Reviews for Brothers in Arms
Samian chapter 20 . 8/12/2014
I like and dislike what I've been reading so far.
You are a good storyteller and make for an interesting read. Kevin walker's character is a good one but he's a bit overpowering. Frankly I'm finding him to be a bit of a Mary Sue.

The parts of this story that I'm enjoying are being overshadowed by other moments where I find things to be a bit too easy or convenient for him.

Ofcourse I do realize that this is one of your earlier stories and I will be reading some of your others after my exams.
Wraith Five chapter 8 . 11/17/2011
I just realized something while re-reading this fic (yeah...its been a while since i last read it and i'm VERY bored right now...), but kevin said only 2, or possibly 3, people are tovarisch to him (athrun and kira (and cagalli)), but shouldn't lacus be included in that list?

Wraith Five

(formerly Mr. Gasbomb) - b/c i'm not sure i've reviewed this fic under either name, but i HAVE reviewed the sequel)
Wraith Five chapter 36 . 10/23/2010
i just finished reading your fan-fic, and i only started reading it less than a week ago (phaugh...lots of reading, not that i'm complaining). but i only realized now that i don't think anyone has had justice's sublight lifter help athrun and cagalli escape from genesis (in the stories where the justice's self-destruct is what kills it)

I thought you did a great job! (i think this is at least on-par with the ones with the "storm wolf of jachin due" or the "grimaldi falcon" added in (i think it would be hilarious if Kevin were put in a fic with the other two, now that i think about it (all three have a similar mentality...))

thought the story was great! d _ b
Wraith Five chapter 27 . 10/23/2010
you made one small mistake in the chapter. however, if you went by canon events, you would be correct.

you said that the archangel's lohengrens fired for the first time since they fought le Creuset, but didn't they fire them while fighting at Alaska?

just figured i'd bring it up (only just found this fic a few days ago, been doing LOTS of reading lately, lol)
Jman12394 chapter 26 . 5/6/2010
I LOVE the idea of MAX. just from her introduction she's gonna be such a funny charhter or should i say voice?
Ryo Kazunine chapter 36 . 4/4/2010
Where to begin...

Solid Shark, what a story. I believe this is the second time I've read Brothers in Arms in it's entirety, the first being back when the story was just completed. This story is still fantastic, and of a caliber I'd expect in sci-fi novels, not on a fan-fic website. Kevin Walker as a character has a tendency to be cliche at times, but he's still as profound as the original characters from the Cosmic Era are, and maybe more. I find myself listening to songs and thinking "Wow, this would make a great song for a Gundam Seed AMV, this part would be perfect for Kira, and that for Athrun, and that part for Kevin." and then realizing Kevin is not in the actual show. This is a testament to your story telling. I find myself eager to start on to the sequel, but I've noticed it is not complete and it has been quite some time since you've updated it. While I want to read more of the saga of Kevin Walker, I don't know If I'd like reading half (or less) of a story with the power to absorb me so greatly and then there being no more, without a conclusion. You'll know what I decide by if my next review is on the epilogue of Birds of a Feather, or the last posted chapter of A Call to Arms.

Good Hunting,

Ryo Kazunine
HashiriyaR32 chapter 36 . 7/7/2009
Well, it took me a few days, but I've finally managed to finish reading through this fic. In truth, I gave the first chapter a read a month or two ago, BEFORE I started watching SEED. Which I knew some of the events through spoilers, I didn't have any visuals to refer to. Having finished SEED last Thursday, I returned to this work, and was impressed by the quality of the work in general.
Firecanburn chapter 23 . 1/7/2009
I suppose it was a mistake reading about DiFalco before Kevin :/

I mean, I enjoy the story (though not as much), but I have several issues with it in comparison to Falcon's.

I understand some points of my analysis may be a bit off, but keep in mind they are in comparison to the DiFalco fic. After all, you set the standard. [restated later]

I. My main issue is that Kira isn't the chief protagonist. In the DiFalco story, the division between Ken and Kira was clear and it was fairly well shown that Kira was THE main character, whereas Ken would act as the mentor.

As an aside, I suppose Ken was the protagonist as well, but to much less of an extent than Kevin.

For instance, Kevin is: 1. A better pilot, 2. Always emphasized before Kira, and 3. Has a mental connection which nearly makes it impossible to write Kira as a lone character.

In essence, Kevin's presence is completely overpowering and shutting out Kira, whereas in Falcon's story the two acted together and complemented each other.

