Reviews for Following the Footsteps of Destiny
Kitsune Kiyoko chapter 282 . 2/28
Another great chapter! They are finally able to get out of the cavern. And now come the recovery. Hopefully everything with Mimi and the baby is alright also with their happy little family in general. And poor Ryoko. This battle took a lot out of him. Can't wait to read the next chapter. As much as I love the action in this story. I must say I love the down times in this just as much. It gives time to the characters to fix problems or gives them time to talk about or live their life. Makes me feel like I'm watching an actual anime. :)
Guest chapter 281 . 2/14
I am expecting Omnimon to tear those four apart. He should at least kill one of them maybe that annoying fairy or jester of a clown. I can't really see Omnimon struggling with those four unless they attack him all together. Are you going to get the rest of the digidestined parents to mega evolve their partners. It would be cool of them to go mega as well.
Kitsune Kiyoko chapter 281 . 2/12
Omnimon! Awesome! Poor Ryoko he's tired and hurt. But that's okay Yamato and Taichi are still there to help :) great chapter! I can't wait for the next one!
Nekofairy chapter 281 . 2/12
OH My Goodness! I"m so glad everything between the three of them is finally out in the open. I can't wait to see how the dynamic will be now that Ryoko completed the three amigo's. I can just imagine it now and it's positively lovely. I hope hope hope that the next wait is not too long, I'll be waiting either way, but I'm super stoked for the next chapter. I wonder what all the new gen digidestined kids will think about Omnimon. Have they heard the story about him? I honestly can't remember. Either way... long rant over lol. Keep up the awesome awesome job. I will eagerly be awaiting more.
Apollomon x Stingmon chapter 281 . 2/12
Yes Omnimon! About time! Totally love the chapter by the way.
KumoFuzei chapter 8 . 2/2
Taysuke reminds me of Davis and Ryoko of Tai in that respect. It's quite nice to see some mirrors between the kids and the parents but not necessarily straightforward ones.
Ema is a nice development.
Also, Jun and Joe? Did not see that coming, but I can see how it'd work.
Taniko seems alright, but who's Mina? Was she in the orignal series?
Kenzo is a lot like his dad then.
I remember Rosa, she was in a few episodes, wasn't she?
Ryoko smiling at Taysuke was cute.
Anyway, a great chapter again and lots of suspense. I look forward to falling in love with these characters.
KumoFuzei chapter 7 . 2/2
So Gennai is in trouble. It was a nice little scene.
Matty and Mickey are adorable.
Some of the speech felt a little forced in that it seemed to really linger on two children's friendship and I assume adults would have better things to talk about but it still sounded natural, which was nice.
Another great chapter :3
KumoFuzei chapter 6 . 2/2
Firstly, I just wanna say that I'm glad I waited to read this. It makes it that much more enjoyable :)

The paragraph that begins even if we did is very very long. But it was nice to get the story behind them since Noriko is such a minor character.

So the kids know nothing about their parents past. Interesting.
It was a cute chapter that opened up Daichi some more.
KumoFuzei chapter 5 . 2/1
Been a little while but I think I can pick it back up :3

"was a think purple," What does this mean?

Ryoko's feelings were unexpected and made him such a 3 dimensional character (much like the rest).
"His stomache rumbled," stomach*

Not much else I can say but I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter. Your style is just so easy to read and enjoy without any effort, and I love that.
KumoFuzei chapter 4 . 1/20
Back again, couldn't resist.

The swapping with the thoughts and third person can get a little confusing, but I get it's your writing style, so I'll try adjust.
There are some spelling and grammar mistkaes but I won't point them out since its so short.
"Salt and pepper static" I loved this line.

It was a bit of a plot-forced moment at first, but you didn't really reveal anything then and made Davis rush off before he could investigate further.

Yet again, I enjoyed the chapter.
KumoFuzei chapter 3 . 1/20
"they ment me," meant*

There is some nice flowing description but there is a little bit of tell not show at times.

"on there own anyway." their*

Davis and Noriko, eh?

I like the story of Shadow, aha. I like to think Shadow really isn't a dog and there is more to him though. And the toothpase in the shampoo was great.
I love the word indignant.
"red sandels," sandals*?

