's his mother's side of the family, but I wonder if Matty and Mickey would've learned it too... Totally unrelated, just a random thought I had.

What talk did Mickey have with his parents? Will we see it? I'm very curious... He seemed pretty shaken up about it, but what could it be? Hm... Mysteries, mysteries.

DarkAngelicmon's POV was perfectly creepy. I also love that we separately ended up with a slumbering Belphemon in our story! You've been building to this for a while - or so it feels like! - and I had no idea! But the fact that we had similar ideas is just so cool. Plus - Belphemon is one creepy digimon. If he's slumbering anywhere, you know you're going to have a bad time. So our Ruler has Lilitmon, Belphemon, knows where to find Lucemon and Daemon... That leaves Leviamon, Barbamon, and Beelzemon. That's quite a few very rare and very powerful megas still left to locate for him to feel that confident. Makes me wonder if he's truly told DarkAngelicmon everything or not. Is DarkAngelicmon's mega perhaps one of these three? I mean - he told LadyDevimon his plans, and we know SHE is Lilithmon, so that seems to be a connection there. Hmm...

It also begs the question - why hasn't he had DarkAngelicmon digivolve yet? Is he perhaps afraid he won't be able to control him once he gets more powerful? This has been on my mind since the beginning. I wonder if we'll get an answer soon...

Loved it! Keep up the great work! I cannot wait until the next update!
KumoFuzei chapter 13 . 6/13/2016
Back to the main crew. I wonder if that fortress is the one belonging to the villains we just met. After all, Gennai is there.
Not all the Digiportals are working?
Matty and Mickey are adorable as siblings.
The love triangle with Dai, Ryoko and Takara has so many options for progression and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
Wow. Booby traps?
Occassionally the pronouns of he/she etc. get a little confusing on the subject.
Damn. Is this THE Leomon?
I like to think the story will end with this place having their adventures etched into its walls, ready for the next adventure in the future.
Just like in 02, sorta?
Embermon sounds just like a red Veemon right now.
What an ending also I too believe there's more to a Digidestined than the Digivices, the title or anything. There's something inside that makes them different.
KumoFuzei chapter 12 . 6/13/2016
So we're back to earth? I presume to fetch the others and explain how their absence affects the real world (being that time is currently aligned).
"How could Taysuke not see that something was wrong." wrong?*
Davis and Noriko are adorable.
I expcted something more than Shadow, aha.
I wonder what those bad guys are up to. They stole the crests? Wow. Giving them a power boost right off the bat. Vampiramon sounds like a classic corny lovestruck second-in-command but I'm sure she'll turn out to be much more.
KumoFuzei chapter 11 . 6/13/2016
I know this was a long time ago so I don't judge you for it but having that bit about reviews in the A/N, even if it was a joke, was a bit offputting :(.
I like how you continue to throw in little character descriptions to remind us of what the characters look like. It's really helpful to imagine the scene.
They're all so mad at Piximon, aha.
Ryoko is so real and I love it but I imagine Dai will rush off on an adventure regardless.
Strick? Do you mean Strict?
Dai is such a jealous little boy :P
I wonder where they are actually. Perhaps somewhere in Machine City? Or Devimon's castle?
I wonder what happened to Gennai? Maybe they just have to travel and find him?
Title drop again!
Oooh like a Sat Nav. Just what Digivices were missing. Love it!
KumoFuzei chapter 10 . 6/6/2016
A Digimon attack?
Dammit, Dai. Run, run!
Takara is adorable. She's so innocent.
Piximon!? Wow. Didn't expect that. I expected a little in-training Digimon.
I bet Piximon will be giving a beatdown to the originals when he finds them. And I doubt it'll be his mind.
"have to make due" do*
There's no way Dai can do ventroliquism.
I smell Gen'nai's meddling.
Aww Davis getting all deep.
Ryoko definitely has the hots for Dai.
"stomache" stomach*
Is it modelled after the 02 Digivice?
Ryoko's the only one talking sense! :P
Title Drop. Love it.
gate is waiting."
"See? It wasn't a joke!I really did see that message and here's the proof!" joke! I*
A decoding feature? That's new.
I knew Gen'nai was involved.
What an ending. Right finally going to finish off Simple Attraction
KumoFuzei chapter 9 . 6/3/2016
I'm back to have a read of this even though there's no chance of me getting up to where I need to in order to not spoil this via Simple Attraction.
I love Matty and Mickey's relationship.
I can't help but notice how unique everyone seems to be. Althought it is currently happy go-lucky at the moment so it'll be interesting to see how things change as time goes on.
"Ithink you should tell" I think*
Dai is great and easy to understand so far and that's what makes him so likable. He's so honest and he wears his heart on his sleeve.
Ryoko getting all deep. Do I smell romance?
And Takara reminds me of Kari so much.
It begins! :D
RoyalKnightX chapter 286 . 5/25/2016
Matty and Taniko are ridiculously adorable, even if Matty continues to be a total dunce about it! He's so perceptive about everyone else, sigh. At least Mickey gets it. Even from Matty's POV, the unspoken conversation between Mickey and Taniko was so incredibly obvious. "Oh, whoops, sorry Taniko, you almost had him."

