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Tressa chapter 20 . 6/23/2006
Wow! Kept me glued to my seat. One thing that stuck out was the number of various Batman 'series' that have plunged into this story - a very tedious untertaking. The Batman animated show, Teen Titans the cartoon, Batman Begins the movie, and a heavy dose of the comic continuity. It was very nicely done.

Loved the cameo of Carrie Kelly and Terry McGuinnis. Future Batman and Robin, though from distinctly different time periods and, well, something else. I was pleasently suprised to see Jean Paul Valley. I was thinking he might pop up in this story and I wasn't disappointed. I am so happy that you've not only included Barbara Gordon in this, but that you've painted her in a respectable light. A majority of the stories in the cartoon section of Teen Titans that include Babs always portray her as some horrible person who's come to steal away Robin from Starfire and ruin their romance. So thank you for portraying her as the intelligent, hard working person her character is.

And Timmy! I love Timmy! And Timmy at Brentwood! I loved they way you portrayed their relationship as well. They are so similar in so many ways it's scary! It's no wonder they're practically brothers!

And Bruce. I like the tension between those two. It's true- despite their differences, Dick will come to Bruce's aid. He loves the man as his father and will try anything to please him. I heard a joke somewhere that he could be dying and if Bruce ordered him to live, he'd do it. But, he'd do just about anything for his father. You've portrayed that nicely. As well as their somewhat strained relationship.

I loved the detail and the way you've managed to fit these things together. I can only imagined how much time this could've taken to work this together. Thanks for the great read.
Creative Spark chapter 20 . 4/13/2006
Great stoy! I hope you write a sequel!( Hint Hint,Nudge Nudge). Your story inspired me somewhat and I am using some thoughts I got while reading your story. Thanks for the help! (PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL!)KAY? Robin is the BEST!

You totally RULE!Funkyness-
librastar chapter 20 . 4/7/2006
Bust my guts

This is one of the best action/adventure fc ive ever read

Good job

Keep it coming
librastar chapter 13 . 3/14/2006

Since its late, ill write u a better review 2mrrow after i finish up the story!

Kudos for a fantastic job!
Starfire I chapter 1 . 3/8/2006
Man, I understand the loyalty that he feels towards Batman, but to just up and leave the Titans like that! And without a second thought! I don't know wether to admire him or hate him(Robin, that is). This story is really good!

Get R' Done
Chips Dip chapter 20 . 1/27/2006
aww... happy ending! umm...if you don't mind me asking...can you updte your red X story? haha! great job!
dan chapter 20 . 1/24/2006
Cool story. how you incorperated the teen titans and The Batman together. So will you wright a sequel to this with Robin becoming nightwing, and turning the nomak suite into his nightwing costume. That would be cool. please wright a sequel.
mrsrachelgrayson chapter 20 . 1/24/2006
he's going to become NIGHTWING! yay! anyways, great chapter! i loved this story words cannot express it and i can't wait for the sequel!
Cycloptic NightBat chapter 20 . 1/22/2006
He got to keep Ace!That's awesome!Great ending,you should make a sequel.I loved it.:-)
Aevum chapter 20 . 1/22/2006
Amazing. I've followed your story for a good long time, and i've loved it all the way. This was a good conclusion. I like it:)

I'll be watching for more fiction from you in the future.

Repeating October chapter 20 . 1/22/2006
A great ending for an even greater fanfic. I'm gonna miss it, but you it was an awesome read _
Valda chapter 20 . 1/22/2006
:'O NO! ITS OVER! *sniff*

i've LOVED reading this story, you're a very gifted writer, GO YOU!

YES! I was hoping he'd take up Nightwing at the end of this! that guy is so kwl!

again, great job! You should be proud of youself, now i have to find another story of yours to read, but i think i'm readin alot of them

luvz ya


Wanderer of Darkness chapter 19 . 1/16/2006
Wicked Ausem please write more ASAP
mrsrachelgrayson chapter 19 . 1/15/2006
it's not over is it? is there like, one more chapter? isn't there gonna be a sequel as well?

anyway, i really liked this chapter! update soon! ;)
Valda chapter 19 . 1/15/2006
:'( that means its nearly the end! NOO! lol amazin chapter! plzplz update asap, u kick ass!

luvz ya


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