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Carmela Vercelli324 chapter 29 . 5/12
i hope there is more update to this story...its really wonderful story. please any updates.
analise17 chapter 29 . 2/7
I hope things are going better for you and not just because I want more chapters. Thank you for writing this, I look forward to many more times of Hermione and Severus doing the misunderstanding dance whose steps they know so intimately well. ;)
PS. Hope this new year is treating you better.
QOP chapter 29 . 2/3
Such a pity this story is abandoned!
Martionmanswife chapter 27 . 12/11/2016
Guilty Pleasures is a STRIP CLUB that features Vampires and Shape shifters. EXOTIC DANCERS and some staged Bondage.

It is where Anita met Jean Claude and where she met Jason. Nathaniel works there, and Jean Claude owns it.

now the story is great by the way. IF you have not read Laurell Hamilton's works, I highly recommend that you start at the beginning, and there are now over 20 books in the series.
FoxLittleRedFox chapter 29 . 12/2/2016
Mother come back and finish what you started!
Come back...
I'm not leaving a positive review, not before you finish.
Fox xx
FoxLittleRedFox chapter 26 . 12/2/2016
Ok. Few things.
1. I like all the internal discussions each of them have with themselves. It shows how they think.
2. I don't like Severus calling her 'child'. I had a 14 years older partner and he called me child too, so I know how it's done, but I find it very patronising. I don't like it.
3. Can't they bloody talk?! Honestly the lack of martial communication should be named 'Severus and Hermione's Syndrome'.
4. Lucius (as beautiful and sexy as he is) is bothering me and Hermione should stay away from him. He's plotting something dangerous. I think he still wants to get Hermione somehow, maybe even eliminate Severus.
5. Hermione should tell Severus about the meeting with Janine's sister. It could be a trick to get her out from Severus' protection or to get some incriminating information from her.
Voldie may be dead, but war goes on.
I'm enjoying this story a lot.

Thank you
Fox xx
FoxLittleRedFox chapter 12 . 11/30/2016
Hi there,
I thought it would be nice to stop by and review, what I've read so far.
It seems you've created an interesting story here. I like your take on Marriage Law and how Severus is already in love and 'helps' Hermione in her circumstances... so Slytherin!
I keep thinking of Lucius though, it really bothers me. Is he plotting something? What's his deal? I really like Lucius -I think he's steaming hot, but that's beside the point... and nothing to do with your story.

Speak to you later
Fox xx
Smile Back chapter 29 . 11/14/2016
hm... so I obviously think your story is good, otherwise I would not have bothered to read so much. There are some aspects where my temper rises but I think that was supposed to be like that (and honestly I should not read story with stupid marriage laws if I did not want to be emotioanlly engaged).
What really impressed me, was you incorporation of Hermiones faith and how she slowly gets to make Severus rethink some of his believes.
Even though I would never use The great Man upstairs for an argument.

Anyway, I usually do not really read the /AN/ but even I saw that you were injured and i hope you have gotten well again ( if after all those years you still have to fight against injury, illness or depression I hope you will get better soon!)
spaceygirl67 chapter 29 . 8/1/2016
I hope u continue this beautiful story
vickety chapter 29 . 7/14/2016
Well, I have enjoyed this very much. I think you did extremely well staying true to character for both Severus and Hermione. I truly hope you are feeling better. If you are able please continue this. It is a very good story.
vickety chapter 17 . 7/13/2016
I cried when she found the hat. Your story is powerful. I appreciate you bravery in the conversation about God. I think you did a great job.

Your Snape is no saint, I think you have drawn a very plausible image of him. People do not usually suddenly change over night. This process is slow. This picture you are painting is beautiful. You are doing an amazing job of showing realistically how a hardened, bitter soul can change.

I know you wrote this many years ago, but I wanted you to know before or continued reading.
ieatyourmuffins chapter 29 . 2/8/2016
Please continue!
Cecily Mitchell chapter 29 . 2/4/2016
Narcissa is the Lady isn't she? Oh my goodness!
SkyeMoor chapter 23 . 1/25/2016
Ha! And, the truly sad part is? For Snape, this is control. This is far from the worst way he could have handled Ron.
tsuki-shiroi chapter 29 . 10/5/2015
OMG please continue this fic please! i want more, i really want that he teel her, maybe when they are yellet at her or anything, when he is angry he tell her that he cares for her or something, and its time now you know taht she is more agressive in bed...and i want more bedddddd scene or bathrrom maybe jejeje
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