II. Another issue is that almost every "character development" event (for Kira) is discarded, or atleast mitigated in the story, at the point that Kevin is barely worth developing (he's a misanthropic hardass), a problem arises. Don't get me wrong, you HAVE to develop him, I just think that Kira is so dry right now simply BECAUSE of Kevin.

Scenes like Cagalli hugging Kira, Cagalli stranded on an island, Kira slapping Cagalli, etc. are there as a major point in the development of those characters (atleast for canon SEED. Yes, you did include these but the overall impression was ruined as a result of the presence of Kevin [Idc about pairings]. To clarify, Cagalli hugging Kira in ORB makes very little sense, in context, because the two characters were not adequately developed at that point. I knew it was coming, but it just seemed a little off.

I understand some points of my analysis are a bit off, but keep in mind they are in comparison to the DiFalco fic. After all, you set the standard.

Please don't regard this as a flame; I'm just expressing (ranting) about how I believe the DiFalco fic is inherently far more superior. The development issue is not a fault in your word choice, etc. - just a fault in the character itself.

Thanks, I hope you respond and tell me how wrong [or right] my little analysis was.

I'm still going to finish reading the story, though not as voraciously as I was expecting. Who knows, I might change my mind by the time I reach the end :)

Good luck with the next chapters, hope you don't give up!
Lake25 chapter 36 . 5/23/2008
hi there

i must say, at first i was sceptical.

i read the stories concerning ken difalco beforehand and thought this would be just like that...

but i'm happy that you prooved me different

i'm as of now a huge fan of kevin walker

anyway you seem to have the habit to make your main-character-oc's super-soldiers...not that i will complain

it certainly makes things more interesting

Warp Ligia Obscura chapter 28 . 12/25/2007
Hi Solid. On rereading I noticed that you mentioned "Nikolai Arkadeyevich Tupolev" and "Sergei Ivanovich Gregorov" at least twice, but haven't done anything further with them. Is there any special significance to these two that will come up in BiA: AC2A?

And you can check my email add via my profile, yeah...
The Watchman chapter 36 . 10/9/2007
Dang it, I'm not sure which version of events I like better, this one or DiFalco's. To be honest though , I was a little skeptical with the Zoanthrope angle of this thing but hey it still went through great and I like Kev's personality better compared to Ken's.

Like BOAF this has been interesting read, and I'm real curious what in store for Ken and Kevin.

Well I'm to read the sequels to your stories, hope it's better than original in a way _
Asmus chapter 36 . 8/3/2007
A couple of weeks ago this story caught my attention and therefore I decided to read it and today I finished reading it. So, instead of leaving a couple of short reviews after every few chapters I decided to post one after I was done reading the entire story.

The story was good, one thing that I really liked was the length of the story. I like long stories. I also loved how you managed to incorporate Kevin into the main storyline. When re-watching Gundam Seed, there were a couple of times, when I expected Kevin to suddenly appear. I think you mentioned that yourself.

Also, the changes made, because of Kevin are also very good. I enjoyed the fact that Flay survived. IMO she didn't deserve to die.

The action scenes were good, and the description of the fighting was well written. The only things I didn't like too much were some of the taunts during the fighting, but that's just me.

One thing that clearly surprised me were the hints on Yzak & Flay pairing. It's the first time heard of such a pairing, their relationships are going to be quite interesting. I hope you intend to keep them together in the next story.

If I must point out the thing I didn't like, then it would be the fact that Kevin seemed a bit overpowered to me. The ABADDON project did explain about his unnatural strength, but still he seemed just a little bit too ... well you get the idea.

All in all, a great story, I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure to read the sequel of this story, so expect another review from me in the future.

P.S. I would also like you to know, that your story really helped me to increase my vocabulary. Thanks.
Reiko x 3 chapter 36 . 1/16/2007
There wouldn't happen to be a reason for which Master Walker bears an astonishing similarity to one Heero Yuy, would there?

Dark: *muses* The resemblance is uncanny, I must admit. The entire Perfect Soldier bit; not to mention the semi-suicidal tenedancies, the inability to be fully comfortable during peacetimes due to a strong sense of realism, and the strange attraction to the pacifistic types... *blinks* My god they could be twins...personality wise at least.

/Exactly/. Eh, loved the fic. You still blow me away with your story-lines. They kick ass. As do your characters. I bow before your skills as a writer. You are truly an inspiration. I wish I could write as well as you, but my talent lends itself more to character creation than actually finishing a story...

