Reviews for Life Support
Mako3 chapter 1 . 2/19/2007
THANK YOU! I was so upset with the ending of this show! I was all "I watched 6 hours of this and got involved with the characters for THIS?"

And then you showed up with this fic. In character, right mood, and an ending that makes me satisfied with the series. _ Thank you so much! I think I'll just think of this as the ending from now on.
Cheyenne Dancer chapter 1 . 8/30/2006
Well-written and extremely poignant.
Andrea Weiling chapter 1 . 8/6/2005
It wasn't my intention to stumble upon this, but as it may, I'm thoroughly glad I did. I'd only started on L/R about a day ago - but upon finding this, I'll definitely watch the rest.

In the beginning, it was the 2nd person POV that caught me. There aren't many that can write that well - congrats for being one of three so far that I've read. The first section, I began to feel the surroundings of the hospital, clean and stinging to the eyes. As the story rolled on, it drew me in, and I could see Jack smiling like freaking hell, that ghoulish smile with the eyes so sharp and the smile like a knife.

And then Claire. Watching Jack's smile and then not able to understand. Jack not understanding it's not NORMAL, that people move on. I thought about how Jack and Rowe made a different team than Jack and Claudia, or any other male/female team. How somehow, even though Claire is a friend, the softness of women have no place here.

It also shows how words turn to nothing. It's described as buzzing, when the emotion just suddenly rises up and Jack can't hear any of it because he's so angry at the moment he can't do anything but smile his damn smile.

The interaction with Jack and Rowe as Jack reviews how they became a team, not just during jobs - that interaction is so precious, I really felt how fragile they were as Jack mused over them like priceless art pieces.

Finally when Jack's rubbing so desperately at that picture frame, trying to restore what used to be, what was undamaged before, what he knew could be so easily taken away but hadn't UNDERSTOOD - and then I could hear his voice, the pleading "I don't care if you're angry, Rowe. Just please wake up." All of the bleakness of the hospital seemed to sharpen at that moment, and I saw how the only color in the room was Jack, with the bloody picture in his hand and Rowe, slowly being pumped full of that same dying hospital air. I had tears in my eyes at this point. Congratulations to that too - I don't think I've cried over a one-shot before.

The exchange between Stratos and Jack was nicely done. How Jack knows the roundabout hints all lead to the kill. How Stratos, like everyone else, is trying to get Jack walking again while he stands and stares and can't hear a thing.

And then when Dez calls and tells Jack there'll be another partner, I just stopped reading and went "No, no, NO" for about five minutes before going on. I can almost feel the almost-panic as Jack packs up his dishes and calculates how much can fit in the backseat. So, when Rowe hobbles in, I literally took a deep breath and went, "Oh..." in relief. And then I started jumping up and down in joy. The trembling happiness Jack feels when Rowe calls him L, the sudden lifting of all the weighty emotion - how Jack smiles and it feels real and new...I felt like crying again.

There are certain times when the words jump out at me. "You alternate between two suits, white and white" - it seemed almost as if Jack was bleaching too. "She is, habitually, a friend. She is also sitting in your chair." - the absolute unforgiveness Jack has for anyone who thinks they could watch after Rowe like he can, or that their time could mean anything more than the time he spends with Rowe now. "...her hands keep squeezing themselves...wrestle like twins under the bedsheet of her handkerchief." - sheer imagery, you can see her figet and figet and try not to look at Jack who's smiling *so politely*. There are a lot of them. So many that it'd take another few hours for me to ramble on and on.

As a clumsy conclusion to this woefully insignificant review, I first have to say thank you, and second of all I have to say you've inspired me. The way the tone of the story was created, molded, how Jack was so clearly shown here - so beautiful. The story would be beyond words...except it's composed of them. Thank you again, and write more! I look forward to it!
Serenia chapter 1 . 5/14/2005
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!