Reviews for Following the Footsteps of Destiny
Daiken Love chapter 208 . 5/22
Awwww that was adorable family time. Taysuke and Takara are so cute.
Daiken Love chapter 207 . 5/22
Oh Sam. Stop being stubborn, honestly.
Daiken Love chapter 203 . 5/22
I'm so happy Dai and Matty are okay :D I love their friendship so much. Dai and Ryoko make great friends too as do Sam and Mickey.
Daiken Love chapter 202 . 5/22
That's so sweet! I love Mickey and Sam's friendship and Daichi and Sam's. Daichi and Sam is a favourite because of their dads.
Daiken Love chapter 201 . 5/22
Oh Sam. Oddly enough I do think the spirit chip belongs to Sam but it'll take a lot of help for Sam to reach it.
Daiken Love chapter 200 . 5/22
Finally, you guys. Although I hope Dai and Matty mend things somehow.
Daiken Love chapter 199 . 5/22
I don't know what Ryoko's whinging about. Matty I can sort of understand considering he feels insecure but Dai wasn't even that horrible to Matty.
Daiken Love chapter 198 . 5/22
I hope things will be alright for everyone and Dai will make amends with all of his team.
Daiken Love chapter 197 . 5/22
Well done Dai! You did it! I love how Tai was the one to get through to Dai. That conversation was adorable.
Daiken Love chapter 196 . 5/22
Oh Dai...hang in there. I think here Dai is reminding me more of Ken than he is of Davis but I hope something good happens. Takara would slap Dai for how he's been acting.
Daiken Love chapter 195 . 5/22
Dai you need to believe in yourself not just want the Spirit Chip due to desperation. Also, I have to whine but why are girls always the damsels in distress? Really, girls can save guys too you know.
Daiken Love chapter 194 . 5/22
BlackWidowmon you evil witch! Make her pay, Dai!
Daiken Love chapter 193 . 5/22
Awww Sam is so worried about Dai. Well, their fathers are best friends but still.
Daiken Love chapter 192 . 5/22
DarkAngelicmon is really a strange can of worms. Mickey's such a sweetheart.
Daiken Love chapter 191 . 5/22
Nooo! Don't break Dai and Matty's friendship. Someone do something!
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