Dark: The hour long deviations into the background of every single character you made up on long car trips when you were five are proof of that.

I /like/ creating characters. Why else would I have come up with at least 50 in the past three years?

Dark: Lack of any form of social life coupled with a bleak outlook on human nature that prevents you from ever forming one.

...Alright, that's a point for you, but I'm still winning.

Dark: I /will/ beat you, little light, count on it.

*rolls eyes* Of course you will, my dear dark side. Of course you will. Ja ne!
Shinji Ikari chapter 1 . 1/7/2007
Well, I just hooked a cousin on GUNDAM SEED recently and am very much in a GUNDAM SEED mood (but currently having to wait a while longer for the next Volume and I have to avoid Chapter 13 and on to avoid spoilers), so I think I'll pick up the general Kevin issues rather than wait until I can read and Review Chapter 13. (And, of course, I've still got a number of things to say about A CALL TO ARMS, including a major one that just came up when I rewatched something.)

1. So far as Canard goes... Yeah, I recall you mentioning Canard before. That's why I brought him up, as it was evident you were going to include him at some point. As for you knowing who glasses guy is, I'll need to make an addendum to that since you *do* know: I'm not sure if I particularly care whether or not that's spoiled, as this is stuff from the Manga and its possible this guy's identity was revealed in one of the non-Manga ASTRAY side stories released before ASTRAY X, so maybe the readers are already supposed to know who he is anyway... *Shrug.* I don't want you to tell me in a Review Response, but if I end up running into that info in your actual story before running into a Manga that reveals it, I'm not sure I'll care.

As for the complexity... That reminds me. In the Review Responses in this story you mentioned you'll be explaining stuff like why Kevin isn't assuming the Clyne name, and there's probably other small loose threads you mentioned you'd be getting into which I can't recall at the moment. Are you still going to be getting into all those at some point?

2. I'm also again wondering where those remaining revisions and additions are to this story. I mentioned a few Reviews ago that I wish you'd get to them since I'm rather interested in reading them, and you said you'd see what you can do... Are you not having much luck figuring out how to make the remaining changes in the list, or did you just forget? If the former and you're just having trouble doing it, never mind... As I've always said before, writers should never rush.

Now, A CALL TO ARMS once again.

1. I've been rewatching a number of Episodes myself, and among them was SEED DESTINY Episode 5... and, well, we *both* goofed, still, and bigtime, for a number of reasons. (And once again I have to recommend you rent or buy the series. There's some new interesting stuff I picked up on the second time... Such as one point when Cagalli gets emotional, and only mid-way through restarts in more formal, diplomatic speech. Or Luna's really quick disapproving glance at Shinn when he deliberately looks away when Cagalli enters the room.) First and foremost being Shinn. At first, he's arguing with Cagalli, and Cagalli is acting like the more aggressive, angry Cagalli we see in the desert Episodes of the first series and looks like she's about to tear into *him.* Things are heating up, and Athrun steps in and tries to calmly defuse the situation. However, as he sensibly tries to reason with Shinn, Athrun, without knowing why Shinn is upset, calls Shinn's reason for picking a fight with Cagalli "trivial."

*That* is when Shinn flips. "Trivial! I won't allow anyone to call it trivial!" And *that* is when he launches into his blistering rant. (And its not just his words but also the look he gives Cagalli that causes his rant to affect her so badly.)

I'm sure you can see the problem here. The stuff we've discussed before, about how Kevin called Shinn's issues trivial in Chapter 3... Up until now my critiquing on this issue was all just inference and the words of my friend, who has seen the whole series. Now, however, I have confirmation that Kevin's remark in Chapter 3 is actually *far* more important than we've thus far discussed. "I won't allow anyone to call it trivial!" Direct statement from Shinn he's not going to tolerate that kind of remark.

