Reviews for Following the Footsteps of Destiny
RoyalKnightX chapter 293 . 6/11
So I started this chapter with a sense of "aww, a cute little DemiEmbermon POV" but by the end I was just like "oh my god, what's going on!? No Dai, no! Aaaaahhhh!"

Seriously this was some scary stuff. I don't think the forces of darkness have yet attacked the gang in the real world at all, and they've certainly never plucked them right out of their bedrooms in the dead of night. The implications here are terrifying, short term and long. Short term... I mean, oh my god, they've gotta find Dai, and have no clue where he's gone. And unless the next day is Saturday or Sunday (I don't remember), he's missing school until they do, which will eventually get suspicious even with Seta's help.

Long term, it means nowhere is safe. I always expected real world action to be Digimon attacks, not... that. Gives me shivers!

Looking forward to more, as always!
KumoFuzei chapter 100 . 6/5
Chapter 100 and time for some sleep after a quick review.
I knew there was more to DarkAngelicmon than met the eye.
Spritemon too? This is a hoedown and a half.
Luciamon's plot thickens. Perhaps she is an agent for an external force that seeks balance rather than good vs evil?
Ryoko and Dai is a perpetual struggle, haha.
So it was MagnaAngemon that Digivolved. Now there's serious business.
KumoFuzei chapter 99 . 6/5
Ken's tentativeness was nice.
So some of them get two crests and some only get one?
I knew the trick would happen eventually. Just surprised they were real crests.
DarkAngelicmon is such a dick.
Absolutely loved the scene though. So much emotional turmoil and undertones and just beautifully written.
Luciamon's backstabbing is continually a bit confusing. I get the feeling she's a bit like Snape from Harry Potter.
Spooky ending.
KumoFuzei chapter 98 . 6/5
Glad they're wising up to the trickery.
Ryoko is an angsty little boy. And Alopemon is a bit of a dick, haha.
I wish Takara said and did a bit more. She's often just a bit of a background character.
Izzy is like their guardian angel.
Luciamon's Facade is breaking.
Ooh so these are actually the crests?
KumoFuzei chapter 97 . 6/5
A really good build chapter. Looking forward to see the fruits of it develop.
KumoFuzei chapter 96 . 6/5
So Luciamon is like a triple agent?
Haha, how Davis knew it was aimed at him.
Some really meaty paragraphs that could have been broken up, especially because there's so much exposition.
KumoFuzei chapter 95 . 6/5
Discussing this darkness as a more real thing defintiely adds to its fear factor and fits with Digimon's core themes well.
Raremon is so gross but love how you used him.
Starting to discover Luciamon's lies, finally!
KumoFuzei chapter 94 . 6/5
Ooh Leomon and the others are there.
Wow, what an ending. Great chapter, thoroughly enjoyable :D
KumoFuzei chapter 93 . 6/5
Haha, Kara x Dai.
This is like some Mission Impossible stuff, haha.
KumoFuzei chapter 92 . 6/5
And they arrive. Waiting for the moment Luciamon backstabs them.
Liked the parallel to Etemon's pyramid but I have a feeling it won't be so easy this time.
But Izzy has his suspicions :O
KumoFuzei chapter 91 . 6/5
A cutesy chapter of build and I love the name drop of the forum. Now just for the meaty next chapter :)
KumoFuzei chapter 90 . 6/5
That's a lot of new interesting info. I wonder if the others will be able to save Gennai before he is forced into giving more information out.
What an ominous ending.
KumoFuzei chapter 89 . 6/5
Luciamon is such a liar!
I'm a bit miffed no one has suspicions about her but I guess that's the nature of being a digidestined - having a pure heart.
Interesting ending to the chapter. I'm so hooked.
KumoFuzei chapter 88 . 6/5
This is a meaty chapter.
Loved the original's having their Digimon digivolve too.
Great fight and I knew it was going to be Luciamon. The vixen!
KumoFuzei chapter 87 . 6/5
Wormmon is the world's best partner. Loyal to a fault.
Oooh so that means they're close! :D Looking forward to the battle.
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