Reviews for Kidnapped
unapologeticmocker chapter 8 . 8/12/2005
can't wait to read more!
Skychaser chapter 8 . 7/8/2005
Morons. Both morons. Why can't we just love each other? Oh well, that's just how it goes. Still morons though. Probably more realistic than other stories would have gone. And Luke, so sweet... I love Han, but Luke would be an awesome husband/big brother, I wouldn't mind him. He's special. Well, hope to read a new update soon. I'd write more, but I'm really tired, and it's late. Love ya! Night.
Caz89 chapter 8 . 7/4/2005
Very good. Can't wait for more updates. And that was mean.
flowerchildd chapter 8 . 7/3/2005
oh no! ::sniffles:: han and leia fighting? I thought it was really nifty how you brought Anakin and Obi-Wan back into the story. Most of the time people forget they're there. more please. you left it at a cliffhanger...::stares expectantly::
RonWeasleyismiking chapter 1 . 7/2/2005
Very Cool story!
PrincessDaisy2 chapter 7 . 6/30/2005
Whoa, that was intense! Poor Leia for having to suffer through all that abuse for no apparent reason! Is there only one chapter left? There's so much left to explain! I hope it ends at least somewhat happy!

Hey, and thanks for the plug! *grins* I'm glad you like my story so much!
HopelessRomantic225 chapter 7 . 6/27/2005
omg...that was so sad...what ever happened to the baby? please continue soon!
AccountDead3445544w22e45 chapter 7 . 6/21/2005
great chapter can't wait for the next
flowerchildd chapter 7 . 6/20/2005
all I can say is please update, please update, please update!
flowerchildd chapter 6 . 6/20/2005
wow. a cliffy. I despise cliffys. they leave me hanging, though I suppose that's the point. and I really need to check out your Tamora Pierce fic, cuz I love the Claidi Journals. later.
flowerchildd chapter 5 . 6/20/2005
it doesn't suck. it's the opposite of sucks. it's...agoobwa. there we go. I can't think of a word to describe the good-ness of it so I shall call it agoobwa.
flowerchildd chapter 4 . 6/20/2005
this is REALLY getting good. I don't mind it that the chapters are short. It makes it easier to read. Please continue with it.
flowerchildd chapter 3 . 6/20/2005
nice. yes, I am the same freak who's been reviewing this for the past couple of chapters. tis getting better and better. can't wait to find out what happens.
flowerchildd chapter 2 . 6/20/2005
nifty. ahem. excuse my retro language. there were some minor grammar/spelling mistakes, but it was awsome.
flowerchildd chapter 1 . 6/20/2005
perdy good so far. I'm interested to see the rest.
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