Reviews for Associating with Unknown Forces
Hellokitty-4-ever chapter 3 . 8/11/2005
Hi! *grins* lol! Akuma's your pet...*sweatdrops* You're not going to burn her...are you...? *speaks carefully, knowing how evil you can be* Thanks for updating! :D But my user name's Hellokitty-4-ever...*sweat drops again* And you shoot arrows at Hellokitty pictures! *glares* *looks up at name* *pouts* can eat alot of candy...can't you...? :P And I'm just mutter...-_-' ANYWAYS, update the last chapter please! Thanks!

~Much Love~


Hellokitty-4-ever chapter 2 . 7/31/2005
lol! Evil people! Lol. So, inuyasha's your bro...? eh? *sighs* what does that make Fluffy? ...another step brother? . did you say one brother was enough? :P lol. By the way, how was fundral era Japan? After all you did get the wood from a Bokusenou tree. :P Anyways, so far soo good, too bad you guys are going to discontinue it...*sniffle* You never finish school...Anyways, update the next two chapters and let us people be happy! Please!



Naina chapter 1 . 5/24/2005


this is the weirdest tory that you guys could have cooked up. Kudos on some of the description though. It could have as well passed. Now read sasha's. Her pen name is Romantix. It's super good.