Reviews for Beautiful Disaster
Cynder chapter 29 . 11/13/2012
Aww! That end 3 I've loved this story from the very first chapter and now it has ended. It was good and beautiful ending.

Thank YOU for writing so awesome fic.

Love Cynder
Windform chapter 29 . 8/18/2012
Glad I gave this story a chance. Not really a RikuSora fan, but not against it either. I've read your other works, so I decided to read this one too. It was a good read, and while frustrating at times the Cleon was well done. Good job, and I hope your computer isn't giving you any problems at the moment.
torinosu chapter 29 . 6/2/2012

that is all.

Sora4KingdomHearts chapter 29 . 11/7/2010
I loveddd this~~~ It was absolutely amazing how Sora found the painting :) You should make a sequel to this and that would be amazinggg! :)
DAwesomeness chapter 29 . 11/4/2010
this wuz one of the best stories in the world of fanfic ive ever read this and a irukaxkakashi fanfic are the best i loved it i wish there wu a sequel though:[
soutipidneres chapter 1 . 10/7/2010
I love this. Your unique writing talent is enriching for other writers. You know...I'm working on a SoRiku fic right now. I'm only on the first chapter, but I'm REALLY nervous about it. But reading pieces like this really inspire me, and offers components I may be able to use in my own writing. So thank you for sharing this, and I hope I can get around to the rest of this promising story
hxllywxxdwhxre chapter 29 . 8/5/2010
I loved this story soo friggin much. Faaaaaaaaaved.
BRP chapter 29 . 6/29/2010
That was one of the most beautiful endings i have ever read. Thant you for you hard work in producing such a wonderful story.
Lottypotty chapter 6 . 5/22/2010
Haha, I acted exactlly how Sora did the first time I got drunk. I had that same 'i'm not drunk' argument with my friend too -_-'
The Happiest Fishy chapter 29 . 4/11/2010
wow, i've been reading this story over the past few days and omg, its amazing! ii loved reading every word, the way you write pulled me in and i found myself rooting for the characters, and wanting to kill seifer! This really is brilliant :D
prospiitian chapter 29 . 2/23/2010
EPILOGUE! Do they ever meet again? An dwhy didn't RIku show Sora the painting at the end or something? *gasp* or even better... A SEQUEL!...please?
craftylily chapter 29 . 2/12/2010
oh my goodness. that was an AWESOME story i can't wait to get started on your other one that was a really good story and i'm not lying or over exaggerating. Thanks for writing it.
craftylily chapter 1 . 2/11/2010
I've only read the first chapter so far and i can already see its gonna be an awesome story to read. Just one question. Blitz ball did you get that from "a separate piece"?
MoonlightSnow's Mystery chapter 29 . 1/2/2010
Wow! I absolutely love this story! Your such a good writer because i could actually get into the characters because you portrayed their emotions and feelings so well that they became real. I loved the humor that you added in too, you made it so funny!

Your an AWESOME writer! And i LOVE "Beautiful Disaster"
I'll Be Your Lie chapter 29 . 12/31/2009
Th-that's how it ENDS! ;_; WHat happens NEXT? This story was simply amazing :) I loved the plot, your characterization, your couple, all of it! I couldn't stop myself between chapters long enough to review sorry ;-_- You are truely an awesome author :)
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