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lennoxmacduffes chapter 1 . 12/10/2014
So your suits are just like Crysis videogame suits, however your story is 2 years older than the game. Tsk tsk, these guionist nowadays, taking ideas from ffics to make videogames.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/19/2014
Man this chapter must have been the funniest thing I've ever read I'm so glad I decited to read this.
(DMV, IRS, DEMOCR–) I'm going to be laughing all day. This story is great! :-)
all forms of fluff chapter 26 . 10/4/2013
Your Rock! The Reunion and Union stories are the first Kim Possible stories that I have read that seem to fit bizarly into the contex of the show. Aside from the domestic abuse and killings that is, not a lot of actuall badness in the show. Ronin was a great device to incorparate a more mature and highly skilled Ron Stoppable into the world and it was blissfuly and wonderfuly done. I almost stoped reading it at the Simian war as it really deveatied from the core show settings and characters. I am happy that I stayed with it. I also like the epilogue you have for Union, it matches wierdly with Reunion's epilogue. Ronnie-Anne as a child with what is likely the first ever Rufus clone agent in the Reunion series. Then an older teenaged Ronnie-Anne meeting Toshi there was a symatary to that. Of course you have made stories based loosly on the So the Drama and A Sitch in Time movies there really isn't nothing else for this story to progress inless you tell the tale of Ronnie and Toshi. Even then it would be mostly an origianal work that It might not be considered Fanfiction anymore.

Well what ever you do in the future know that you have made me a fan of the KP universe and shall look into more fics simply becasue of your stories. I thank you for the honor of reading such well put together stories.
SkyeVerya chapter 17 . 4/2/2012
Okay, this chapter was just as funny the second time. Love it.
SkyeVerya chapter 26 . 3/17/2012
Okay, I'm just going to say, I absolutely loved that last line...among many other things. And now I should probably start doing all those things I've been putting off to read this fanfiction. The Indiana Jones crossover will have to wait... :(
Ricorum Scaevola chapter 26 . 10/9/2011
Finished. This was amazing. You've created another universe, and it works so well.

The single thing that has bothered me throughout the entire fiction: did you mean to spell Zuijin with an E?
steelneena chapter 17 . 8/11/2010
I was going to make a funny comment about the Advanced Super Fortunate Criminal Fighter Force Team but realized once I got to the end of this chapter that it simply would not do! Finally everything is coming together. It is just HILARIOUS!Yeah baby the in-laws are here!
kpFan739 chapter 26 . 3/31/2010
Wow I love this fanfic
angel0fmus1c chapter 26 . 7/14/2009
May I just start out by saying that this was simply epic? I was thoroughly impressed with how a show that was made for children was allowed to grow up through your writing. The Kim universe retained everything we had fallen in love with on the show, and yet had matured to fit with the grown characters. You respected the characters and wrote a believable development from teens to adults.

There were some specific points that I absolutely loved and feel I must point out:

-Learning the history of Sensei, and showing him to be human and capable of failing was brilliant. I especially liked seeing more of him than we did in the show.

-I loved the initial humor, like the differences in the retelling of Monique and Wade's date between Kim and Monique and Ron and Wade.

-The individual redemptions of Fukushima and Yori were well-written and believable. Fukushima has long intrigued me and it was very enjoyable to see him grow. I found your treatment of Yori to be very interesting. Most stories have her either as a good guy or a bad guy. You allowed her to embody both the hero and the villain in this fic.

-I have to admit that me favorite was Ronnie. You created a complex and intriguing character that I found very easy to relate to. Her growth and development throughout your story was engaging and believable. I hope to see much more of her in the future.

I do have to wonder, in regards to your epilogue. Two thousand years seems to be a long time to feud. Also, is Saru supposed to be descended from Toshi? Or is there more offspring of Monkey Fist that we don't know about?

All in all, a fantastic read. I look forward to reading more from you.


Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 26 . 8/10/2008
Just like with ‘Reunion’, you create a HIGHLY intriguing plot idea and used it to its full extent; congratulations on that front.

