Reviews for Mudbloods of the Death Eaters
Moose93 chapter 35 . 10/22
Prologue? Please please!
jaymay49 chapter 35 . 10/16
Ok, that was the sweetest ending for all of that angst. Loved it. Well done!
Lady Of Summer chapter 31 . 9/18
i love this story i love theo i love katie i love montage all good BUT I HATE HERMIONE No fic made me hate Granger so much
PaulinaDragona chapter 35 . 6/13
I like your fiction !
Must be a Slytherin chapter 16 . 5/5
I'm sorry, you accidentally wrote "dead" here and I'm pretty sure you meant "safely removed from the current storyline"
Phanieste chapter 35 . 4/25
This fic is so amazing!
cshen.julienne chapter 35 . 3/22
HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA I am laughing so hard XD
WittyBasketcase chapter 16 . 2/24
What? Aidan dead?! Omgggg! Fuck. That breaks my heart
WittyBasketcase chapter 1 . 2/12
I’m already hooked from the first chapter! Theo is so snarky I love it
imtherealshill chapter 35 . 1/31
I read this because of Theo and Hermione and ended up staying for Katie and Montague. You broke my heart... I re-read the bit about Katie's secret for about five times. I bet she knows how Marcus feels when she imagines both girls as her. Shit. I'm still in agonising over it. It's so sad. Aidan was full of life. I liked your Theo too, a damn lot. He's not what I imagined but he's so real he almost leapt out of the screen. I love the beats of humour, drama and action in this story. You portrayed the kids in their late teens so well, and made Marcus a compelling character (Thanks Katie!). Heck, even Warrington. And Sheep Shit! Lmao! I fucking lose it every time! I'm kind of sad that this story has already wrapped up, but I'll keep re-reading it every now and then. Only bit I least liked was Hermione, but the bidding scene more than made up for it. You get into your characters heads perfectly. I don't know when Hermione started to fall for Theo, but I think the moment he whispered the spell to relieve themselves of pain helped usher those feelings. I have a hankering for stories about pining and this was more than perfect... man. The bedroom scene with photo in the dresser killed me. He was so young. They didn't deserve to be put through it at all. I can relate to the highest level, though, the moral conflicts are realistic and everyone's actions are understandable. You have definitely inspired me to write something as entertaining and compelling. This is one of my favourite stories on here, and I have nothing else to say but thank you very, very much.
Emma chapter 35 . 11/12/2019
I just loved this entire thing. Thank you so much for your creativity and putting this out there !
Angie106 chapter 34 . 11/9/2019
it's so frikkng sad that Montague died and Katie is still thinking of him. life is so unfair and it's just sad
Rowena-Moon-Moon chapter 35 . 9/29/2019
Oh my goodness this was a FANTASTIC story!
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 35 . 9/22/2019
Love, love, love this ch! Wonderful ending! I loved the contents of the note being secret until the very end! A fav story of mine! Thanks so much for sharing!
PaleandBroodingsGirl chapter 33 . 9/22/2019
Hermione’s outfit for the Auction! Holy crap that was good! The whole thing, really, was very good!
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