Reviews for The Difference A Moment Makes
DarkJewel55 chapter 6 . 18h
'non-hyuugas' pfft it's like they're aliens lolz XD
LilyVampire chapter 58 . 11/12
This made me cry. I understand that Naruto and Hinata marrying is impossible in this fiction, but it breaks my heart. Thanks for uodating!
yashi14 chapter 58 . 11/10
Man, this was very depressing. But it's nice that it finally happened! I just noticed that it's been 58 chapters so far and it still looks like you have a long way to go. Honestly, I don't want this fic to end. I enjoy it so much!
Suki chapter 58 . 11/7
I love you. Well mostly for your stories anyway
My heart breaks I don't know who I want Hinata to be with. On one hand, I want this to be a naruhina fic but Eiji is such an enigma character! I have a feeling that Hinata will be in good hands if you choose him
Well. It's your call buddy xD please continue writing!
julia.knippelberg chapter 58 . 11/6
I really like you story D i like the way Hinata turned out, but I also want her with Naruto _ (just letting it out of my chest haha), anyway, I'm curious about what's going to happen, good work!
amr56 chapter 58 . 11/4
Great chapter. It sucks that all of Hinata's friends are so disapproving of a major life decision. I'm glad she told Naruto about her feelings and I wonder if we'll get to see his reaction after he's thought about it a bit. I hope everything works out and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Thanks for updating!
rk-tronix chapter 58 . 11/3
This chapter was intense, Nice update! Hopefully this would will spark something in Naruto to do something about Hinata's forced marriage.
Tobee chapter 1 . 11/3
Very original
LilyVampire chapter 57 . 11/1
Amazing as always, I love how Isamu said goodbye to Hinata. Thanks for updating!
Guest chapter 57 . 10/28
Oh my gosh! I love it so much but I feel bad for Isamu. It'd be amazing if they somehow got together, so sweet. This prospective husband guy doesn't seem to be a bad guy so I could see love starting there too. Keep writing! :)
Karina-Alcalina chapter 57 . 10/21
¡AAAAAh, me has hecho llorar con aquella escena de Isamu y Hinata! Será que las escenas de despedidas me conmueven, pero se me ha roto el corazón por el pobre Isamu, aunque por otra parte me alegra que él siga adelante con su vida. Y al menos le dio un beso a Hinata, aunque no haya sido EL BESO. Algo es algo.
Disculpa por escribir en español, pero no me daba el tiempo para redactar en inglés.
Twins of the Earth chapter 57 . 10/20
*Whines* I love this story. So much! I've spent three days reading it. But I do have one thing. *Get on hands and knees* PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE *PLEASE* let this be NaruxHina! PLEASE! I *need* it! I loved that NejixTenten is a thing (yay!), but PLEASE follow Canon like you have been (mostly) PLEASE! That is the only this that scares me. Neji dying doesn't scare me. Because if you kill him...*hold up pitch fork* I will find you and I will kill you *smiles brightly* Kay? The only two things I want: NaruxHina and Neji not dying.

If you stated that it wasn't going to be NaruxHina somewhere in the A/N then I missed it. I tend to skim those *sweat drops*
amr56 chapter 57 . 10/19
I'm glad the twins are going to get another chance. The scene with Isamu was very sweet. Thanks for updating!
yashi14 chapter 57 . 10/18
Ah! I kinda teared up at the moment. It still hasn't hit me that Hinata is going through with this. I think my subconscious is hoping for some miracle to occur lol.
sumo is chapter 57 . 10/18
Wahhhhhh. I literally squealed. That HinataxIsamu moment totally made up for how the two won't be able to get together.
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