Hell, if anything, you used it to even MORE than its fullest extent; the addition of time travel to the equation made the story even more interesting, and just having the artificial Ray Beam returning to seek ‘revenge’ was a dangerous enough prospect on its own.

The concept of the Mind tapping into Rufus’s mind was particularly chilling; even if it was only a clone of the original, the cool naked mole rat member of Team Possible is still the cool naked mole rat member of Team Possible, and it can NEVER be a good thing to have him- even subconsciously- working for the bad guy.

And as for the Wade/Monique relationship…

VERY well-developed, really, even if it only really appeared in the early parts of the story; their ‘first date’ was DEFINITELY the kind of thing I can see Wade doing, and some of the later ‘moments’ between them- such as when Wade assured Monique that he wasn’t doing a ‘Ron’ and breaking up with her for her own good; while I have to wonder what Ron would think about that, you can’t deny it’s amusing- worked over VERY well, if you ask me.

As for Yori’s actions later on in the story…

I don’t know whether to hate her or pity her, really; unrequited love can suck, I’ll give her that, but what happened to loving somebody enough to just want THEM to be happy even if it’s not with you?

Still, I can’t deny it added some interesting extra dynamics to the latter chapters; not only do they have to worry about reality coming crashing down on them, but they need to worry about reality crashing down on them AND one of their closest allies betraying them.

True, the time-travel theory you used here was one of the most confusing theories I’ve EVER read about the subject, but it worked for the plot and I could at least KIND of follow it- kind of reminded me of the explanation in a ‘Flash’ comic for how the new Zoom was able to move so fast-, so it all worked out.

Besides, when a storyline gives someone the opportunity to say that they didn’t want to risk interrupting their own CONCEPTION, what’s not to like about it?

On that topic, the characters of Ronnie, TJ and Kimono were really rather interesting; Kimono’s bond with Drakken in particular was really rather amusing, and Ronnie’s development from a manipulated grief-stricken victim to an ancient Japanese war hero worked out VERY well, in my opinion.

The only thing I really WASN’T sure about during the main plot of this story was the idea of Drakken cloning Shego back to life every time she got ‘killed’- it just seems to downplay how good Shego’s meant to be if she’s actually DIED on some occasions-, and given that you cleared that up fairly quickly it’s easy to deal with.

Heck, if anything your explanation for why Shego found it so easy to believe that story was PARTICULARLY excellent; VERY good psychological insight into her character!

(As were the parts where you talked about why Ron’s always been attracted to Kim; he might like being the hero, but he also likes his loved ones to be able to handle themselves in a fight when the situation gets ugly, rather than them just automatically depending on HIM to be the hero all the time)

All in all, my only real PROBLEM with this story is that bit at the end with Monkey Fist’s ancestor. While his plot for revenge might be interesting reading, I really think that sometimes the secret is knowing when to stop; you reach a point where even the most determined villain realises it’s not worth him coming back to try and torment the hero any more (“Kraven’s Last Hunt” springs to mind as an example of that), and I find it even harder to imagine an entire FAMILY holding a grudge for THAT long…

Still, that detail aside, a VERY interesting story; keep up the good work!
ErnestTheGuy chapter 26 . 7/14/2008
o man, nice work once again. i laughed, cried, and got chills down my spine and it was so worth spending 26 hours in a chair to read through this.

i loved the whole time travel theme you had going. when fake future/fake Tim got Ron to step into the portal, i didnt expect it to be a simulation. i was completely surprised when Kim found Ron in the Chair and the idea of Ron actually on an ancient Roman ship was a lie. i kind of wanted the whole time travel in Rome to be real since the epilogue in Reunion was talking about Ronaldus and a Princess saving Yaminuchi. but i guess that all worked out for the better and got to mess around with history with the names and all that.

my favorite part was when Ron ended up spending a few days in his 20 something year old son's place. o man that was so priceless. the whole thing with a guy that sorta looked like Ron calling out to a person called Kim and saying he thinks the guy at the door was his dad was really epic. EPICNESS! and Kimono. how in the world did you think of that name for her. "The result of our best efforts, and the hard work we did together to produce something beautiful, Shego silently realized, That’s why we named her Kimono." i still cant believe you thought of that, its just wonderful how that was written into the story.

