Reviews for Danny joins the Titans
Amy chapter 9 . 1/3/2015
Aww that was a nice ending. Wow this story is nearly ten years old 0.o
mystery writer5775 chapter 9 . 9/25/2007
that is so sweet!
BIbeast chapter 1 . 10/29/2005
Hey! Did you not read my idea? Aren't you going to make a sequal about where Sam and Raven try to get Danny to love only one of them? Please please please do this! Please do this as a request(Thank you if you decided yes on it).
crystalmoonshine chapter 9 . 10/28/2005
titans danny.. not bad...

Danny Timmy complete and utter chaos. Have fun
crystalmoonshine chapter 8 . 10/28/2005
Didn't you say something about a preview for chpt 9? you must have forgotten. oh well.
BIbeast chapter 9 . 10/1/2005
I think you should make a sequal where Sam and Raven try to get Danny to love only one of them.
Cat-san chapter 9 . 9/2/2005
Hey Johanna. I see you already posted your new story up. Very cool. Too bad Timmy and Danny both have secrets to hide. Oh well. I'll call you some time! Buh-bye! *turns into a cat and runs away*
Wanderer of Darkness chapter 9 . 8/31/2005
10 and please make a sequal
RavenManson chapter 9 . 8/29/2005
Pretty good history, I'd really like it, specially the kiss between Raven and Danny I'm a huge fan of D/S but I like D/Rae it's sweat, but I'd preffer that it wouldn't happend because what the hick is going on between Danny and Sam?... XD but anyway I like it so much XD

Twilight Princess chapter 9 . 8/27/2005
wow. all I can say maybe one of the best DP and TT crossovers in a while, no offence to other people who have written them. well on a scale of 1-10...m...I would give it a...9 1/2 bout. well I thought it was really good and, yay for motercylces! I thought it was cool how he did that, with the motercycle and he gave it to him, and all the gifts, and it was really cool! well, I hope you write more like it!
manga-ghost chapter 9 . 8/27/2005
10! 10! (laughs)

It's about time Danny told his parents! Nice reaction though! (smirks)

Cyas later!
Cat-san chapter 8 . 8/24/2005
Your chappie 8 stinks Johanna. From your overly hyper friend, Allie a.k.a Cat-san.
manga-ghost chapter 8 . 8/23/2005

Heh heh, cool story. Nice x-over idea too. Like it! And the pairing is unusual! Raven is my favourite character!

Oh, I hope they get out okay! That was an evil cliffie!

BTW I'm from Whitley Bay which is in the North East of England if ya want to know!

Cyas! (faves, faves author)
t chapter 8 . 8/22/2005
I really like it so far, I think that the Titans shouldn't have known dannys real identity though. well I hope you update soon!
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