Reviews for Switching Tracks
achaon chapter 8 . 4/28/2016
Talk about a last second "Hail Mary" to get the correct ending. You did it.
steamboat chapter 8 . 10/5/2013
Marvelous story! Extremely well written! You might want to tone down the Mac worship a little bit, and maybe stop the Harm bashing so much, to achieve a little more balance in their relationship. But that's just my opinion. I loved your choice of endings Goldilocks! LOL! Interesting thought; what was Mac expecting to happen if Harm stayed? He would have trashed his career again for her, and then been working as her subordinate? How would that have worked out? You are a fantastic author and thank you for sharing your
talents with us!
PS. I know you wrote this many years ago, and maybe you will never see this review, but I just like to give credit where credit is due. Thank you again for many hours of reading enjoyment!
windyg68 chapter 8 . 2/4/2010
You made me cry hoo!Loved it!
Jackie Pendergraft chapter 1 . 1/26/2007
Hello, I have been reading your stories at this site and Legacies. I would like to know if there will be a sequel to Switching Tracks, it is just screeming for a sequel and I would love to read it.

Thank you for your time in writing for us, please continue to do so. I will always be a Harm/Mac shipper. I would like to know what happened in their lives after Jag.

Jeanaz8 chapter 1 . 11/28/2006
Just finished reading this and really really liked it. You got Mac's attitude/problems the last 2 years of the show perfectly. At the end you hint at a sequel and I could not find one. Was one ever written or did I just not recognize it in the listing for your stories? I checked some of the stories and they did not reference being a sequel of Switching Tracks.
bloodymary2 chapter 8 . 8/17/2006
I'm sorry, let me rephrase my last review. You certainly are not mean or sadistc. Like the series finale "Fair Winds and Following Seas", it was a wonderful way to get them together. It was romantic, it had a great moment leading up to the kiss and a sweet, full of promise 'ending'. Some issues were resolved and some were left in the open, like all truly realistic stories should be... Life is not a neat little package.

Sure, we don't get to see how they are actually together, how they intent to overcome that stupid inability to communicate that has kept them so close and yet so far all those years. We don't get to see how this new assignment of the commander's will affect their future and how they will work it all out... But that's okay, the kiss and the morning after (read: the letter and the interaction with the admiral) were a great climax and I loved it. I need no more.

In case I was unable to truly transmit my sarcasm, the last paragraph was dripping with it. I'm not saying I didn't like it, but the not knowing more left a little insatisfaction in the pit of my stomach. ( I had a teacher that only spoke things that were true when commenting literature or movies and the likes, but meant it all in the most sarcastic of ways. People didn't usually caught on to his fine tuned humor and so he took on the habit of raising his arm, during class, when he was being sarcastic... Maybe I need a similar approach)

Now, I know it has been a while since you've writen this and my review, not a bad one I hope you realize, certainly won't make you come to the epiphany (that it shoould) that this story has a lot of potencial you left unexplored. But, still, beside the praise you merit by the wonderful writing, the truly amazing writing style and your ability to lead a story with such grace and command, I just had to point out my opinion, in which I am intitled to have and you have the right to ignore, that this could have an even better ending.

Now, having this off my chest and hoping not to have offend you (not my intention) I will now turn back to my studies (shame on me for post poning it for as long as I have) and give you a breather from my lengthy reviews.

Again, great writing,

bloodymary2 chapter 7 . 8/17/2006
I was gonna wait to post a review at the end of the last chapter...

But I have one thing to say to you: " sadistic mean spirited writer leaving us hanging like this... You sure you haven't writen any of JAG's season finale?"

Okay that was more than one thing. What can I say, I am an opiniated person.

til the end...
chris4jag chapter 8 . 8/2/2006
This is a great touching story. I seldom cry over a fanfic, but this time you had me. I read it all at once, I simply couldnt stop reading !
papillon ephemere chapter 8 . 12/31/2005
about halfway through the story, i've read the reviews. guess i needed a small break (this IS intense. in a very good sense of course:)). when i read them, i thought: "nah, won't be that bad. shouldn't be crying over a story". guess what? i did cry. didn't have any amount of control over my eyes when i was reading the PS (btw, just noticed that - you have PPSS). it was very touching and.. just perfect.:) i enjoyed the whole story immensely, although at times i'd have explained the characters' motives differently. but i guess that's the wonder of the complexity of these characters. you can interpret their behaviour in many different ways.
Sunset chapter 8 . 9/19/2005
I reread the story today and it still brought tears to my eyes. You got such a great analysis of the characters. Are you a psychologist? Your story is even more believable than the show. H & M and their feelings came to life under your description. Your writing is fantastic. I miss JAG and good fanfics like yours are the only comfort that we have. I wish you still write JAG stories.
Eddie-431 chapter 8 . 5/20/2005
Great story. You had me in tears. Is there going to be a sequal?
starryeyes10 chapter 8 . 5/17/2005
great story.
Jill chapter 8 . 5/15/2005
The parallels between this and the series finale are plentiful! Wow! I read this when it was first posted and enjoyed the reread very much. Guess DB got a few things right after all.

thanks for resharing!