Plus, if Shinn reacted this violently to Athrun, who didn't even know Shinn lost his family, how would he feel about someone who *did* know Shinn lost his family he's talking about and still belittles his problems? (On second thought, maybe some of the stuff that I'm thinking makes Kevin's remark a good more important than we'd already discussed is moot. Perhaps Shinn only went nuts because Athrun seemed like he had no idea that something like Shinn's loss could've happened and Shinn could only have "trivial" reasons for disagreeing with Orb. What do you think?) Still, though, Shinn's line, "I won't allow anyone to call it trivial!" *does* make it a good deal more important, since that's a direct statement that remarks like Athrun and Kevin make is not something he'll tolerate. I have no idea where you've taken the dynamic between Shinn and Kevin by this point (depending on what Phase 24 has to say, hopefully I'll be finding out in a couple weeks, as the 23rd isn't that far away; just pre-ordered the Special Edition, so I'll have my shirt soon! *Mega-happy face.*), but I extremely highly recommend you take this into account now as well.

(By the way, were you able to pick up Phase 17 fansubbed or rented Volume 4 for $5.99 prior to writing Chapter 17 after all?)

Sorry for not getting a more accurate account to you earlier. And I'm also sorry for the following, because I *really* goofed up somewhere else.

2. Suffice to say, Sado mentioned *two* people... "Christine" and "Adam." "Elizabeth" is a name mentioned by someone else later on. I have no idea who Christine and Adam are... The pictures went by too quick for me to know for sure, and I was distracted by going, "Oh, *shoot!*" inwardly. All I could gather is they're of some familial relation... Could be mother and brother, wife and son, father and daughter, et cetera... No idea. So whenever you feel like it, looks like there's a bit of name and phrase tweaking to do in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6. Sorry again, and I recommend you corroborate any names I say I've seen in brief with one or two more people from now on. *Grumbles.*

3. Insofar as some of your Review responses go... No, I'm not recommending you alter anything you've written about Shinn so far. If I remember correctly (correct me if I'm wrong), you confirmed that the remarks about Shinn having joined ZAFT mainly for vengeance, so on and so forth, were the subjective judgments of Leona and Kevin, so there's nothing wrong with anything you've written. The only thing that would have been a problem is if you'd stated it objectively; you haven't yet, so no, there's no reason to alter anything.

4. Umm, even if Athrun's lack of reaction isn't believable to you, the fact is, that's the kind of person he's become. Whether you can believe it or not doesn't make it any less true. That is how he is now. Furthernmore, there are real people like that. Years ago, I've been criticized myself for being immature for chewing someone out when standing up for another, and I was told that I was acting very immature and to grow up. (I'm not saying people who respond more strongly are immature; to each their own. I'm offering proof there are real people who believe in a calm response even when defending another, so what Athrun did is completely realistic.) Athrun may have been offended inwardly, but that doesn't mean he's going to show it. He can still get heated, as indicated by him slapping Shinn at the end of Phase 16 and some other incidents, but overall he's a *very* far cry from the Athrun of the first series. He's calmer, more collected, a voice of reason. He's become the kind of person who defuses arguments and tries to calm things down, not starts them.

Perhaps if this was someone else who called Cagalli that name he might've gotten upset. And I'm not saying Athrun is always calm and composed or anything of the sort these days other. Certain things can still evoke great emotional reaction, as the stuff concerning Sado and Patrick Zala demonstrate, and other, more day-to-day things can evoke emotional reactions of various degrees. But he is a great deal more collected and more of a voice of reason and mediation (and I'm not saying this in the sense of Kenneth Di Falco's ice calm, logical calculation either). In Phase 5, when he's comforting Cagalli after the rant, he also tries to urge her to see things from Shinn's point of view (which Athrun now understands). Then, after she's resting and he's heading to the bridge, he runs into Luna and defends Cagalli's perspective to Luna (and he *does* get a little testy here when defending Cagalli even though it isn't even Luna who said all the harsh things).

But when it comes to Shinn, the calmness bit is especially true. Athrun identifies with Shinn's issues and has come to understand Shinn quite well by this point, and he knows by now that he's not going to get through to Shinn if he responds in a heated fashion. If this was someone else, he might've been a little heated if they'd called Cagalli that name, but against Shinn, nuh-uh.

I have no idea which other matters are that you're referring to in the BROTHERS IN ARMS canon (although I have some guesses at what kinds of things you're referring to), so I'm not sure how this would or wouldn't pertain to a potential argument between him and Kevin. All I'm trying to say is that Athrun is in a large deal a more calmer, composed person than we see him as in the first series (although Athrun's still doing plenty of growing himself), and he's no longer the type of person who would get into a really emotional argument with Kevin (possible exception being if Kevin says something he shouldn't about Athrun's father). What you say at the end of this debate, about how Athrun doesn't need to be all that angry, is more in keeping with how he acts in DESTINY, so I'm not sure there's anymore to argue (especially considering the unnamed other matters). Or is there?

