Reviews for Just One of Those Things
Guest chapter 6 . 1/3
Omg you write so well!
Guest chapter 5 . 1/3
This fanfiction is wonderful! I'm excited to know what is going to happen in the next chapters.
Talesofwovensilver chapter 13 . 6/26/2017
This was an amazing story and I really loved how you portrayed Lily and James's relationship. It was so strong and powerful and it reminds me of how everyone in canon talks so reverently of their relationship and I like to think this is how they would have been (obviously without the added Hestia betrothal conflict) rather than just it being a respect for them as dead heroes and Harry's parents.
Thank you for the great read.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/31/2017
This was a very good James/Lily fan fiction! It was different from the others I have read, but that made me like it even more!
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 5/29/2017
I'll read anything you ever write any time although I
Might need some help looking up your profile I'm not
Very savvy yet but my family was the most perfect ending to this unique long lasting eternal
Love story and it's interesting that fumble core
whom broke the covenant but
Such an incredibly delightful love could've endured
Even beyond death these two choose each other
Knowing that dark times were coming . You've been
Such a shining light that along with this utterly
Astounding epic truly mesmerising story you'll
Always be thought of very warmly for bringing
Every character so vibrantly alive so charmingly
Please never lose this very talented God given
Blessing it chose you thank heavens please have
A truly wonderful life and be my love
Elizabeth skinner from Australia gday mate.
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 5/29/2017
Thank you so very much for this truly moving highly
Emotionally charged chapter that has me wiping away
Happy tears that these last vebirds are finally together
At last and I don't hate hesitate it's just James and lily
Belong plus you shouldn't mess with destiny that
Causes bad actually loving this chapter most
Of all being a romantic person whom cries at sad movies
You deserve a lovely long relaxing holiday somewhere
Sunny as a reward for writing this fascinating exquisite
Totally wondrous love story which has captured every
Readers imagination and hearts through utterly
Brilliant marvellous writing that ignites continuous
Loyalty thank you for everything have a wonderful
Life yet please do write more I promise I'll read it
Live long and skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 5/29/2017
Well I'd love it if lily really began aCting like a real
Redhead and not a lousy quitter because poor hestias
Her friend that she's going to hand over James without
Fighting for him what a useless loser she is maybe he
Should marry someone else not such a wishy washy
Hopeless worthless mild mannered lily live red loser
He deserves better than her ugh best friend worth this I'd throw her to the death eaters to torture into
Insanity. I've always thought James was more classier
And this proves it he's a fighter she's a pacifist no
Backbone poor James why by the way hestias a
Born trouble maker I've no respect for please save
James but not those two and the other.
You've thoroughly had me hooked from the start
And there's no doubt that you have an amazing
Talent for writing this genre with such enthusiasm
Love exceptional knack for absolutely great sensational
Scenarios with unique storylines that would've made
Jk Rowling exceedingly proud of such fascinating
Brilliant thoroughly wonderful prose that readers
Will choose to look at forever it's truly inspirational
Congratulations you did it .all my love Elizabeth skinner
From Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 10 . 5/29/2017
James is right about what he said to lily it's time for her to fight his obnoxious over bearing bossy monster of a
Father and friend hestia so they can marry among
Their true friends besides his ogre father has put him
In an electrified prison he could face azkaban prison
For doing that after all his mum and Sirius know
Alastor moody whom trusts a feisty fiery
Redhead it's now time to really lose her famous nasty
Temper and let loose with some foul words to defend
Their been loving every written word you've
Put down so please never apologise at all school is
Important as is this magnetically wondrous humorous
Love story that goes beyond boundaries to transcend
Being just another jilly story it takes everyone. On a
Truly delightful journey to the most magical place
We done ever want to leave plus I love very long
Chapters that you write so brilliantly I trust you.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 5/29/2017
So pushy hestia knows finally that gorgeous Lily's in
Love with James big deal he's never going to choose
Her over lilythen she's got tickets on herself as when
She trashes lily which is a given and James finds out their friendships at an endno one hurts lily or they're
History did she go to Alice's anyway she's
More Lily's friend whom is now put in the middle that's
Very unfair yet typical of a daddy's girl without a tough
Backbone .youve been absolutely exceedingly creative
Throughout this exhilarating amusing witty love story
Which continues to thoroughly delight your many loyal
Readers whom love your imaginative excitingly
Dramatic plot lines though I cannot stand his
Parents or hestia the rest are stupendous thank you.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 5/28/2017
Thank heavens Sirius explained the betrothal
Contracts to lily they were quite confusing actually
How dare James father treat his wife like he has I'm
Going to back James in a massive showdown with
His creepy father honestly what's so important over an
Outdated agreement being honoured as his dad doesn't
Have any honor nor does. Her father yet Hestia needs
A sharp hard kick up the backside for exceptional
Stupidity everyone else has realised that there are two
People in love but not her she must be blonde I'm
Not meaning anything nasty just a previous. Saying
From the seventies I like blondes except when they
Get in the way of James or Fred weasley and
