Reviews for Following the Footsteps of Destiny
KumoFuzei chapter 110 . 8/7
I really like Leomon an Ogremon in this.
Not much more to say but a really nice chapter. Wondering what plans DarkAngelicmon and Spritemon have in place to stop their escape.
KumoFuzei chapter 109 . 8/7
With so many characters, it's hard to give them all screentime. You do quite a good job but sometimes I'm left wondering why some people have said absolutely nothing.
A few mistakes again but nothing major.
An interesting interlude chapter.
KumoFuzei chapter 108 . 8/7
Mickey is pure hearted to a fault. More than T.K ever was.
And with that, out goes their only useful ally.
KumoFuzei chapter 107 . 8/7
Luciamon has actually turned out to be a rather well-written character. Which is really nice for a side-character villain.
Luciamon's comment about she really wanted to help was surprisingly so touching. I could picture her teary-eyed.
Her torrid love affair with DarkAngelicmon just further deepens her character really nicely.
I think you overdid the length of the speech portions a bit. After 6 lines of emotional dialogue in a row, I'm emotionally exhausted, aha.
Spritemon's non-flinching was actually quite nice. I thought you might have her leave.
Quite a fitting ending for Luciamon.
KumoFuzei chapter 106 . 8/7
This battle feels very drawn out now.
Luciamon confuses me a bit because it's like does she just like chaos or is she a double/triple agent? I'd hedge my bets that she is a double agent in love with DarkAngelicmon, who has a special plan different from their masters hence his leniency.
Sometimes the speech can get a bit too cheesy, haha. It's mainly just in these battle bits.
I find the exposition-y bits in this battle really jarring in the pacing. I know I've said it a few times now but I can't help but reiterate my point.
Ah so Luciamon is a double agent.
KumoFuzei chapter 105 . 8/7
It took a while to get into it, but the pacing after the middle bit was really quite nice.
I do wonder why their own sovereign didn't supply digicores for each of them?
A nice chapter that sort of filled in the gaps
KumoFuzei chapter 104 . 8/7
Sam and Ken's bond is adorable and I'm afraid for the moment it's torn apart by Ken's past.
Again, the action seems to stall and I'm left wondering what the villains are doing in this gap? The interlude is really touching and emotional, don't get me wrong, but it just leaves me confused as to why any evil villain would stand and watch all of that?
So Luciamon is kind of good.
And DarkAngelicmon is also confusing.
So you gave Ken a Digivolution. I didn't quite see that coming. And you kept it canon.
KumoFuzei chapter 103 . 8/7
So Ibismon is just the sassy girl Digimon who gets to fight all other girl Digimon? I'm strangely okay with that.
The desperation was so palpable however the action lagged a lot at times. It felt weird that the enemies would just wait while they had their discussions.
Ken's feelings towards Wormmon I feel could have been played on a bit more.
So Dracomon is kind of like a recoloured Stingmon?
KumoFuzei chapter 102 . 8/7
There's a few mistakes in the chapter but the writing has improved so much in 100 chapters.
An interesting plan but it felt a little forced and was a bit confusing without my own map of the castle.
Another good chapter nonetheless :)
KumoFuzei chapter 101 . 8/7
Back again for some more reading to try and spark my creative juices.
Angelicmon really jumped the gun. I wonder if there'll be a few tactical battles further along.
DarkAngelicmon is such a villain.
Maybe Luciamon is neutral chaos?
I feel like MagnaAngemon being hit by the attack would have served better for a few reasons: It's a 'now the stakes are raised' moment, it shows the kids to be more cautious and take it seriously, and it takes out arguably the most broken Digimon in the Adventure-verse to keep the battle interesting.
I liked little Embermon in this.
Ibismon and Luciamon having a classic cat fight. Love the animosity that Ibismon shows, haha.
Sam is a very perceptive one.
A really punchy ending!
RoyalKnightX chapter 294 . 8/6
Kara, nooooooo. No, it's not your fault, noooooo. :(

This was a nice surprise to wake up to this morning! Man, Kara really is taking this hard, as expected. I'm glad she can at least rely on her family for support still, but we'll see how long that lasts. Something's gonna happen to heeeeeeeeeeeeer...

Tai is like, the best dad, goodness.

As an aside, someone in this group seriously needs to invest in a giant "meeting room" addition to their house that has chairs for everyone. So many people on the floor!

Davis and Noriko seem so broken! Noriko especially, which is probably the only reason Davis isn't. I mean, Davis has always been the type to just keep trucking on, but I'd bet his wife being so distraught is giving him even more strength and resolve to just keep on moving. We got Omnimon last time, so I hope Ken can tag along this time. Davis needs his friend's help to let Imperialdramon loose on whatever jackass took his son. There's gonna be some hell to pay.

Looking forward to more as always! Wasn't expecting a new chapter anytime in the next month, since I know you're busy, but like I said, always a pleasant surprise!
MadDogLucario96 chapter 294 . 8/6
Poor Kara. This isn't her fault. I wonder what did end up happening with Dai. I guess we all will find out soon enough.

This is such an awesome story, I almost have to stop myself from reading it after a while. Keep up the good work and hope to find out soon.
The Imaginatrix chapter 293 . 8/2
Oh no! This doesn't look good at all! I hope Dai will be okay!

I'm so sorry you felt like you were unappreciated. I can't speak for everyone who has or has not been reviewing this fic, but for me in particular, I got caught up with a lot of irl things and lost my place in the fic. I think I may have to do a reread, but there's over a million words in this! It's not the only fic I'm following that's over a million words, but still, that's quite the undertaking!

I will say that I absolutely love this story. The moment I found it, I was swept up in Digimon Adventure nostalgia, and every time I come back to it I feel the same way. I believe the first two seasons of Digimon were the best, although I'm sure others would disagree with me, and your story is full of what made me love those seasons so much. There are so many feels and epic moments, and I love your original Digimon so much! Like, you have no idea! Angel Digimon are my favourites and the Celestimon and Halomon lines in this story are just ... i WANT AN ANGEL DIGIMON FOR REAL.

If there's one criticism I have, it's your use of epithets, but to be quite frank, this fic has been around for so long that it's become one of its quirks and I wouldn't ask you to change it now, 293 chapters in. I don't remember how many chapters you'd done when I found the story on the profile of someone who followed one of MY stories, but I think it was something like 230-ish. It was in 2012, though, I remember that much. I also skimmed it because that was what I did with long fics during first reads, and still do, honestly. I get impatient sometimes. Dx

I know people have been reviewing less, including me, and not just in the Digimon fandom, but across the board. I personally read less fic than I used to, and go looking for new fic very infrequently if at all. I will try to review more, though, because the last thing I want is stories like yours to go unfinished and unloved. Thank you for writing this story. It's the best Digimon Adventure fic I have come across, and honestly when I've looked for other fics in the archive they haven't held a CANDLE to this. Just know that. *hugs*

I hope life is treating you well, and that you well. :)
Perseus Jackson007 chapter 293 . 7/26
Hurry up with the next chapter, or I WILL load up your front porch with a weeks' worth of my cats' poop, and you may not be able to get out of your front door if I do that!
Perseus Jackson007 chapter 252 . 7/17
You know, I just figured out why your story is so much better than the original digimon, you took the amazing story that is Digimon and removed all of the annoying animeishness (made up a word there xD.) But in doing that, you made all the characters much more real all and relatable, and for that, I salute you,m for there are not many writers here in fanfiction that can you what you did, and for so long, thank you for being such an amazing writer.
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