Reviews for Shattered Moments
M chapter 36 . 5/29
Too bad the series was so short. There is potential there maybe to make it more complete, more full? It is jumpy at parts and quite confusing. Too confusing. Because some confusion is good until things get cleared up in the end. Too bad it is so long ago written that there is no hope for more of this. But thanks for this! Really. Thanks. It was a great read.
Oh, and making Sirius the prophesied one was real neat. Glad they didn't die this time around.

MurderSheWrote chapter 36 . 4/16
Jesus, I just wasted an entire day reading this and I don't regret it at all. I love the way you delve into the complexities of the time turner and make it more than I plot device immediately forgotten. The discussion of Hawking and quantum physics makes me want to go learn about it, even though I hated physics and it will probably go over my head. You're Dumbledore was fascinating and one of the more believable manipulative versions I've come across: a man with Purpose, a most terrible thing. Hermione was a good mix of hormonal teenage girl and intelligent protector, with a believable dose of inherited madness thrown in. I like that she didn't kill Voldemort, that the story didn't end all tied up nicely with a bow, she didn't single handedly avert a war, nothing is that easy. The epilogue bit about the prophecy confused me, was it meant to imply that Hermione was the savior, or that she and Sirius would have a kid that would defeat Voldemort, or that it was completely about Voldemort? Possibly it will make more sense if I read this in the morning. Thank you for one of the most interesting and original Harry Potter AUs that I have read in a very long while, and I hope that college and publishing your book have gone well.
10thwhovian chapter 36 . 3/7
This was by far the most twisted time turner story I have ever read. And I loved it. Even the parts that confused the heck out of me eventually came full circle in an amazing way. You are brilliant. I hope you get published. If you do, I hope you send out a note or something so I can read your original works :-) Thank you for writing such an epic tale.
UnicornMist chapter 36 . 2/20
Wow, what an amazing series! I like that there is an opportunity for you to one day continue and make it a trilogy but this also has a nice finality to it considering the time loops have been broken and therefore the future is completely unknown to her with no redoes. I like that it feels complete even though Voldermort is still at large. I thought you described a rather complex theory of time travel impending an easy to follow way- this is certainly one of the most unique time-travel stories I have had the pleasure of reading. Thank you so much for sharing.
AwkwardIdeasLeadToThis chapter 36 . 1/16
my mind is so happy right now it's 4am but I'm so happy.
Thank you.
also ignore my other review. it was about 1-2 am i was death itself and forgot a sequel existed (going through favorited stories on profile - which is listed from dates they were published, not added, so bleh)
Princess.Sofi chapter 36 . 12/9/2015
This is a really great story, your writing is really beautiful and I can't stop reading only problem is it got a tad too confusing for me to keep track of..nevertheless it is a truly marvellous story and I wish you the all the best in your writing
Fraulein Takoor chapter 15 . 11/30/2015
Oh my God, was George going to ask Hermione to go with him to the Ball? :D
Ayaia of the Moon chapter 36 . 7/2/2015
I put this story on a list of mine to read ages ago. Just got around to actually reading both parts. I'm not sure why it took me so long to get into, but I loved it. You write very well, and the characterizing was fabulous. it got a little convoluted and a tad too sciency for my taste, but I was gratified to see it through to the end. I can't pin down the feeling this brought me, exactly. It reminded me of reading the books, because the second part was so much darker than the first, perhaps, or because I felt very melancholy toward the end, knowing it was drawing to a close. I haven't found a fanfiction that has done that in years. You are crazy-talented, and you will do awesome things! Good luck with your endeavors, and thanks for the great stuff your story has done to my brain. ~Ayaia
omg chapter 36 . 6/6/2015
you do insanity well. scary well. as in, i had several existential crisis throughout both fics.
chatterbean chapter 36 . 6/4/2015
I am absolutely amazed at how extraordinary this is! I have laughed and cried (mostly cried) while reading this and I credit you for having such power over the emotions of a human being. I am so glad I found this little bit of greatness and I am so glad you took the time to write this, it's fantastic!
squeegybug chapter 26 . 3/13/2015
I have been trying to force my way through this, but I am so F'in' confused at this point that I am just done. I should have taken the Title more literally I guess.
Icecoollolly chapter 36 . 1/1/2015
This was one of the most amazing and confusing stories I have ever come across. I read it all in one sitting (including the 3rd year chapters) and am probably going to read it many more times. You are an excellent writer, thank you for sharing.
thequietreader chapter 36 . 12/23/2014
Okay, so I'm a wee bit late getting to this. No doubt you have moved on with your life by now, past such silly things as college and fanfiction; no doubt you have forgotten much about this story, epic and important as it was.

I'd just like to ask you, if you still ever check whatever email this goes to - to go back for a day or two, and reread this series. For Hermione; for me, maybe, though you don't know me; for yourself.

Because this series, these two long-short stories, are so important. I just finished reading it for the first time of (I'm sure) many, many, many; I just got into Harry Potter fandom (and time-travel fics in particular) for the first time of (I'm sure) quite a while; but really and truly, this is the most thought-provoking, moving, and overall fantastic bit of fanfic that I've seen lately.

To state the obvious - your writing is sublime, particularly in the latter half of this story; I wish you the best of luck with your original novel, and doubt that it will take much longer to get it published. (Do still remember how many times J.K. Rowling got rejected!) To state more obvious - the plot of this is amazingly well researched, constructed, twisted around itself, foreshadowed, followed through. I'd like to be proud of myself for catching on to certain intricacies before they were properly revealed (the Time-turner being a Horcrux and how it saved her life; the past-life romances between Hermione and George; so on and so forth), but I really have to give all of the credit to your talent at writing and plotting. Just - amazing. Not to mention that your author's notes - don't skip them on the reread! - are wonderful as well; you at once condescend to the readers (explaining the plot as it's been revealed to make sure everyone understands) and are humble and gracious to them (thanking for reviews, giving updates, answering questions), and that attitude - especially in an author of your caliber - is reasonably rare and quite admirable.

But anyway. In any case, I'd just like to thank you so much for writing this, for keeping this up even so long after the fact, and I hope that you see this review and it makes you smile. I hope you take the time sometime to reread this - I know I will.

(Oh, and if you do see this, might you see your way to clarifying for me - what do you mean by the reiteration of the prophecy at the end?! Is Harry supposed to be Hermione's son or something? Or is Sirius supposed to be the Chosen One in this universe? Wow.)
SeverusSnape'sLove chapter 36 . 12/23/2014
Absolutely brilliant story. It was a bit complicated, but I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for sharing. :)
Guest chapter 36 . 10/12/2014
I don't even know where to begin. This was an incredibly wonderful story, and so beautifully written! All the twists and turns, tied together so marvelously! And I love where you ended things. It makes it more perfect, I think, without that finality to it. Because you're right, there is still plenty of questions, especially with your mention of the prophecy. It gives the readers wondering, as it should, because if all questions were answered, the story wouldn't stick with you as much, would it? You wouldn't be left pondering, "What could possibly happen next?"

Enough blabbing in amazement. I hope you have continued with your writing still, as you have an excellent style and a way with imagery that's not seen too often these days. Good luck in the future, cheers! ;)
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