If there isn't, then consider this a defense of the believability of Athrun's actions in Phase 22. I found them very believable, impressive, and a great example of how Athrun has grown.

5. Thanks for the warning, and yeah, I've avoided it. A bit of precautionary remarks, though, about the overall setting... Again, I'll review that the war situation in this series is not as much of a case of "both sides hate the other" as it was late in the first series. Heck, its not even as "one side or the other" as it is in the beginning of the first GUNDAM SEED. Oh, sure, a lot of Naturals are angry at the Coordinators for the PLANTs' perceived culpability in dropping Junius Seven, but its not at the point they want war. At the beginning of Phase 22, the head of the Atlantic Federation is putting a lot of pressure on Djibril to open negotiations and end the war because a *lot* of people all over the world are putting a lot of pressure on the Earth Alliance to call off the war. In Phase 10, as I've already mentioned, the popular sentiment among Coordinators is very complex; anger at the attack is only one of the many opinions, and anger at the attack doesn't seem to be the majority opinion either (although I can't remember for sure). The overall mood seems to be tons of opinions, restlessness, and uncertainty. Meer keeps on trying to calm all the restlessness and uncertainty and reassuring the people the war isn't going to reach the lengths of the last one, and this seems to be working to some extent, although I haven't seen enough to know if its beyond "some extent." There are some Coordinators who are calling for a more agressive stance in the new war, but as of Phase 22, they don't seem to have much, if any, influence. Right now, overall, the climate is not as polarized as in the first series.

(And as an aside that has nothing to do with your stories, but rather a rant directed at certain Natural personages in DESTINY, quite frankly I wish the stupid Atlantic Federation President would remember his allegiance is to his country and people first and LOGOS second, and simply tell Djibril he's quitting LOGOS and ending the war right now, and Djibril can stew all he wants. Blue Cosmos/LOGOS no doubt also has their talons in Eurasia and the third member of the Alliance - I forget who - but if Atlantic's not jumping to their tune, they lose their strongest member. The whole stupid war might end a lot quicker if the Federation President would listen to the people instead of trying to pressure Djibril. I doubt Eurasia and Member #3 would be too keen on continuing the war without the big bad Atlantic Federation involved, no matter how urgently LOGOS wants it to keep going. LOGOS may pull the strings, but they only have as much power to do that as the politicians and officers who listen to them. In the end, the way I see it, the heads of the Earth Alliance are more to blame for declaring war than groups like Blue Cosmos/LOGOS. They're the ones with the power to make the final decision, they're the ones who oppressed the PLANTs originally, and they choose to listen to racists and war profiteers and *let* the racists and the war profiteers have power because the *leaders* are the bigots and all the envious things we heard about early in the first series. Durandal was talking about striking at LOGOS in the first Episode of Volume 5... What would that change? The Alliance would just find another group to replace LOGOS/Blue Cosmos. Someone needs to get these idiots out of office... Hopefully, after two wars, and especially given the large anti-war sentiment on Earth this time around, the current "leaders" - and I use that term loosely - will *not* be re-elected... I assume most nations on Earth are still democratic.)
Shinji Ikari chapter 2 . 12/10/2006
Well, I've read GUNDAM SEED X ASTRAY Volume 1, so I can put a Review here since I'll be saying stuff that pertains to Kevin Walker's saga in general here... I've just seen GUNDAM SEED DESTINY Volume 5 (and am currently very annoyed - albeit in a good way - over possibly the largest cliffhanger in the SEED saga thus far, and having to wait two months for the next Episode), and it occurred to me that I don't know exactly *what* Episode will make Chapter 13 safe to read. You said earlier I shouldn't have to wait too long before the series reveals the stuff you'll be revealing in Chapter 13... could you please look over your summaries and let me know exactly which Episode I need to wait for, and if I've already seen it?

If its more to do with the whole LOGOS-war for profit stuff (I finally understand where Ken got the idea that LOGOS is seeking war for profit, and he's not quite as mistaken as I'd at first thought; his intelligence still seems to be a good deal fallible, though, since economic profit isn't their only motive... Not only did Djibril try to get the war over with almost instantly in Phase 9, thus virtually throwing away a lot of chance to make a profit, LOGOS is the nucleus and the creators of Blue Cosmos), I'm past that. Don't tell me what it is, please, just if I'm past the part which was spoiled, and if I'm not past it, what Episode I'll need to have seen to be past it.

