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Divamercury chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Awesome story! I've enjoyed following it. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Great job.

Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Wow...I think you ended it perfectly. At that point in their relationship, I couldn't see Daria as ready for marriage, but having a child of their own always seemed the more likely scenario for me, at least five years down the line. Really great read. I'm so glad that you finished this story, even if it took you a while to get there. :) Hope to read something of yours again later.

Till then,

HecatonchiresLM chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
I'm glad you finally finished this. It was an excellent ride.
DariaFan chapter 32 . 12/28/2007

Thank you.
LondonLiberty chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Thank you so much for finishing this story. While it definitely experienced a gamut of emotions, you played them all well and let the characters retain their basic personalities as they grew. Great job and thanks again for seeing it through to the end.
starkraving chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Wow - what a wonderful present you left us! I am so warm and fuzzy knowing that Trent and Daria have made the ultimate creation! And Quinn with her two bundles...who would have thought? Thank you so much for sticking with this story to its end (well - for us anyways)! It just kept getting better and better - even the curve balls.
Freak87 chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
I loved the whole "It's not over until we're dead" idea from the previous chapter.

I was really worried at the start of this chapter, for like a second when I was unsure who the kid was. But after you got into it, perfect.

I think you nailed Daria's emotions involving children. I think you're the first person to do it right. Although I don't remember any other stories off the top of my head... So maybe you win by default by being the first person to bring it up. Lol, but I'm sure there are some Daria baby fics out there that I haven't read or have willed myself to forget...

But I digress you definitely captured Daria's thinking when it comes to kids.

Makes me think back to the last chapter at the wedding when people were thinking of the union and "how many children do you think they'll have" "better start fast"

Oh how disappointed they would be if the wedding had gone through... lol

And you have no idea how happy I was when the wedding did not go through! I mean you really milked it for all it was worth, not that it was a bad thing. But I was really thinking Daria would finish her trip of insanity and marry Tom (coughxewxcough lol).

And nice touch with the end of chapter 31, bring it all back to the beginning...

I loved the last few paragraphs of this last chapter.

You know I just loved the whole damn thing. It was absolutely fantastic. Your writing is wonderful. You have a firm grasp on the character's personalities, which is sometimes quite elusive, especially when writing something that can be very introspective such as this one. (and the way Daria kept thinking about kids, not something you would see on the show, but you captured how she would think and what exactly she would think based upon her personality)

Anyway it was fantastic, keep writing. If you ever write a book, you must let me know ;)
Shiva the Sarcastic chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Fantastic ending. You've changed this story from a simple fanfic into an introspective look at life and relationships. That is a feat to be appreciated. Thank you for the wonderful story.
TheDramaticMonarch chapter 32 . 12/28/2007

Wonderful! Wonderful! This whole story has been satisfying in so many ways. I love the fact that this wasn't an overly conventional "Harlequin" romance, although there were elements of the classic love story (struggles, triumphs, rises, falls), you've added your own twists to the tale. You also did a fabulous job of allowing everyone to grow as characters in the story while still considering those basic foundations of those characters we all know and love in the first place.

Great projects like these truly take time because your writing got even stronger as time went on after that long break and I really have to give you huge props for sticking with this story. I know it's inspiring to me and many others here.

What more can I say about this? This definitely shaped up to be one of my all-time favorite "Daria" fan fiction pieces ever written.


*claps some more*
AJzkitten69 chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Wow, I can't believe it! Just for the record, this was my absolute favorite Daria story, and I'm so glad you picked it up again, even if it did take quite a while. And thank god for happy endings!
Holiday's Island chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Hi, sorry not to log in but I just wanted top send you a quick thank you for finishing this story. It is truly an epic tale and one I enjoyed - and will continue to enjoy - this Holiday season and many times to come. I've followed your story since the beginning and though some chapters ripped my heart out they were all so very worthwhile. In my heart I imagine Daria and Trent greeting a little girl with all the Lane/Morgondorffer creative talents, strength, and passion.

Thank you so very much for finishing this story, it's absolutely beautiful and if I may say - if you could blend Daria's writing ability with Trent's laid-back (but hard-working love for music) and Janey's ability to look at the world as a canvas; this story would most certainly be the outcome.

Thank you for sharing such a lovely gift with your readers - I look forward to reading more of your work.

Feliz Navidad and a Happy New Year,

Ms. Holiday
K-chan16 chapter 32 . 12/28/2007

Hurrah Hurrah!

Me The Anon One chapter 32 . 12/28/2007
Thank you so much for finishing this story, finally. I've been so pleased and excited to see a new chapter in my inbox almost everyday, like a lovely Christmas gift.

I honestly wish I could say something profound about your beautiful writing style, of which I am sincerely envious yet tremendously grateful for, but words simply fail. I've found what pleases me most about reviews is when readers tell me that they have been moved to emotion, or driven to thought by my writings; I will tell you that through out this story I've run through delicious emotions, humor, joy, sadness and tears. You've lead me to think and ponder life in the way you, or rather Daria sees it. Freedom, individuality, life and the fear which tends to trap us away from what we really want. It's a story which has really stayed with me since I first read it...what almost two years ago. I am so sad this is over, but only because I've enjoyed the company it has been. You've given Daria and everyone such wonderful depth and yet kept them very well in character.

Also, I want to thank you so much for the most..moving and profound paragraph I have read in a long time. I hate when people quote back my own work to me but, well yeah it's important to me to do so at the moment so, this:

"Standing there in the kitchen, Daria contemplated the terrifying gravity of child rearing. It could be so easy to completely botch, yet every parent simply must do the best they can, to give a child the best chance possible at a good life. Children need so much attention, so much have to give them more love than what they know what to do with. It will drive them crazy, and they’ll walk away smug, knowing you need them but that they are entitled to the right to leave, to do what ever it is they want to do...are destined to do. And you have to let them go, knowing that that was the very reason why you went through everything you did for them. All the pain, love, discipline, crises, money, parent/teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments...everything would lead up to that moment. That heartbreakingly beautiful moment when you knew you had to let them go."

As a mother, I've been searching for the way to reason out and explain my feelings about my son. Why I hate motherhood and love it and am terrified by it so very, very much. Even now I cry, because the statement is so simple and so very true.

Thank you again for this story. Thank you SO very much for starting it. Thank you so very much for finishing it, and thank you even more for sharing it with everyone.


RngrThorne chapter 31 . 12/28/2007
A good story. And I hate to admit it but I think the break improved the way you handled it. Great work.
Chica De Los Ojos Cafe chapter 31 . 12/27/2007
Wow...I definitely wasn't expecting that. I never even considered her running back to Lawndale. But I loved how she FINALLY allowed Trent to decide some things between them instead of pushing him away. I loved this chapter in general. Only 2 chapters to go? Dang, well I'm sad but also looking forward to it. UPDATE SOON!

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