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Brainyxbat chapter 6 . 1/13/2015
I actually have a small idea for the next chapter, at the beginning:

The next morning, Max sleeps in a bit, and one of the piglets nudges him on his stomach or hip to wake him up, and he giggles in his sleep, since he's ticklish. X3 I figured that could help you start on the next chapter.
Brainyxbat chapter 2 . 12/4/2014
"You know what? I feel like singing."

Ha! XD The Lion King is a musical after all, Nina. So, sing away! You too, Maxie. ;3
Guest chapter 6 . 12/17/2012
This is a pretty good story. You're a good author. You know what the heck you're UP to, and that's ALWAYS good. So, yeah...this is a good story. I like this chapter's ending.

Anyway, since I want to read more, and we're not getting any YOUNGER here...


Sorry, it's just...I am really antipating the next chapter, and I want this thing off of hiatus so there can BE a "next chapter". Hey, that reminds me of a song that I first heard when I was 4:

Anticipa - ation
It's makin' me wait
Anticipa - a - ation
Meaghan chapter 6 . 11/21/2012
This was a good chapter. I liked them all, but this chapter just stands out right at the moment. I wish there were more chapters...I guess the amount there is is okay for now. I'd like to see more, though.

You're good at this stuff, for the most part. Keep up the good work!
aveilofpaper chapter 6 . 10/22/2011
oh freakin heck, plz continue, I always wanted to see the journey from their perspesctive

Sanya-TrueHeart chapter 6 . 8/25/2010
Is this story discontinued or something? I randomly began reading it and I like it... I'd love to see more chapters!
Eclectic Me chapter 6 . 4/29/2008
Hi, it's me again! That is, if I've reviewed this story before. If I haven't, then it's just me, lol! Don't worry if you didn't get that; it's not unusual for me not to make sense.

I know it's a longshot, but is there any hope of this being updated?

Good luck with your other writing!
Nate The Ape chapter 6 . 3/21/2007
Oh, I think PLENTY of things happened in this chapter! That entire bit with the leopard tom hard on Nina's heels was a superb action scene. We all know of course that she'll escape somehow, but that knowledge didn't make it any less electrifying.

Seeing Uncle Max screw his courage to the sticking place like that-which had to have taken a heck of a lot of gumption-is an encouraging development. It's amazing what people will do in a crisis situation, isn't it?

"...and when was she going to have the memorial?" My God, I can't believe he/she said something like that! I would've hit them for that remark.

Ha, I got quite a bit of milage at how they accidently "dropped in" among the warthogs! You did a wonderful job with their personalities, and I like the accuracy of keeping them in a sounder of relatives. Guess I'm done with reviews until the next update!
Nate The Ape chapter 5 . 3/20/2007
As always, an excellent job of capturing the personalities of both Max and Nina. Gotta love his pessimistic, curmudgeonly attitude.

I loved that flashback between Max and Buzz. Interesting to see that he's Nina's father in this fic. Those unnatural impulses must be genetic regarding Timon. :) Max's question, "Is it possible for a meerkat to scare an eagle?" was strangely hilarious.

Yeah, martial eagles are POWERFUL birds. I've seen film of one eating a freshly killed monitor lizard, which had to have taken some doing. I also saw a piece of footage once where a martial eagle attacked a duiker, but the antelope got away.

GREAT interactions with all sorts of other animals in that last section! Oh Gosh, Max and Nina are in grade-A trouble! I know leopards will eat banded mongooses, so meerkats wouldn't be exempt. But it was so well done I can actually see it being a deleted incident from any Disney movie!
Nate The Ape chapter 4 . 3/20/2007
Wow, this chapter sure started out with excitement! Very tight, crisp, tense, informative(in more ways than one) writing in that first chunk, and I'm glad to see Nina's display of altruism. If I'd undergone what she did, I likely wouldn't have been able to stand seeing that either. Isn't it SO great when your companions don't listen to you in a serious situation?

Oh, such sweet memory sequences by Nina. I like the name Nate very much for Timon's father. ;) Hint, hint...

That part where they encountered and then swam the river was also very well done, funny and suspenseful all at once. "Sit here until it dries up?" and "If we die, I'll never forgive you," were particularly amusing lines. Very cool piece of information about how most mammals can swim. I have a pet mouse, and he can deal just fine with the depths of a bathroom sink at least when it comes to swimming, I assure you.

I haven't seen Robots, unfortunately.
Nate The Ape chapter 3 . 3/17/2007
Wow, digging underground most of the way? Man, that's gotta be strenuous. They're much better adapted for it than I am though, and it beats facing a hyena's bite any day.

It's great to see a native Pridelands meerkat colony in this fanfic. I always wondered where those meerkats at the beginning of the movie came from and why Timon never mentioned them.

Very well thought-out plan by Nina! Nothing as diplomatic as gifts. "...the seven holes..." Superb bit of internal religion there, just like the Prince With A Thousand Enemies!

I thought the encounter between Max, Nina, and the other meerkats was splendidly handled. A nice, natural piece of writing, with just the right amount of amusement at the report of Timon with Pumbaa.

I hear you about dialouge though. More often then not, when I'm done writing a chunk of conversation, to me it only looks worthy of being sprinkled with gasoline and lit on fire, not posted.

Well, Max and Nina are getting warmer at least!
Nate The Ape chapter 2 . 3/17/2007
This chapter was another pleasing read. Here are yet more things I enjoyed:

I burst out laughing at Max's "No, with the water buffalo. Of course with the lions!" Gotta love his sarcasm.

I'll say it again, I truly value the biological facts you have in here for realism. Meerkats are territorial by nature-heh, if you've ever watched Meerkat Manor, you'll see that mobs are fiercely so. They don't use those cainines on just insects, believe me.

"...eventually he would have left without her permission or blessing..." I have no idea if you knew it at the time, but just like young zebra stallions, young male meerkats are welcome to stay in their family for as long as they wish. Nevertheless, they either leave one day for good, or use their mob's territory as a home base to make lengthy sorties for available females.

"Oh Ed, you gave us away." That line made me laugh and my heart almost stop at the same time. Oh man, it was great to see the hyena trio again. You also did a great job of vicariously allowing us to see through our meerkat witnesses of how twisted and wrong the Circle of Life has now become in the Pridelands.

Finally, I loved the artistic touch of jackals being cunning mimics. I'm actually toying with the idea of mimicry being one of the very few things that still distinguishes Jack and Ann from the other animals,-besides making them even more of a novelty,-in my own fic in fact.
Nate The Ape chapter 1 . 3/9/2007
I've read all that you've written so far of this fic, but have never actually reviewed any of it. So here goes: This is a nice first chapter. I always did want to see what happened when Ma and Max first started out on their quest to find Timon, and this fills the gap nicely.

I laughed out loud at this line: "Our home would've been a lot better if he didn't wreck it all the time," as well as "I suppose I could keep the negative comments about Timon to a minimum."

I like that concept of Shouting Range, very clever indeed. That's kind of sad that the rest of their colony doesn't show much reaction to their departure. Nice work!
loonytunecrazy chapter 6 . 11/25/2006
I hope you continue this
Pichooi chapter 6 . 10/3/2006
Yay an update! I enjoyed this chapter. Max is getting braver, good thing too.
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