Reviews for In Her Eyes
B chapter 22 . 4/6
Wonderful story eith a fabulous ending. Stubborn gilmore women are stubborn. Im glad they both fixed their relationships.
altavistarules chapter 22 . 9/15/2010
...and Marty and Rory lived happily ever after just like they did in the real show a few years down the line (in my mind).
altavistarules chapter 18 . 9/15/2010
Yay! Marty. When I wrote my last review I wasn't sure if you wrote Logan well as the smarmy twonk he is or if you wrote him and actually like him like that. I'm hoping the former now and Marty will win her heart but I've been disappointed before.
altavistarules chapter 6 . 9/15/2010
Logan is such a smarmy, cocky, know it all suck up. The way Emily and Richard take in all his BS and fawn over him is just pathetic.
Potterworm chapter 22 . 7/10/2009
This story was amazing. The characterization was interesting and very accurate. I loved it.
Jump Highly chapter 1 . 10/24/2005
I thoroughly enjoyed your story. I moved across the Atlantic, and so haven't been able to see Gilmore this season, and, I gotta say, I've had trouble trying to remember whether the summaries of this season I've read or your story was what actually happened. You write amazingly in character. Well done!
ProFfeSseR chapter 22 . 10/22/2005
Wow, that was the perfect ending. Now I’m definitely happy you decided to write the epilogue. Logan is an ash and Rory’s falling in love with Marty. That was some unexpected turn. But even more I liked the proposal, on the porch of the Dragonfly inn. Beautiful, really! Great job on this story, I loved every chapter and even though it’s kind of sad it’s over, it is just perfect! GREAT JOB!
StephieM chapter 22 . 10/20/2005
YEAY! They made up!

Great great story...Are you going to do a sequel?
Luke Rules chapter 22 . 10/20/2005
Hurray! As I've said before, this was the BEST post-finale fic that I've read. Great job! It's sad to see it end, but I understand. Maybe you can start a new fic that picks up with Rory's growing interest in Marty!

Again, thank you for this excellent fic!
sosmitten chapter 22 . 10/19/2005
I've been negligent in reviewing this fic, but I've enjoyed it and am sorry to see it end, though I enjoy how you've wrapped it up with the Rory storyline still a little uncertain. Thanks so much for sharing this story.
lue chapter 22 . 10/19/2005
"Our house", I want to hear that on the actual show or an "I love you" would also be cool! So instead of really seeing it I can still read your wonderful story. So, in fact, you are my LL-love-provider! Last night's episode proves that once more!
Franala chapter 22 . 10/19/2005
perfect ending. I hope to see the freud end of teh show soon as well.
Roween chapter 22 . 10/19/2005
Wow I liked the ending. Things finally back to normal. It does have a lot of potential for a sequel though, so if your up for it please do! Anyway this was a great story. You should definitly keep writing.

Emmzy-Lou chapter 22 . 10/18/2005
Aww its over :( This story was so awesome though i loved it! Esp. The ending... was so great...well done i look forward to some more of your fics! - Emma
MM Vermelha chapter 22 . 10/18/2005
I loved this fanfiction so much that Im actually sad that its over. It was the best 6th season fanfiction Ive read, and I will miss it!

I just love how you dealt with things, how Rory and Lorelai got close again... and Luke! :)

Write again soon, okay? Please?
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