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LadyKiller1542 chapter 30 . 9/17
I love this story! Keep up the good work
Guest chapter 30 . 9/12
Omg I can believe for how long I've been following this story! I just re read it again and right now I just want a sweet end, can we have a sweet end for poor Theo? Like literally my heart clutches when he get laughed on or gets sad, and the end of last chapter when it said "and he was left with his heart crushed" a part of me died too, I just wish they could forgive, themselves and each other and find happiness.
Hope you can update soon, I'm waiting it with hope
Dramione-Fan 17 chapter 30 . 7/12
Awww I loved Theo in this chapter. Now him and Hermione just need to work out their problems and get together. Please update again soon.
Gusting chapter 30 . 7/10
Why did you change Montague's name from Graham to Aidan? Otherwise... I really like it. Poor Anthony. Twisted, but real. He needs a therapist and another girl. Hermione and Nott also feel real. I don't think Hermione would get out of her way enough to really be with him though. Sigh.
frekles chapter 30 . 7/9
What a fantastic chapter! So many emotions! So well developed and thought out-thank you so much for the update, will definitely be waiting for the final ones to come!
Gusting chapter 10 . 7/8
Creepy as fuck. Good job!
Morly chapter 30 . 7/8
Wondering what's going to happen, it saddens me that Hermione seems to be so alone... Hope she finds it in herself to stop pushing everyone away
Guest chapter 30 . 7/7
This was probably my favorite chapter so far. It seems like so much of Hermione's hatred of Theo comes from the fact that he reminds her of her worst actions. When she tells him that he can never make up for what he has done she is also saying that to herself. I am really hoping that they can move forward together. Both of them have had to deal with some really terrible things in this story (often brought on by their own actions) and call me a romantic but I want them to have a happy ending :)
M chapter 30 . 7/6
Random number generator chapter 30 . 7/6
Yeah, I had mixed feeling about treatment of Slytherins.

On one hand they (partially/mostly/completely) deserved it, on the other hand revenge tends to work poorly strategically and that is not even going into ethical reasons...
LC003 chapter 30 . 7/5
I really like that H had to also confront her demons. If she planned it she deserves it. And let Theo have his memorie back. They all need to suffer for what they did. And maybe at the end each can find true redemption. I liked the muggle university part, but H is right , it's not enough to just Run, he needs to make something out of his life
prose.titute chapter 30 . 7/5
I woke up to to your lovely reply and this update and I kept re-reading this for the last 13 hours haha. I am pleased it's not the last chapter. As much as we all want our favourite fics updated, it's hard to think "Oh the end is near". I recently learnt a friend of mine reads fics (non-HP) but only if they are already complete so she doesn't have the turmoil of waiting. (But she did say she's been surprised to read some marked as complete but with author's notes in the final chapter announcing they were abandoning the story - sadness.)

This chapter was extraordinary, in how you pulled out Hermione's guilt. Doing things for the Greater Good always means people suffer because the planners think the ends justifies the means. It is sad but an unavoidable truth. She really has suffered a lot. Hermione looks to other men for comfort but even after that, her friendship with Ron, Harry, and Ginny even got so strained. I'm glad you kept Tracy around for her, forcefully so. Tracy I think kept her a bit more grounded so Hermione couldn't shut off completely.

I also adoreeeeee how Theo is so immersed in his Muggle classes. I love to read everyone's takes on Wizards interacting with computers and Muggle sciences and innovations. Good work, JellyBellys. (Where is your username from btw? Is it like a jelly baby's tum?)

Anonkat chapter 30 . 7/5
I'm starting to really hate Hermione. Ahhh :/.
wolfstars chapter 30 . 7/5
That shouting match between them was a really interesting scene. It must kill Hermione that she has to live with all the guilt for what happened. I like how Theo has tried to make amends and atone for his sins, the contrast between that and Hermione just hiding away. The mention of Lisa and Anthony made me sad.

It's also sad how much her relationships with others have changed. I'm not surprised by her distance with Harry and Ron, but the George and Pucey thing was unexpected. Somehow I lol Theo didn't branch out as much lol

I hope Hermione and Theo get to meet again. Thanks for the great chapter!
reality deviant chapter 30 . 7/4
this is a good story. the dark tones of it, and their nature are different from usual HP fics.

looking forward for more. i do agree that he deserves lots of bad things, and on some level, so does hermione...
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