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Guest chapter 16 . 10/2
Hi! Your whole story is great! I really enjoyed wishes and its great how you stayed so accurately in character. Please continue with this peice. I'm dying to know more!
LM22102 chapter 15 . 9/21
Hi Em! As you know, going through back-updates(?). And I'll pass all the praise you know I tend to give (IT IS KNOWN) and just say this; reading this chapter (this is regarding the week-long Florida theme park vacation with Dick trying to let Rae know how he feels by flirting and Raven finally figuring it out in the end; 'cause I know when you receive review alerts, it might tell you for what but you have so many, I figured a refresher is okay!) makes me so happy.

I don't know how else to word it. Just a rush of happy chemical cocktail. Seriously. Legitimately. GENUINELY SO. You know you go through life in routines; wake, eat, work, sleep. Repeat. Sometimes you get through experiences that give you that happy feeling; seeing a cute guy, watching a cat video, tasting a new flavor of ice cream. But this? Reading this monster of a chapter (oh gosh, thank you so much for that) and experiencing with Raven (and in extension, Dick's POV) this entire vacation with her emotions and situations and revelations, GOSH. I was legit grinning ear to ear and plain ol' squealing and squirming in my seat with just how HAPPY it made me to read their relationship and interactions.

Honest, girl. You are amazing and I am so, so grateful that I have been able to read your talent in this. You've made a difference and even if it's just one day or one moment, or even a memorable experience to be thought back to every once in a while; you've given a positive change to my life. Em, you're a diamond.
egg chapter 1 . 9/13
Talking shit about my boi? Muriel is a bro
Zatara1324 chapter 16 . 9/11
*paws at you like a kitten, with giant kitten eyes* Please, dear author... don't leave us waiting without a single kiss... It's so, so, so, so good, true to character and deep and enchanting! The Disney world chapters were my favorite, since they had so much detail. And I loved how the rest of the team started to show their support. It's really, really good and I can't belive it's been 6 years with only a few chapters left; if you ever have the time, I would truly love to read the rest! It's one of my favorite Rob Rae stories and it's so well written!
Zatara1324 chapter 2 . 9/9
I can't belive you had a Labyrinth reference! My two favorite Fandoms combined, I legitimately squeaked like an over excited preteen when the door puzzle appeared! I love you so much, you are so freaking amazing!
ExodusAttack85 chapter 15 . 7/31
So, this is my first review ever, I've inly been here for a couple of months (maybe 3) and it all started because I loved the way RobRae looked on the tv series, and I found this website and started reading these stories, and I came across yours, because of the length I thought it'd be a great story and that it'd be finished, sadly it isn't, and I don't know how many chapters you planned having or if you're going to finish it, but, at least for me, this is one of the best fan fictions I've ever encountered, and nothing would make me happier than it being complete. I'm just waiting for that beautiful moment where they succumb to the circumstances or desire or whatever and kiss. The relationship has felt so natural, so normal, so real, it's exactly how I feel it would actually develop, not the "oh, I realise I've feelings for her, I should tell her I love her and then she'll tell me she loves me too and we'll be happy forever", I don't really think that's how they'd develop, maybe they'd take their time, since Raven's not accustomed to the whole "relationship, feelings" thing and Robin's very aware of it. Anyway, I love this and hope you will finish it.
Thank you for writing such beautiful thing.

Hope to read a new chapter soon.
Aprilstorm chapter 2 . 7/30
Love it! very humorous
Guest chapter 16 . 7/25
Alba Rex chapter 14 . 7/23
A sits next to B but can't sit next to F problems, huh? I wish I had him as a tutor.
*Muffled snicker*
Don't laugh! You've never had to seat two Cold War presidents, a Cold War neutral party, and six or seven Cold War communist/nationalist leaders at the same table with the restriction being that they have to have something in common with the person on either side! How the heck is Mao Zedong supposed to sit next to Fidel Castro!
*Louder laughing*
Yeah, laugh it up. That was graded like a test and it was a week before the final. I failed it.
*A thump and loud cackles*
I think I'd better check on my friend. He seems to have fallen out of his chair.
You are a great writer, and never let anyone say otherwise. You have such a good imagination for these things and I wish I was that creative.
Sage of the Chuchus chapter 16 . 7/7
I will honestly say that this has been the best read I've had in a long, long time. Where to start? Especially knowing this hasn't been updated in 6 years and likely never will be again, much to my animated displeasure(i.e., screaming out audibly when I finished this chapter and realized that was it and the likely violent mourning that is to come).
This may be the first Robrae I've read that has been seamlessly in-character, and has suited how I see them working perfectly. The pacing was admirable, I'm too impatient to write so deliberately gradual, and this was SO rewarding to read. Your language is pleasant to read. I don't think I've reacted this strongly to a fic before, or at least not for a long while. Thank you for an immensely pleasurable read, I pray to be able to read more in the future. If you're still on the lookout for a beta, I'd be honoured to act in such a position, as well.
Or, if you don't plan to finish this, I would be eternally grateful to work out some way to get ahold of any information about the rest of the story you'd be willing to provide. If you'd be so indulgent to ease a humble admirer's heart, the joy upon receiving a PM would be immeasurable.
DeedBot chapter 16 . 2/7
I approve of this. Post more
marduk-report chapter 6 . 1/26
This is my favourite chapter
And now i just have-ter
Describe to you
How i feel.

About Raven and Robin
Who got caught caught improv-in
On her first time
Going out for a...

Science fiction
Double feature. ..
Shipping the birds
And Raven

Whoa-oh ah-oh woah.
At the late night
Double feature
Picture show.
BlueWarrior 2.0 chapter 14 . 1/20
Probably one of the best Rob/Rae fanfics out there. I use to be a huge Rob/Rae fan but I slowly started to see how that wouldn't work. However I still believe that it can be done right. And this is. This is how I would picture The Birds falling in love, they just talk. I love the way you made them interact of each other. While I do love the whole story. "Wishes." 1 and 2 I think is when we see The Birds at their best. No bad guys, no drama, just five friends enjoying a vacation. I love that. One of the best. You turned two fictional characters into a believeable and relatable couple. Well Done.
scribbledog chapter 16 . 1/19
Holding a vigil until your return
The Glittery Ninja Espada chapter 16 . 12/14/2015
This was awesome! Are you still updating it?
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