Speaking of forthcoming Volumes, Volume 6 - or rather, the Special Edition - is one I think you're going to want to get, even if you don't buy any of the others. Why? It comes with a GUNDAM SEED T-Shirt... granted, its SEED DESTINY, but its also your only opportunity to get an English shirt that has anything to do with the GUNDAM SEED series. Something tells me you're not gonna' want to pass this one up.

That said, I'll save most of our discussion on SEED DESTINY for when I read the next Chapter, but before I get into the overall Kevin stuff and into Canard Pars, a few things about Shinn (And boy, the writers are really paying an extreme lot of attention to the details of Shinn's characterization. He's quite possibly the most interesting character in the entirety of SEED, in my opinion... Kira perhaps seems simple and bland in comparison. After the recent Phases, it feels like I know as much about Shinn's major and minor personality facets as I do about Rubedo after playing XENOSAGA Episode 1 and Episode 2. Shinn's quite possibly my favorite character now too).

First of all, in Phase 20, Shinn finally explicitly relates the reason he joined ZAFT: Because he'd felt powerless when he wasn't able to protect his family, and he wants to be able to have the power to protect what's important to him. As a matter of fact, at the end of the Phase, Shinn vows, *quite* fervently, that this time he will fight and will protect everything important to him. (Phase 20 is a recap Phase, by the way, but its far more than that. It features new footage of additional scenes from Shinn's life and, all throughout the Episode, Shinn is reflecting on his feelings before the war shattered his life and afterwards. Another Episode I highly recommend you see, if nothing else.) It also shows Shinn's reactions when he's listening to Uzumi's statement of policy and Orb's ideals before the loss of his family, which turned out to be very important when something happened that *really* surprised me in Phase 22.

In Phase 22, during an elevator ride shortly before heading off to battle (I forget if it was on the way), Shinn launches into another verbal tirade about Orb, and gets into a brief argument with Athrun about it. And Athrun points out something *very* interesting; I can't remember the exact wording so I don't recall if Athrun only then realizes it, or has realized it before. Athrun, however, tells Shinn that, actually, its not that Shinn hates Orb... the truth is that Shinn had admired Lord Uzumi's policies, and so he was hurt and upset badly when the policies he'd admired failed to protect his family. And because Shinn had felt and thought so highly of those policies, Orb's current actions in regards to the Earth Forces are making him even more upset with Orb than before. (Although remember, Shinn himself isn't aware this is how he really feels until Athrun points it out, and even then he doesn't necessarily start to consider Athrun might be right until later on in Phase 22. And I'm not sure he believes it yet fully, if much or any at all.) Were you aware of this?

Besides the importance of this to Shinn's overall characterization, it could also arguably factor in to how Shinn sees Kevin. Despite the stuff Kevin said when they first met in Phase 3, you did show Shinn gaining some degree of uneasy respect for Kevin. Shinn doesn't know Kira, but he does know Kevin a little bit before he finds out Kevin killed his family. So this could further complicate matters because, on the one hand, as we already discussed, Shinn already has significant reasons to dislike Kevin from the stuff he said in Phase 3, Kevin being an Orb noble, and whatnot. However, on the other hand, Shinn's already grown to respect the guy to at least some extext, and then he finds out the guy killed his family. You should consider whether or not the grudging respect Shinn has gained for Kevin might or might cause him to have the same kinds of thoughts and feelings towards Kevin he had towards Orb when it let him down. (I'm not saying it would be as much as with Orb, since Shinn hasn't grown to respect Kevin as much as he used to respect the Athhas, but you should consider whether that might or might not be present to some extent. Although keep in mind, since Shinn wasn't aware of his real feelings for Orb until Athrun pointed them out, even if you do agree this would be a factor, I doubt he'd be aware of them yet. If you don't think this would be a factor, never mind.)

This exchange also demonstrates a couple of other things about Athrun. First, it shows Athrun has grown into a very shrewd judge of character, since he was able to figure out stuff about Shinn which Shinn himself didn't even realize, so this is something I extremely highly recommend you keep in mind throughout this story. Secondly, this also demonstrates what I've been saying before... Athrun has a different approach to arguing than Kira and is better at keeping his cool (then again, I haven't really seen Kira get into a major argument in this series yet, so I don't know if he can still be as impulsive and headstrong as he was in the first series. I have doubts considering Kira overall seems to be calmer, but I don't know either way). In the argument on the elevator, Shinn flat-out calls Cagalli a "b-tch," and Athrun doesn't get angry or raise his voice or anything. He continues to argue back mildly, without visibly taking offense or anything. Hence, once again, I'm not sure things would ever get that heated between him and Kevin if they argued... there might be some things, but overall, even if Kevin gets heated in an argument, its likely Athrun would probably be able to keep his cool.

