Reviews for The Difference A Moment Makes
Souseiki chapter 55 . 8/29
I hope that there are more Hyuga parties in the future! How is the main plot going to affect this story? And great job on the dialogue between characters, especially Hyobe.
amr56 chapter 55 . 8/29
Great chapter! I still feel bad for Isamu, but I hope Hinata can find a good husband. I also wonder how her team is doing. Thanks for te update!
yashi14 chapter 55 . 8/29
You're getting really good at delving into each and every character. In most stories, only the main pairings are interesting, but in this, I look forward to reading about the others as much as I do Hinata. I feel so sad for Isamu. It's a bit heartbreaking. I'll be looking forward to the next meeting between Hinata and Naruto. I know it's gonna be bittersweet. Of course nothing about the marriage has been decided. Eiji seems like an okay guy. Will you be dedicating a chapter to him?

Looking forward to the next update!
lalala.k chapter 55 . 8/29
Yay an update awesome
This chapter was great .. I didn't really like hiashi alot but here it's like his awesome i mean his dead but the way they talk about him is Amazing. No I wanted hinata to be with the twin ... This is so sad and neji all protective is so cute
Anyways till next time Karla
dumdeedum chapter 54 . 8/28
What an excellent story! I couldn't stop reading so I had to reserve my review at the latest chapter, sorry!

I love the gradual growth and progression of the main characters in this Narutoverse. Granted there are several OCs, they gave needed dimension to the plot. This looks like it's going to be a long story and I'm going to follow it every enjoyable step of the way! Great job and I look forward to the next chapter!
lady pomegranates chapter 54 . 8/13
I love how the emotions change with each silence.
Pinoy Gamer chapter 54 . 8/11 killing me.

I like this story!
Karina-Alcalina chapter 54 . 8/11
that was very cute, I never imagined Neji in a romantic side, so this interaction of trust with tenten seemed very realistic. Thank you for keep writing this incredible story. And please excuse my English.
amr56 chapter 54 . 8/10
It was cute to see a date between Neji and Tenten; I'm glad she was able to be honest about her feelings. I can't wait to see what's going on with everyone else. Thanks!
ArtisticAngel6 chapter 54 . 8/10
This was awesome can't wait for the next chapter!
DawnMay chapter 54 . 8/10
It was well written. I hope to see an update soon. I wonder if their relationship will have effects on where this story goes.
I hope Hinata is learning sealing properly and not just forming the seal for her clan enough though that is her motivation. I don't want her to marry some character we don't know at all. :( But if that's how it is, oh well, I'm sure I'll grow to love him. I don't want her marrying within the Hyuuga though. She'll be completely confined! I am really hoping they'll just drag Naruto to marry her. Their relationship in this story is really cute.
I really want to see Kakashi and Hinata interact more. Those two are very interesting and awkward characters and I am always interested in interactions that seem will never happen or have never properly happened. Seeing Hinata work with Kakashi's teachings will be interesting.
yashi14 chapter 54 . 8/10
Ugh. I want to cry soooo much. Dammit I miss Neji like crazy. *sob*

You've gotten their relationship down perfectly. As soon as he went to the Flower Shop I was facepalmin my way through it lol.

Ugh. Neji. Tenten. Damn you Kishi. *sob*
LilyVampire chapter 54 . 8/10
This was to cute, and I must say you made a nice transition from stuffy date to what they really are. Thanks for updating!
DeborahBee chapter 54 . 8/9
Sad that we didn't get to see who Hinata was marrying, but this was cute and we'll thought out. Thanks!
VampirePrincessofDarkness chapter 53 . 8/4
I cant wait for the next chapter! I love your take on the characters and the story you've weaved so well it could easily have been part of the manga!
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