Daichi and Ryoko is an awesome combo.

The bit about Takara was very wordy. Interesting and it kept my attention, but wordy.

Takara and Dai sitting in a tree... Reminds me of Davis and Kari, I definitely see the parallels of the originals.

I'm enjoying this sort of slice of life intro. I'm getting to like the characters a lot.
KumoFuzei chapter 2 . 1/17
It’s me, back again! Love the intro and how you quickly begin to build up a character. Gotton isn’t a real word as far as I know. Gotten* perhaps? Forgotten* too. I’m not sure if this is just a writing quirk or a mistake.
Go and accuse*
Always make things*
Mickey and Matty and their bond is shown well and the name drops of other siblings does well to flesh out the family.
Doctor* or is it just because she’s six? I’m not sure.
Each other*
A really great first chapter that’s drawn me in and got me to like the characters. I like how it’s so far character-driven and not plot-driven as I always prefer those type of stories. Anyway, will be reading on soon :D
KumoFuzei chapter 1 . 1/17
Been saving my 1000th review to finally start this fic and I'm glad I'm finally there and hope I'll catch up one day and find out what all the fuss is about :P
So T.K is the narrator? I like it, very fitting.

It was a really nice prologue. Beautifully written and it really draws me in. There were a few mistakes in the summary but I'm glad that they didn't translate to the quality of the fic. You tell us quite a bit without giving away too much too fast, which is nice. Anyway, I plan to read on for sure :)
Nekofairy chapter 280 . 10/27/2015
AW man i finally get caught up from being four chapters behind and you leave it on such a cliff hanger! Man I'm so ready for Dai, Matty and Ryoko to be together like they're supposed to be. I hope the wait isn't long for the next chapter because I don't know how much more of this darkness from Ryoko I can take. It hurts how much they've all had to suffer and I can't wait for it all to finally end.
Miss Anonymous hp chapter 280 . 10/13/2015
Matty is one cool dude. Super composed. A real life BAMF. I mean, seriously, who else could wield their digivice like a digimon attack all on its own? Haha, I'm sure someone else could, but Matty does it with STYLE. I truly am loving this character arc of his. It truly is my favorite thing about FTFOD. Matty's ups and downs are just so true to life, and while yes, he can get a bit cheesy, there's such a feeling of realism to him. You just capture Matty so well. Oh, Matty. Matty, Matty, Matty. You promised me plenty of Matty, and boy, did you deliver! He was just so great in this.

I guess the only thing I'm confused about is why the darkness isn't too interested in Matty. He's a walking beam of spiritual light. He's amazing with that weapon of his (aka, his heart), and it seems like something that would be totally scrumptious for creatures of darkness. Instead, they go after Dai and are more interested in Dai. Now, don't get me wrong, I get why they were interested in Dai in the beginning - his death/corruption was going to hurt Ryoko more because Dai is infallible in Ryoko's brain. I totally get that. It was this latter part that started to get me confused. As they begin to realize that Ryoko might be winning against them, shouldn't they take their best meal and leave?

Or maybe that's what they're doing here. I mean, Matty DID have a bit of a light shield around him; maybe they're cutting their losses and taking Dai as a last ditch effort to screw Ryoko over. It's possible... Yeah, that works. But without that light shield, it just seems like Matty would be a more desirable choice. Dai's heart is stronger right now; Matty's is still fractured and bruised and scarred and has a few open wounds that still need tending... It's true. Matty's not as put together as Dai is at the moment. But I still think that Matty's light shines brighter even if his flame flickers from time to time. And it seems like the darkness is attracted to those lights that burn hot and fast. Of course, these are all assumptions, so maybe I'm way off.

Anyway, this chapter was great. I can't wait for Ryoko to finally kick darkness's butt. I can't wait for him to claim his Spirit Chip. I can't wait for the aftermath! Matty's not 3 for 3. First Dai (punching his senses back into him, thank you very much). Then Sam (tough love at its finest). Now Ryoko (strong unwavering friendship in the face of hardships). Love them all. I can't wait to see how Matty deals with Mickey possibly (Maybe?) being the next one on the list. Will he have the strength to bring him back if Mickey falls next? I dunno... that might be hitting a bit too close to home!

Can't wait until the next update!
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