Reviews for Prides & Prejudices
justme chapter 38 . 12/16/2005
This story is excellent! It's poignant, heart breaking and incredibly well written and it totally deserves more reviews. I haven't really watched Andromeda for a while and came across your story by accident, but then I was awake until 4.30am this morning reading it!

Your interpretation of the characters is excellent and the dialogue and descriptions are perfect...your attention to detail is wonderful.

Thank you for writing and posting such an amzing story.
angw chapter 38 . 11/23/2005
What only 6 reviews. This story is worthy of more than that. It is fantastic. I am only just new to Amdromeda but I thnought the characters were captured brilliantly. I felt so sorry for Harper and Dani by the end of it. This seemed to be a Romeo and Juliet story - without the dying at the end. Now I am off to read Bounty. Thanks again for the great fic :D
parisindy chapter 37 . 6/1/2005
i loved that she knocked him out and i love his confusion in up comning chapters !
parisindy chapter 30 . 6/1/2005
i'd forgotten about harpers enhaler :D
parisindy chapter 14 . 6/1/2005
i love the harper dylan talk...proof that your sorbos fetish has gone on longer then you are willing to admit hehe
parisindy chapter 9 . 6/1/2005
I love this chapter and the next one to:D

who am i kidding they are all great!
parisindy chapter 28 . 6/1/2005
*sigh* so good have to read it again...for what like the millionth time hehe

pretty soon i'll have it memorized hehe
Gallifreyan Ginger chapter 38 . 5/22/2005
Wow...don't think I ever finished I decided to and just reassured me as to why I love your fics so much! They are always awesome and they never have a sweet little happy ending...they have an ending, sometimes happy, but there's always a saddness to them...I've been wanting to catch up on your fics this is one I gotta go find So Hurt Me Part 3...any hope of you posting it here? That would be lovely...well, until then..on to this one's sequel!