Reviews for Harry Potter and the Harem of Honeys
Guest chapter 5 . 12/7
Very good why did you stop.
The Alpha 100 chapter 5 . 11/23
figures,one of the greatest stories I've read up far and it hasn't been updated in more than a decade.

well if you passed away before you could finish ,I hope up there, wherever you are,feel me saying this is one awesome story oh mighty writer! I'm following your know...just in phantom ghost and possess a computer then complete this story
Guest chapter 5 . 11/11
Why did you stop, the story is very good.
hero of time45 chapter 1 . 9/27
if you want to read this it's a lot farther on in th hpfanfictions archive
Hellhound monster girl lover chapter 3 . 9/15
you keep making the number of girls smaller each time first it was forty then 39 then 37
Phillies2 chapter 5 . 7/15
I find the whole idea of this story hilarious and Harry absolutely destroying Malfoy was great. It has been 12 years since you've posted so I realize you probably won't update, but I wouldn't mind if you did
capnbooth4 chapter 5 . 5/12
Update soon. This is a great story. Can you make a list of harem members?
superdude50989 chapter 5 . 5/9
Looking forward to more chapters.
chaoswizard chapter 5 . 3/17
Keep it coming plz it is good
scream sky chapter 5 . 2/5
Ghost Dragon Master chapter 5 . 1/31
First of all I would like to say that this is very well written. I love how Harry is not even 12 and already has 45 girlfriends. I LOVE your idea of a trunk that connects with other trunks in a set and how it could be used for Harry to see his girls throughout the school year simply by walking into his command trunk. I would love for you to resume writing this fanfic and ask that you add Luna, Daphne, and Hannah into Harry's girls list.
Guest chapter 2 . 12/26/2016
Slightly weird.
Guest chapter 2 . 12/9/2016
This is a very good story to bad you stop writing it.
hunzbookwyrm chapter 5 . 9/24/2016
Love the story so far can't wait to see what you do next with it
sundrawnshadow chapter 5 . 9/18/2016
good yes very good get it going again!
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