That said, onto Canard.

You seem to know his backstory about being a failed Ultimate Coordinator who was released from Mendel by an aide taking pity and who retrieved him afterwards. What's interesting, however, in relationship to Kevin, is what he went through after Eurasia (or those who would become Eurasia; the timeframe is a little sketchy) picked him up. The Eurasian scientists intended to gather data from him so they could produce Ultimate Coordinators of their own, and in the process, they treated Canard like absolute scum. They forced him to do things like exercise to exhaustion on stuff like treadmills while hooked up to wires so they could gather this data, and treated him like an animal. In one of the flashbacks in Volume 1, you see one of the scientists talking about Canard while he's already exhausted and still forcing himself to keep running on the treadmill. The scientist goes, "No! This data's of no use to us! Perhaps producing [an Ultimate] Coordinator is indeed hopeless... We need a real sample, not this reject!" Canard hears the scientist and gives him an angry glare. And just for receiving that glare, the scientist roasts Canard with a ton of electricity, going, "You should be grateful to be alive! You guinea pig!" As Canard can only lay on the floor and pant after such a shock, the scientist goes, "You're an animal who understands nothing without pain!"

I doubt I need say why this pertains to Kevin. And Canard had to go through this from the age of a young child until Cosmic Era 71, when Eurasia was ready to deploy him. (Note that Garcia was only given command of Canard when Eurasia was ready to put him on the field; he wasn't involved in all the test stuff, to my knowledge, so Kevin killing Garcia almost certainly would not have saved Canard a few months of misery.) At one point, as shown in a prequel story at the end of the Volume, Canard escapes, but runs into a guy with glasses who has some ties to Mendel. This is where Canard becomes determined to kill Kira.

"You want to be free?"-Glasses

"D-mn right!"-Canard Pars

"What'll you do, then?"-Glasses

"... I don't know... When I left the lab, I wanted to destroy... Artificial humans... No, the whole world... But... that has no meaning anymore"-Canard Pars

"Pointless revenge against the world. Intriguing... But don't worry... Someone else'll surely do it for you. What if... became 'genuine'?"-Glasses

"Be 'genuine'?"-Canard Pars

"Yes. If you're a reject, then... ...If you defeat a 'success,' you're 'genuine.'"-Glasses

This is only a snippet from a conversation which constitutes a lot more than that and has a number of more layers, but that'd take a while to get into. Glasses gives Canard the name "Kira Yamato" at the end, as he's leaving. (I wonder who this guy is. Part of me wonders if he's actually Rau, since his glasses are mask-like. His hair's too dark, but the artist might simply be drawing him differently. And Rau did know the name "Kira," he just didn't know the Kira Athrun mentioned was "that Kira." This would make the "Someone'll else'll surely do it for you," make sense, too. On the other hand, Rau didn't know Kira was alive at this point so it doesn't make sense for him to give Canard this advice, necessarily. Hopefully the Manga'll explain this. If it isn't Rau, the SEED canon has yet another shady person associated with Mendel around, so you might want to research him in case you want to use him ever. If you are interested and find out who he is, though, please don't tell me.)

So, here we have someone who went through the same things Kevin did, for a much longer period of time, and who was never able to escape from it. This someone went through it at the hands of Naturals who thought of him as an animal who understands nothing without pain, et cetera, and who happens to be related to Kira, Kevin's brother in all but blood. On the flip side, Canard has some major problems with discipline, well more than Shinn, His lines in battle can consist of stuff like, "Out of my way, shrimp!" and "Get out my my face!" Canard isn't entirely without composure, but his composure can slip very easily, at even a minor difficulty or at even something minor going wrong. Heck, its hard to even tell if there *are* bits where he does seem to display disciple. Since you are including Canard, I figured you should know this, whether or not you actually choose to create a complex relationship and/or any of the tons of interesting possibilities you could create between Kevin and a character like this. I figure you might want to do *something* with a character like this with the backstory he has, but if you don't, never mind.
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