when i found out that Ray Beam was out of jail and married to Ronnie, i was so freaking pissed. i scream "Bastard" and my mom was like "what are you doing?" i hated him so much right then and there. the situation Ronnie was in was so sad. a beautiful girl so strong, stubborn, and feisty resorting to thoughts of suicide, crying in a closet listening to a song about suicide. that was just so sad a depressing. her reunion with Ron was just so wonderful i teared up when i read it. it was a wonderful and magical moment and i was so happy for Ronnie. he fight scene with the Cactus Blade on the pass was incredible and Mukashi with all the english and the use of the Cactus Blade really messed with my mind.

the relationship between the Drakkens was hilarious. Shego and Drakken with the whole clone thing was awesome and just hilarious when Shego finally found out about it. when Drakken and Shego found out about Kimono getting married to a Stoppable was a priceless family moment. i was giggling my ass off when i was reading that part. i still cant believe you got Drakken to build a freaking tank. TANKS! and a chopper? CHOPPER!WTF! i was all giddy when i read the chapter with the tanks and choppers.

im still kind of pissed about what you did with Yori in the story but i guess is was for the story and it worked out pretty well so it doesnt really still quite amazed at how writers like you are able to create the twists and turns in your work. i just love the way how you guys can keep the story exciting and keep the momentum going.

anyway, i was wondering, when you were making ultra bad-ass Rufus, did you get Rufus 30's voice in your head too? i mean he is so freaking awesome. the minute details that were in the show that i just noticed after i just watched "So The Drama." just so many things that is so easily missed you incorporated into the story so well. the "no girls allowed " sign in the tree house and how you added the "other " you added on it.(wait i think that was from Reunion. to many fanfics, i love fanfics).i had totally forgotten about a lot of the details from the show until you got it into the story. its the little details that only the fans could remember and connect to that makes your stories so incredibly fun to read.

my life had revolved around video games for about 4 years now (halo mostly, ask me anything and i can get an answer)and i can truly say that if a new halo game came out this instant, i would rather read a KP fanfic by you then go out to buy the game.

Dying to read more,

LuvStarWars chapter 19 . 6/21/2008
Nice bluff, Drakken! I also like how you mentioned Teen Titans and Jimmy Neutron (though I don't watch that show and find it rather disturbing, it's funny that Drakken actually bought his hovercraft from a little kid!). Plus, I thought that you made the battle a bit too easy for our heroes, but then you turned the tables and they're surrounded! Brilliant!

LuvStarWars chapter 18 . 6/21/2008
Nice chapter! I like how Ron, TJ, and Kimono are fighting against Ishigawa and Monkey Fists armies. It makes everything that much harder, especially now that Fist has the Lotus Blade.

LuvStarWars chapter 17 . 6/21/2008
Oh. My. Gosh. I could NOT stop laughing! The little exchange between Ron and Rufus in the 'Ro-bot' was hysterical, the tent scene was hysterical, the morning after: hysterical. "This is TK-421, why aren't you at your post?" LOL! XD I would know that quote ANYWHERE! (oh, BTW, I did catch the Darth Vader quote near the beginning of the story and loved it!) And yes, I know there were very serious parts to this chapter (which I thoroughly enjoyed as well), but I just love your comedy! And Ray is finally done! Hurray! *pops balloons and does a silly dance* Too bad it was in the future, though, so he's still alive in real time... Drat. Again, awesome chapter, and the ending was, once again, hysterical!

LuvStarWars chapter 16 . 6/21/2008
Oh my gosh, Ray Beam is such a loser... My heart almost stopped when he yelled for Stoppable to come, and then the DOG goes slinking over there, and the guy yells at him to go lie down! XD And then poor Ron almost gives himself away laughing! That was funny...

I really liked the battle scene with Kim and Yori against those soldiers, too. You really helped me to understand how she was moving, which is nice because a lot of the time, when I read fight scenes (especially sword fights) I can't understand what the person is actually doing or where they are. So kudos to you for making sense! XD I also really liked the touching scene between Ron and Veronica. So sweet...

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