Reviews for Common
StrawberryDuckFeathers chapter 1 . 5/9/2013
I really like that first sentence , since it says so much. :) It's got quite an annoyed tone to it, as if the mirage pokemon didn't want to be constantly sought out by people, as if it just wanted to live its life without having a big deal made out of it. Great effect there. :)

(That familiar annoyed expression spreads across your face. What's this? Just another stupid rattata barring your path, getting between you and that wonderful place just over that next hill.)
I really like the cynical tone in this section, and I do like how you've used a rattata here, as it's very different from most Pokemon fanfiction I red that use more popularly-liked pokemon like Pikachu and eeveelutions and the starters. :) The rattata has some kind of an 'I've seen and heard it all before' personality, like this isn't the first time where someone's not appeared to care about it. I also love how it stood up to the feraligatr without even flinching, too. His pride is a nice touch to his character. :)

I really like the rattata's comment about the way it could assist a human in finding treasures, too, and I like how the story and the rattata seem to play on the more negative side of typical human nature- how the ugly and common are looked down upon by them, and how riches and rarities can easily entice them- and there's a hint of a negative portrayal of trainers- as if they overexert their pokemon through battling (so calloused from battle that its skin is thick beyond reason). I also think that line sort of implies that it's been made to battle so much that battling is all it knows. I loved this aspect of the story. :D

I know this probably isn't intentional, but there appears to be an interesting connection to real life in this piece. (tropical paradises unspoiled by the likes of you) This line makes me think of deforestation and global warming and the like, as if humans are spoiling the natural world, but Rattata knows of worlds that are unspoiled by human activity- as if they are pure, free of human taint, if that makes sense. :)

Sorry, but I have no critique or suggestions for you here. :)

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I really love your descriptions and the way you make every word flow as beautifully as something I don't even see in published fiction. Excellent job. By far one of my favourite stories from the Pokemon section. :D

I shall favourite this, and re-favourite 'Ugly' since I accidentally deleted it whilst clearing my Favourites section of discontinued stories. :) Sorry about that.

Excellent job! Your writing style is so beautiful. :D
Damned Lolita chapter 1 . 11/10/2007
Really? I never knew that! I don't care; I'll just shark some Liechi berries. I love Rattata. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO MEAN TO THEM!

Anyways, brilliant. I feel so bad for poor Rattata. But how does Feraligatr feel about this?
Sevrius chapter 1 . 7/27/2006
*feels stupid* I didn't understand the mirage thing until I read your note. (I thought it meant that the Rattata was simply not what he seemed...)

Good job. Though I still like the other half better... probably because the tone is darker.
Sky Korat chapter 1 . 7/12/2006
There is some very interesting insight in this story that completely drew me in. Your descriptions are amazing... I could almost percieve what were running through that poor rattata and its sense of vindication.

Very, very well done!

~Sky Korat~
PNEK MEKS chapter 1 . 6/1/2005
Cool...I didn't know about the mirage attribute. That's hot! This story is cool too!

Act chapter 1 . 5/25/2005
Honestly, I think this would be more powerful if you took out the author's note. As opposed to a specific canon element, it would leave what exactly about the rattata is more than it seems wide open, which I liked better in retrospect.

I don't really like ledgendary pokemon. They anoy me. I've had teams with quagsire, magcargo, a larvitar (no, it will never evolve), and always a butterfree. I trains what I likes. It's more fun that way.