Reviews for Only For The Truth chapter 7 . 2/7/2006
i was gonna say poor bug, but me thinks he'll be okay, the party was great, yeah? you, me, bug and the rest of the gang drinking strange drinks... although i must ask you, did you see devan or woody cos they seemed to be missing like all night... Jordan and I couldn't figure it out! pretty good chapter, devan is under woody's spell, but aren't we all? lol u said something about Nigel being an englishmen and i thought it said egyptian :P lol what's with ur congratulations to woody and jordan? i mean, that just sounds funny... but ur not a jw fan? i have u once quoted as saying "but... no... woody can't leave jordan. they LOVE each other!" so there!

luv ya :)

ps- 7200 and myself send our best wishes to LG, hope s/he is feeling better soon.
Calli1 chapter 7 . 1/27/2006
More, I want to read more. You let me wait so long for this chapter, don't do that ever again! :D
tracey chapter 7 . 1/23/2006
barney is a purple dinosaur. sad i know that but I do.
bornonthursday chapter 1 . 12/15/2005
WOW! Someone except me like Devan and Woody as couple. I can't believe that. You rock, girl.

This and other stories I've read are really well-writing.

Keep on writing. I can't wait for more.
mcbway chapter 6 . 11/14/2005
I love this story.

It's wonderful. Devan and Woody are so much fun :)
maehsweet chapter 6 . 11/7/2005
Interesting...I am usually not a W/D shipper, but I do like your story. Please finish! chapter 6 . 11/7/2005
yes of course there is someone out to get them! and that person would be Jordan... who found out about the two of them from Nigel... who told her in order to get her to see that Woody is a jerk so then she'd give up on him... and get with Nigel! But the plan will backfire when Devan dies but not Woody, and Woody finds out Jordan killed Devan... and is grateful! And then Woody and Jordan live happily ever after and Nigel stays heartbroken.

Like it?

Hehe well nice plot (yours, i mean) and I'm very keen to see where it's all going, and of course Jordan's reaction when she finds out about a certain couple...

Lol great work sweetie, keeping us waiting... don't do that again!

Luv from your "lone reviewer" :) chapter 5 . 9/24/2005
man, i'm starting to wonder why I even read your stuff anymore! you're manipulating the characters for your own evil purposes, when we all know that who Woody REALLY wants is Jordan... and Tony wants Kate and Kate wants Tony... and Goren and Eames want each other... and I want Jerry O'Connell to not be engaged...

We just don't always get what we want though, eh?

Lol, well I liked the last name of the "bad boy"... lol Keller, did you realise that or didn't it pass your mind... Keller... lol, Keller is funny, though I've never actually seen him... but I hear he looks a bit like Stabler on SVU... funny bout that, eh?

Well this review is getting long and rambling a lot... but thats a problem WHY? Where did that quote come from anyway... a cj episode I know... but I can't think which one... o was it a tyler episode? it will come to me... eventually.

anyhow, nice work... although i woulda thought he would have gone to a hospital...

well that's all for now...

luv from ME! chapter 4 . 8/13/2005
uh yes someone was definately having a bit too much coffee when writing this... lol, I read my last review and realised that was AGES ago... man you are one lazy person! Hehe I can't really talk... but you are still worse. But anyhow, once again you don't disappoint us with your story so claps to you *clap clap clap* and a reminder to scream at the world for the lack of our favourite detective duo tonight... I hate channel 10.

day trip yesterday, spent like 5 hours driving, so therefore the homework is all still here today... and I probably should get back to it... but yeah, update soon!

see ya, love ya and all that jazz

ur not so secret stalker! lol chapter 3 . 6/18/2005
damn, u answered my question before i could even ask it... well I just have one other question. so it was woody's idea to go back to his place, what were his intentions, cos you are making it quite easy for me to HATE woody! i'm finding it strange that you are actually updating more than me at the moment... lol, but i sense a posting spree coming up for me so it's all good. hehe, by soon i mean in about 3 days *cough*months*cough* so don't hold your breath...

anyways, i'm liking it and am in a bit of suspenseness, and at least in this you aren't trying to convince us that marijuana (gosh, how do u even spell that? i'm screwed without spellcheck) is actually good for us!

anyways, WOWZA, which means UPDATE SOON! hehe

luv ya (for ever and ever, amen)

luv me

ps- sorry if i was a bit jerk-like to you yesterday, i should stop being so cold to everyone, and i guess its strange cos i am never like that to you, but i think it was just cos i hardly saw u all week (not blaming you, promise), and i was used to just being my mute version of myself and not speaking much, scared of what i would end up saying. so yeah... and i made up with shannon! i sent a sorry sms, are you proud of me?

pps- just to finish this on a fanfic-related note, LOVE THE STORY! Ordinary Day was better, though. chapter 2 . 6/4/2005
alchohol huh? wel... maybe devan and woody have a bit too much and then they decide to arm wrestle again but woody is a bit too rough and devan dies and then he cries for about 2 seconds because he doesn't really care and then he gets back with jordan! hey, i can wish, right? well anyways. well i really like your writing, as you should know, but one day you should write a wj fic... just for me! hm, wouldn't want to ask the impossible tho. Oh well. Channel 7 is having a cj marathon kinda thingi on friday! yahoo! and one of them i haven't seen so i am way excited! hehe, well i am meant to be cleaning up the study cos ppl are coming over after sof's confirmation, so i should get started. See ya monday! luv me :)
celticgina chapter 2 . 6/4/2005
ok, I like the story, but am a little confused. How did Woody and Devan wind up on a date?

keep writing!
Rorschach01 chapter 2 . 6/3/2005
tres bon!

lol, i really like this, and i have never, reapeat, NEVER been a devan/woody shipper before. keep it up!

twinmuse chapter 1 . 5/25/2005
Wow,..They don't usually get a suspect who just walks right up to them...Interesting. I just love those two. Can't wait for more. chapter 1 . 5/21/2005
ok well i don't really think i wanna know why they were driving home... Poor Woody, he's gonna feel pretty bad after this, won't he? Well, too bad for you cos I finished the next chapter of a very unfortunate story... Might have it up by the end of the day... hehe, poor Devan's gonna be witnessing jordan and woody getting a bit "closer"... OMG, speaking of which, I SAW CLOSER LAST NIGHT! It was really good... but anyways, this is meant to be about your fic, which is really good too! Later, luv me
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