Hermione granger you deserve the greatest accolades
Which hopefully will come your way for this very
Magically fascinating thoroughly exquisitely well
Written love story that has grown to become absolutely
Delightful and exceedingly popular congratulations just
Another seven chapters to go pretty please. All my
Love Elizabeth skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 5/28/2017
Well it's time for hesitate to start growing up and realise
That James will never love her or want to marry her
He's head over heels I love with a gorgeous redhead named lily her best friend whom she mustn't attack
When she finds I'd love her tone happy
As well so why not pair her up not with Sirius but someone whom has loved her from afar yet wasn't certain how to approach hestia .my iPad can be rather stupid as well so it's understandable yet I'd wait forever
Plus I'm hoping you'd finals and graduation went off
Wonderfully well plus you had a tremendous time as
This excellent bewitching love story was definitely
Worth the skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 6 . 5/28/2017
Tara it's finally happened these two beautiful life
Lovebirds have kissed just try and break them up now
You vile horrid death eater parents not even hestia
Will be able to part them now that she's discovered
She'd like to be James Remus does know that two of his dearest friends are falling in
Love and he's going to do anything to help their
Dreams come it be absolutely great if
It was both Sirius and bestiary whom were in the
Doorway seeing them kiss like there's no tomorrow
What a wake up call that could be .its time those
Parents knew that it's against the law to enforce
A betrothal neither of their only children had a say
In and start trusting them after all James did marry
Lily they're perfect foe each other as neither are
Perfect both have flaws yet they've triumphed in
The end proving opposites do truly
The greatest most highly original writer with quite
A flair for intriguing scandalous scenarios that will
Always utterly bewitch readers until we're not
Sure whether to laugh or cry I'm doing both but
Mainly the former it's been an exceptionally great
Roller coaster ride which I'm hoping I'll never ever
Get tired of reading all over again daily as its
Enchantingly every time thoroughly enjoyable
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 5/28/2017
Poor James he truly did think that his thoroughly
Inept incompetent parents loved him instead they're of the same mind as lord Voldemort or Sirius parents with their pureblood mentality and it's our way or we'll kill
You for not obeying us ,when he said that he was finished with them I would've taken James very very
Seriously indeed he's sick of these stupid rules that
Prevent him being with lily plus she's armed head I wouldn't attempt to intimidate her you'll get to know
That volatile vicious temper she has had since birth.
I'd kill these blights on humanity that call themselves
Parents they're nothing but a vile repulsive obnoxious
Misbegotten bad joke how dare they go this farin
Order to subjugate their only children I'd give them
The cruciatus curse the kapok Avada medal a gone.
Hooray hooray the witches are managed to
Really write such an enchanting awe inspiring story
Full of unexpected twists and turns so powerful yet
Thought provoking amid such great style and lovely
People which is utterly fascinating to read although
I'm on the youngsters side in this war down with the
Parents lets guillotine them thank you for this truly
Gifted work of skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 5/28/2017
Well I've been hoping that this excellent love story
Could maybe go on for say twenty five chapters as
It's very very addictive in a truly magnificent and
Enthralling way it just allows my own imagination to
Run riot I'm pleased that Lily's not interested in
Sirius it would be rather weird actually so why not try
Sirius andhestia as a brand new couple whom are
Definitely interested in each other plus his family of
Cuckoos apart from his brother are as powerful as
The potters so it would be simply changing grooms
And it would be tremendous to see him with one
Particular attractive witch and is
Proving to be my ultimate favourite jilly romance as
It's thoroughly a truly magical journey through out
Their school years with lots of funny times and drama
Running through every year they've known one
Another via your highly entertaining stupendous
Writing which from the beginning had me hooked
On this exceptionally brilliant love story with very
Mesmerising characters that blow your mind wide
Open taking you on agreat adventure your such a
Awe inspiring writer please could you make this story
Quite s bit longer than it is thank you very much.
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 5/28/2017
It was definitely well worth the wait however I'm not
Certain about lily and Sirius as there's no attraction
Flaring between them except as friends although as
Lily's a muggleborn how on earth would she know
About wizarding arranged marriages they're not exactly public knowledge and the parents should be very
Disgusted with their treatment of such exceptionally
Talented grown yo teenagers they have and allow them
To date others plus James getting very very jealous sounds absolutely fascinating over lily though I'd lay
Odds he never kisses hestia as she's not his type of
Witch except made an error myself so
That will hopefully go unnoticed besides Lily's just
Coming to realise she's interested romantically in
James so it's time for some fireworks between best
Friends over the same wonderful guy he's worth
Fighting put such an interesting unique
Spin on their love story it's utterly magical to read
And thoroughly mesmerising with such great
Dramatic tense storylines which have kept me on my
Toes trying to guess most things and having lots of
Fun times doing that an exceptionally amusing wonderful thrilling chapter could you please have
A little bit of fluffy action between James and lily
Soon just to confuse her a tiny bit more than she
Already you so much your totally a superlative
Writer of This genre skinner
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