Reviews for Have You Ever
ProudFangirl23 chapter 32 . 8/4
Awesome! I'm so close to crying hysterically because this story has ended. It will take me a while to refill that hole in my memory and heart but maybe I can mend it by reading your other story, "Reverse".
adorning-morning chapter 32 . 7/31
This was... wow. I love the “alternate ending” more, even though it feels less alternate and more like a continuation. Anyway! This is by far one of my favorite stories now. Hats off to you, I wish there was more! So enthralling, I could not stop reading. Thank you thank you thank you!
obsessively.char chapter 32 . 7/5
I've avoided Tomione like the plague for the last 15 years. I read this out of pure curiosity and you have completely converted me. I adored this version of Tom Riddle! You crafted a truly beautiful story. I loved the original ending and thoroughly enjoyed the alternate as well. Thank you for writing this!
Guest chapter 31 . 6/26
oh. my. gawd. you've gone and made me cry!
Guest chapter 29 . 6/26
You are so fucking cruel.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/25
You have a way of making your characters so amazingly funny
onf chapter 5 . 6/13
love that you wrote dumbledore so accurately
onf chapter 2 . 6/13
I really like your writing! also this is random but doesn't draco have grey eyes?
guest chapter 31 . 5/29
Felt like after reading this I had no option but to leave a review. I've read a lot of Fanfiction, and this story definitely sticks out as one of those ones that you don't forget, one of the ones which you'll come back to and read again and again. I'll admit, at first I was sceptical at how you'd pull it off whithout it being incredibly cheesy lol, but every chapter was better than the last. I adore this version of Tom and the story that goes with him:) I'll admit I may have just pulled an all nighter to read this.. but because of quarantine I don't really care oops. Definitely read this, you wont regret it x
TheElysianWitch chapter 32 . 5/23
Two words. Bloody gorgeous.
TheElysianWitch chapter 30 . 5/23
And now you have given me hope. Thank you ️
TheElysianWitch chapter 29 . 5/23
So...I need a new heart as you have successfully broken my previous one
kinnik chapter 32 . 5/15
Loved it and the short notes really covered everything. Could barely tell they didn't all play out. Well done. This story was great!
kinnik chapter 31 . 5/15
Wow! Beautiful.
kinnik chapter 30 . 5/15
I think Harry's piercing gaze is assessing her to see how deeply she truly means her request regardless of her words and maybe he will see in her and in Him what her parents saw or maybe he just wants to see with his own eyes that Tom's really dying, proving once and for all that Tom wasn't the leader of the little death eater gang and they can then deal with THAT threat. She's right, though. Ron will never forgive her and chances are neither will the others. However, Lavender saw the book and told her it was important, so maybe she saw something, but how did Draco get the book and why would he be so certain as to burn it so Hermione wouldn't discover it. Did he also suspect her feelings? Certainly he must have after she slapped him and took off with Tom right after. Also, probably the reason he avoided her Christmas night in the Room of Requirement and they haven't spoken since then. He knows what she would do if given the chance.
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