If ever a Crest shined in a non-battle situation, the Crest of Friendship would be brighter than a blue sun right now. Everyone in this group can count on everyone, of course, but holy moly is the Kamiya family blessed by Matt Ishida. The man goes 3 out of 4 on the comforting here, is able to cut right to the issue and make sure they all know they have help if they need it (and, well, they need it), and they aren't alone. The only one he misses is Tay - and Tay's all good, as far as I know, so that's okay!

But seriously. First, there's Kara and all her developing problems, and Matt just doesn't take no for an answer, and doesn't take any of her angsty excuses either. Of course, she's not all better yet (how else would we get a proper Spirit Chip arc), but I think Matt applied a pretty big band-aid to her wounds. She should at least be okay until they get back to the Digital World.

Then we have Sora. It's not as long, but you can see so well how he's there for her as much as he is for Tai. Kara and Tai may be the worst off, but their suffering is hitting Sora hard, and Matt makes absolutely sure she knows she doesn't have to handle it alone. And despite how much you just know Sora wants to fix it herself, she leaves Tai entirely in Matt's hands. That speaks volumes.

And then, we have our original Digimon best friends with a little car chat. Easily the highlight of the chapter. Tai came off super well - I tend to imagine the parents looking like just taller, more developed versions of their teenage selves, but Tai really reminded me that this is *not* easy on them at their age, and as the danger increases, it's only getting harder, physically and emotionally. I think it's also safe to say Matt was definitely at his best here, as I think Tai definitely benefited the most from his little pep talk. He's still clearly worried about Kara, as he should be, but I think now he knows he can handle it.

Can't wait to see what happens next! All ready for our next arc!
Miss Anonymous hp chapter 286 . 5/22/2016
Ah, so good!

Of course, almost any POV in Matty's POV is golden, even if it's only a tadbit. And I am such a Matty/Taniko shipper, it's kinda crazy. So this chapter totally hit the spot. Taniko is just so lovely in my head appearance wise (though I think I don't actually envision her correctly - I think of her as a redhead, but I'm pretty sure she has brown hair?), and her personality just matches so well. And can I just say that I find it adorable that Mickey ships them as well? That just made me laugh, him trying to play little matchmaker and being like d'oh! when he walked in on them. I really did feel like if Matty had started to play with her hair that they were gonna kiss, so I can just imagine that romantic tension that Mickey walked in on!

