Reviews for Between Death and Reality
VGirl chapter 1 . 12/17/2005
Most fanfictions about Karasu and Kurama usually involve a domineering and powerful Karasu that captures,tortures, rapes, and impregnates a helpless Kurama who somehow still falls in love him. However, this story is different. Purplehairedwonder, you managed to pit Kurama against one of his most infamous and greatest adversaries while making him seem strong, not weak. Only a true writer and YYH fan could do that. Keep up the good work!
kuramazlilsis chapter 10 . 12/14/2005
awesome fic! very detailed and great plot! 3 fur sure a favorite story of mine!

~kirara 3
BrunaKB chapter 1 . 11/30/2005
I...! It was a very good story! I'm a Kurama x Botan lover, so, for me the KB moments were the best! Read my fic too! Forever and now!

tamashi no kaze chapter 1 . 11/22/2005
I have just finishing reading the whole story and...

I LOVE IT! i loved it some much that i made a bookmark for future readings.I enjoyed and appricate that it wasn't made yaoi and all the characters were relatively well in character. Now there isn't anything wrong with yaoi;usually i am a neutral person. However it is made clear that although Hiei and Kurama are close it is BROTHERLY LOVE. Even the author mention in a magaxzine that their relationship wasn't being in love, but a strong friendship. I am SO HAPPY that you kept that asspet true. ALso i love Boton and Kurama fictions. Even though it may not be said or known as true in the series, on could say it is possible with some evidence and reseach. they are still on of my favorite couples. I liked how you took fear dreams injuries and emotion into account when writing and made the events and problems a likely sistuation to happen and feel in reality(aka I liked how the emotions weren't made to be one moment happy then the next moment increible sad and the next moment everything is prefect again. there was transtition that is not always found in other romance stories i have read. also in my personal opinion the romance wasn't mushy or over done, but cute and sweet and left me with a happy and content, not disgusted smile and feeling. every good story. consistent in plot and theme, Nice job exploring the past and personalities of the characters. Nice vocab. I liked how you would used swear words at aprrociate times not just ramdonly for no purpose. I am bad in grammar and punnication so i can't really comment honestly, however i thought the both were very good and there weren't too many mistakes. It was a bit predictable after awhile that Kurama's fears and emotions were being used against him. Might want to rewrite Kasaru's earlier lines so how Kurama is being hurt isn't revealed so soon. I was a bit reduntant because Kasaru would say the same thing constantly, but then again... i don;t know his character too well so it really might be his nature to speak repeatively. I was a bit annoyed that Kurama is really smart, but coulnd't figure out that his own emotions were being used against him, however i can see why; he was fearful and exhausted and sleepdeprieved and weakening with the constant nightmares. However i enjoyed seing Hiei kept in character while firguring out that somehow his dreams and the kasaru and the pyschi readings were connected. One other thing that bugged me was that there was no kieko or at least very little mention and spoken about her. I nkow she can be anooying, but i would think she would be with the gang in the hospital when Kurama was hurt. Hoever i liked how the rest of the gang was mention and did some action. Over all is was a KICKASS and SWEET STORY with a few twists here and there that made the plot,not dull, but come to life. AWSOME JOB! Keep up with your writing; it's GOOD.


p.s. sorry for long review, but story was so good that i had to. This is the longest review i have ever written for a story(that is so good).
Malina Scarlette chapter 10 . 11/14/2005
what happened to him being marked? does it still hurt him mentally, physically, emotionally? What about the afterwards? What happens to kurama (and maybe Hiei) after all of that. does he begin to feel like it's hopeless? that the woudns (all of them) will never heal? write anotehr chap or three or four about it. okies? it was really good! oksei buh bye! read mine!
Malina Scarlette chapter 2 . 11/13/2005
it's really good. keep it up, ne? buhbye!
Malina Scarlette chapter 1 . 11/13/2005
i dont have time to write a super long review right now but iwill probably write at least one or two during the rest of the chaps. GOOD PLOT SO FAR I'M REALLY INTERESTED IN TI! Keep it up, ne? buh bye! read mine!
Pavielle chapter 10 . 11/12/2005
So I finally got some time to read your stories! They're awsome. I didn't lose interest for one second. Way to go Caitlin! Excellent characterization and plot. I have only one criticsm and it is hardly worth mentioning: Maybe you could go into more detail about the duality of Kurama's existence. you hint at it, and it is really intriguing. The story is such, that if you take a little extra time to explore Kurama's charater, it won't detract from plot at all. :) Talk to you later.


MightyMongoose chapter 10 . 11/8/2005
Holy crap, that was awesome. Keep up the great work!
ThEpOwErOfYoUtH chapter 10 . 10/31/2005
aw... so sweet.. (tear) I am so gonna miss this fic.

... pfft... botan? Innocent? I think not... THAT (beep) STOLE MY MAN! *grabs Botan and tries to throw her out a window but the glass is that unbreakable crap and botan rebounds off the window.) O.O oops... (opens window and sweat drops) hehe... (grabs Botan again and throws her out the OPEN window) SMELL YA LATER SUCKER!

Botan:O.O AHH! (is still falling)

Kemiko: (watch)


Botan: AHH! (still falling)

Kemiko: (watch)


Botan: AHH! (still falling)

Kemiko: (is in the kitcen making pizza)


Botan: AHH!


kemiko: YAY!
ThEpOwErOfYoUtH chapter 9 . 10/31/2005
Aww! Don't you wuv me too hiei? and kurama! what about you! How could you abandon me like this! WAHH!

Anywho, YAY! Kurama is ALIVE!
Musician In The Making chapter 10 . 10/16/2005
Aw! Fluff is a wonderful way to end a story. I liked that one. It was hard to figue out though! Very advanced! _ Great job!
Musician In The Making chapter 9 . 10/16/2005
_ Yeah! It's all over! That was really great. I think that there is only one more chapter left, so i'm off to read it!
Musician In The Making chapter 8 . 10/16/2005
I do want to know how Karasu is alive even though Koemna has his spirit in a cell. I'm really trying to peice all the story together before it ends, but i just can't do it! The story is too good! _ Great job.
Musician In The Making chapter 7 . 10/16/2005
SEE! Karasu is looking for a body since his soul is in the cell! I thought that might be it. -.- watch it not be it in the end. T.T You made me cry on this chapter! It was really good though. You really have a way with words. ::Gives you a cookie for writing a really good story::
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