Reviews for Kismet
Russian vampire chapter 1 . 5/19/2005
How romantic and ... sad! I like it!
Linwe Ringeril chapter 1 . 5/17/2005
Oh! What a great poem! It's so true about Dracula... very thought-provoking. You had a tramatic fever? That's terrible! I hope you're all better now! It's funny how things come to us when we're sick or really tired. It's happened to me many times. Loved it! :)

Sarrin chapter 1 . 5/16/2005
I wanted to write again! I am sorry, I can't help it, I have some things to add! I'm at school now...

I like how everything seems other than what it is in life- the bride seems to watch herself as though an outside viewer, the sweat drop, for example, is semi-personifies, and Dracula is of course never really brought up, but rather a fierce force that is the heart of the poem. I read somewhere in a book (Lure of the Dark, by Sara Sargent) about Loki: "He can be anything because at heart he is nothing." That's what Dracula reminds me of here- he rules her and everything and yet doesn't seem to really be there. Since he is everything (and he is 'unture', as you say) then he must be nothing. This is so great! I have no idea how to describe your magnifiscent poetry without making it seem less than it is...really, you need more reviews on this thing...
the Unrequited Lover chapter 1 . 5/15/2005
Wowwowwowwowwowwowwow! I'm so amazed! I have no idea how I'm going to review this fittingly,'s like that line about the dark love and such from the last chapter of Agnus Dei, which has been running through my head all day...(if you really want to know). "You are untrue, you are evil, you are two-faced, you are beautiful..." I loved that line and was thrilled when it was repeated! How do you make such simple words sound so powerful? 'silhouette'...'eternal'...'frail'... simple nouns and adjectives found in a simple dictionary and tranformed when placed in an order by you! And almost carelessly! How do you do this? You've managed to make this small poem so intense- and with so many emotions, and the different elements- fire and water both! I am so must do freeverse more often... the only sad thing about this is that I always felt I was good at free verse, and now I've read this and don't know how I'm going to live up to your standard of writing!