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Mitasova chapter 25 . 12/10/2011
So, I finished it, what a fine tale. It was great to remember how I played the game myself. I think you really did justice to the final choice - in most games the choices don't matter much because you just don;t care enough, but in BG, due to it's sheer scope and all the things you've been through, I thought that it held real weight. You managed t convey that in your fic. I loved that your character stayed nameless throughout his journey - that really gave him that everyman hero feel. And while I thought that humourous parts were where your writing was the strongest, the last two chapters were very touching and tense. Well done. :)
Mitasova chapter 11 . 12/9/2011
Oh, I'm enjoying this :) The first 3 chapters kind of dragged a little, but as soon as they hit the road, the pacing improved quite a bit. You really have a knack for humorous situations, and let me tell you, I approve of your choice of a romantic partner. I've always thought the Jaheira romance was the best in the game.

"Eh? He is like a bad penny, this one. An armored, deep-voiced penny of most sinister evil!" Hehe. I adore Minsc :) Will read more soon.
rednightmare chapter 1 . 12/3/2009
You mentioned "Bar Talk" to me briefly, and of course I had to come check it out! Took a quick break from reading to review your first chapter, because I couldn't wait until the end say how BADLY this story makes me yearn for good old Baldur's Gate! First-person narrators are so hard to write, particularly when it comes to keeping up with scene descriptions, but I think you nailed it. Clever, tongue-in-cheek, and very funny. Off to read some more!
upndown chapter 25 . 9/23/2006
Wow, man. This whole story was nice work, and if only I hadn't been so lazy, I could have written up lots of praises for every chapter. So, in summary, don't go away, keep writing SOMETHING.

Have a nice day.
whogivesacrap chapter 25 . 8/26/2006
well damn...good story. I don't think anything else really needs to be said.
Reklar chapter 25 . 5/13/2006
Just how an epilogue should be, Abbot. It has been wonderful following the adventures of the sardonic hero without a name, and it is nice to see him finally get what he most wanted. I'm sad that the adventure is over, but glad to have read it and I hope you will share more stories in the future.

Kendris chapter 25 . 5/13/2006
A great journey, indeed!

Been afk for awhile, but it's been a treat to get back and get caught up.

The action has been well done, the humor wonderfully timed, and the romantic tension drawn out almost to the very end (W00t! He chose Jaheira! I KNEW it!).

But in the end, it all comes down to the quiet satisfaction of a man surrounded by the people that he cares about the most.

Beautiful ending to a great story!

What's next?
Samurai xXx chapter 22 . 5/10/2006
Nice Job. I just plowed through the story, and congrats!

After reading about halfway, I HAD to install BG2 and play it

Maybe I'll write somethin up, drop you a line on the link or somesuch...

Great Job.
MagicmanSmokegirl chapter 25 . 5/9/2006
(a book closes)

'And in the end, there was no need for words. The tale of the greatest Bhaalspawn and his companions, his friends, his loves spoke for itself.'

It's times like this I really wish I could say something that hasn't been said a million times throughout history. Ah well. That's the curse of living in this age. But know that you deserve such words, even though I cannot find them.
BloodyKitsune chapter 25 . 5/9/2006
Woo, I haven't reviewed much, if I have at all, but I've been reading this story for quite some time, and damn, this is among the best Baldur's Gate Stories I've ever seen. Actually, it's among the best stories I've ever seen, not just counting Baldur's Gate stories.

It's always kind of sad, when a great story like this one ends. I hope you'll write more stories. (Note: If this is the first time I've reviewed for you, then all I can say is 'Oops').
Reklar chapter 24 . 5/3/2006
A fitting conclusion to a deceptively epic story, Abbot. The call to arms and rousing battle for one man's destiny is incredible, and a fantastic way to make the adaptation of the Baldur's Gate story truly your own. The only question that remains in my mind now that the adventure is over, is what project you will tackle next. Certainly it will take some doing to top this one. :)

MagicmanSmokegirl chapter 24 . 4/30/2006
This chapter brings to mind a scientific question about gods and mortals, but I won't bore you with the details.

And thus ended the saga of the Bhaalspawn. The world was saved, yadda yadda, and then Charname was beaten to a pulp by Viconia for picking jahera over her. I can so picture it too.
A stranger chapter 24 . 4/30/2006


awesome story, Abbot. I loved the twist with EVERYONE rockin' up for the last fight. Best Melissan ending I have ever read.
Reklar chapter 23 . 4/26/2006
Well now, that was a twist to things I wasn't expecting! So it's our hero and the monkly manipulator against Melissan? This promises to be interesting. ;)

Kaelar chapter 23 . 4/13/2006
Waiting more than obbsesivly for the last chapter.

while a little underdeveloped, I really like it. I'm not here to flame anyone.

and the humor! *shakes in silent laughter*

keep it coming, Abbot.

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