Reviews for Wondering
Psychobikerjunkiewhore chapter 1 . 5/4/2009
Hahah. I really enjoyed this actually - I have only just fallen in love with the Brittas Empire and bought the boxset :)

This littl piece made me laugh - Sadly I am a barrie lover and was searching for some sort of Gordon love ficcy but havent found any yet heheh.

Will look at your other works!


Nomi's Secret chapter 1 . 4/19/2009

i love this!

you can perfectly put the characters thoughts, feelings and actions in the right way!

Stormkpr chapter 1 . 6/18/2005
I've never seen Britta's Empire but you know I love your writing and so I had to check this out. I liked it a lot. A delicate, well-written glimpse of two women discussing possibilities. I can't comment on the characterization since I haven't seen the show, but I feel that even within this brief fic I am starting to get to know them well. Very lovely fic. I will always be a fan of your writing no matter what the fandom is.
Bitz chapter 1 . 6/14/2005
Hi, me again.

Sorry for leaving this here, which is a fandom I do not know, so did not read. This ridiculous site doesn't let you review more than once, even when you don't have an account! Anyway, I thought some more about your writing, which I do enjoy very much. I think I was not clear enough when I left feedback for "Bad".

I've gone through and read all of your Sweet Valley's and some Pokemon, and about giggled myself into a corner to see femmeslash Enid Blyton stories, because *really*, how perfect. I read those books as a child and never gave the relationships a second thought. In fact, I rather wished that I had a friend that close. But to read these now is like the proverbial scales have fallen from my eyes - how utterly *right*. Bless your heart for writing them.

I got off track there, didn't I? Here's the thing. Your descriptive prose is simply marvellous; you have an eye for turn of phrase and lovely metaphor. Your characterisations are beautiful and very deft. I enjoy the way in which you illustrate a wholeness with very small touches. The only problem that I find with your writing is the innate passiveness with which I read it. These are not stories I engage with, these are stories I am dictated. There's literally nothing left to the imagination. You control *every* last thing - eyelid flutters, trembles, hands shaking, whispers, breaths, thoughts, *unconscious* thoughts, all of it. There is nothing for me to do but read. You'll probably find a lot of people would disagree with me on this, but as a reader, I do not find that I need every last detail and blush to deeply connect with a character.

I enjoy the way you delve into your characters emotions, but I find at the same time your portrayal of them to be uber-controlling. To illustrate: if I were to say the words "an old wooden box on a dusty table in a sunlit room", you'd pretty much have a picture of it, wouldn't you. No matter if your picture is different from mine, no matter if your picture is different from the *author's*. You still see that box. Reading your stories is like haveing the box described to me in every last detail - hinges, scratches, the quality of the light or lack of it, right down to the individual grains of dust on the table.

For somebody advising a little minimalism, I don't seem to be capable of it myself, do I? So I shall end here. I just beg of you; please use your talent to actually let *go* a little. Trust your readers to work some things out for themselves. Let us engage with your stories rather than submissvely have them read to us.

Take care,

Bitz (no account, avid reader, not a writer, 36, Hertfordshire)
Julie Ann Pope chapter 1 . 6/1/2005
Wonderful stuff, i'd always wondered about the relationship between Helen and Laura, esp when Laura was offered a promotion and Helen was so desperate to stop her leaving. I think Laura and Helen could easily swing both ways. Great idea and very sensitively written. Well Done.