As for Matt's POV, it was definitely far more subdued. I am getting very big hints from this that Takara's spirit chip is next, but I could've sworn Mickey was up next to the plate. But Takara is starting to drown something awful in her despair already... If she's not next, I hope she can get a grip so that she doesn't end up totally forgotten in the next arc! Mina was right; Kara as an anti-social girl just isn't right! It makes me all sorts of sad! I do feel like we got a bit of foreshadowing here for possibly a dark digivolution in Kara's future? That would be pretty interesting. We've yet to see something like that in Digimon! (Especially since you haven't seen tri!)

Matt and Tai's friendship is great as ever, but I actually really enjoyed the Matt/Sora moment the most, I think. Seeing that trust that they have in each other... I mean, it just makes it so clear as to why they dated as teenagers. I mean, the foundation is there. The love just... wasn't. Well, not the romantic-type of love anyway. But I absolutely adore that those hints are still around in this story, because even though that was 25 years ago, they still have a connection. A pretty important one at that! I will admit, I always find it odd when Tai and Matt are talking about how they will take care of each other's kids... because I'm always like, "Why are TK and Kari second choice?" I know of course that it's because they have a handful of kids already, but still! I can't help it, haha.

Honestly, it just makes me want to know how everybody reacted when they heard Kari was having TWINS! I just imagine Yolei finding out she's pregnant, then 2 months later, oh, Kari is pregnant too. Oh wait, Yolei is 5 months pregnant and Kari is only 3 months pregnant, but they're the same belly size, wtf!? Haha. And I believe Sam is the youngest of them, right? And twins are usually born pretty early, so it works! Besides, I just imagine the twins as being NICU babies to start off with. I'm not sure why...

Wow, that was extremely off topic.

Great chapter! Keep up the great work!
Guest chapter 285 . 4/29/2016
A great chapter I know I ask this earlier but this chapter got me more excited. Will the older digidestined that haven't got their mega forms. It would be really cool for them as well. To take the ruler of darkness on with all megas facing him.
RoyalKnightX chapter 285 . 4/26/2016
You already got my initial reaction in skype the other day, so let me leave a few more extra notes here in proper review form.

First off, allow me to say that the way you handle such a massive cast is just plain amazing. Everyone in the whole family (and really, even if not every single person is related by blood, it's one big family) has their important role to play, and each of their characters comes across, even in massive gatherings like this one. If I had to bring a cast this size up to speed on each other's exploits, I'd probably have to just say "they told each other" and that'd be it. And sure, there's a bit of that - but this is so much more.

So, with that said, on to more specific things! We very much have our post-Spirit Chip emotional release here, while the seeds of the new arc are planted. Poor Takara may not have sunk yet, but she's definitely near the edge, and it's pretty clear to several characters.

I wanted to point out Matt, in particular. Ryoko noticed his father watching his best friend's daughter, and wondered if maybe Matt knew something. I think at a time like this, it's important to remember that she's not just Tai's daughter, but Sora's as well, and Matt knows a thing or two about Sora's brush with the darkness. At this very moment, Matt might just be the one who understands what Takara's going through the most.

Just a thought!
Guest chapter 285 . 4/25/2016
Another great chapter this might be my favorite story of Digimon fanfiction. The way you twist the spirit chips and the digidestined are tied together is great. It seems that takara is next seeing how she acted this chapter with her being distant. It also seems tai knows something is up I can't wait for the next chapter.
RoyalKnightX chapter 284 . 4/22/2016
As always, DarkAngelicmon is a fascinating character.

It's very amusing to see him muse on how morally gray humans are while walking that line himself, and I love that he's self-aware enough to notice that, too. Yet, for all his balancing on the line, he always seems to lean more in favor of the light. He tells us he's dark, and his physical form shows it too, but his actions never seem to align.

I'm curious how that will change, when he gets his opportunity to strike at Daemon. This chapter gives me the impression that his desire for vengeance is definitely the root cause of the darkness in his heart, but that just plays right into Daemon's power of wrath. Oh, the irony...

Can't wait for more, as always! Finally caught up...

P.S. Spritemon is infinitely more friendly when it's just her and DarkAngelicmon, I actually liked her this chapter. Huh.
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