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BornIn1142 chapter 11 . 3/9/2006
Well, what can I say...

This story, and all those associated deserve all the praise they get. Actually perhaps a bit more - I was surprised at the relative lack of reviews.

Quite obviously, the stories are all well-written, the the point of REALLY well-written. Especially good is the charactarization - all characters actually feel like they have different personalities, some likable, some not. And they match well with their comic counterparts.

One area I feel might be a bit lacking is the descriptions - both the atmosphere and the characters. But, of course, since most of the action takes place in The Mansion, it would get very repeative, so that's all right. Nevertheless... I had really no idea what the Hellfire Club ballroom was supposed to look like (for instance), except "lavish". Maybe it's supposed to help us feel imaginative, or maybe I'm not paying enough attention while reading - which is a definite possibility -, but it keeps feeling like an oversight. This is bad. But it's not terrible.

Another extremely strong point of the stories is the universe you've masterfully crafted from the movies and the comics. All the references to the greater Marvel Universe are fantastic, although I constantly find myself annoyed at the merest mentions of the Fantastic Four, Avengers and Spider-Man, etc. Not because I don't think these references shouldn't exist, but just because it feels like a real tease, seeing them mentioned, but nothing else. I'm constantly hoping for more appearances by them. Still, this is about the X-Men, so...

The plots are generally strong, with the various arcs converging and a good overall feel. The New Mutants, specifically, suffers slightly from not having a centralized plot, but it does help to flesh matters and people out considerably.

I feel the Massachusetts Academy sections are the weaker parts. I'm always bored with them, but I assume that's not a point of quality, but simply personal preference.

Overall, as I said, this is very good work. Consider yourself Favorite Author'd, from my part, at least.
TheDreamerLady chapter 11 . 10/21/2005
oh man... sorry I didn't review last time... el no computerness... either that, or it was the time I was sick... but yea... sorryness...

lol, just too hard to read all this when you be tired... anyway, more more more!


update soon!

amanda and Lanco(the duck)
Independent Fire chapter 11 . 10/19/2005
Logan's gettin married! Woo! Hehe. Naughty naughty Lance and Roulette, but extremely interesting nonetheless. I'm glad Lance and Kitty had a chance to was really sweet. Bobby and Angelica were cute together. And what exactly is up with Emma hitting on Scott? She's a naughty one too. Well I can't wait to read your next installments. I'll be an eager reviewer. Great job and keep writing!
Luc Star chapter 11 . 10/19/2005
new story.. spidey making his appearance.. logan and mariko getting hitched.. woho... i can't help but think that the future of your universe is looking brighter than ever. heck.. i might just need to buy a pair of shades to sit in front of the comp and read yours later on. hehehe. anyways.. great chapter. i personally can't wait to read more. and i can't wait to see when the new story will be up. hopefully you won't keep us waiting that long. hey.. you got plans for any other superheroes making his/her appearance. i would really love to see thor make an appearance. and hey.. i was just wondering if you have any plans on giving Logan some real family.. like X23 or someone like her. stories about Logan and a real daughter of his own flesh and blood seem to be pretty damn popular these days. too tell you the truth, even i am drawn to those stories.. cause reading about how Logan would handle having an offspring is just too good of a chance to miss out on.

take care in the mean time and keep up the great work.
El Varon chapter 10 . 10/5/2005
Something about the second story made me think of the babysitter from "The Incredibles". . . . Pretty good chapter; though that Lawrence guy was real jerk; which he was obvsiously written to be. Anyways, good chapter.
Independent Fire chapter 10 . 10/4/2005
Glad to see some of the mystery of Lance and Kitty's past has finally surfaced, I was wondering when you would get to it. Great job. And I give many props to Doug for sticking up for Jubilee.
Luc Star chapter 10 . 10/4/2005
umm.. ok.. i'm confused... aren't we already way into the future and Kitty's already with the X-men. umm.. are you trying to give us a look at the origins of the characters of your universe from your point of view or something. cause then i'll understand... i just hope we will get to see some action pretty soon. i don't have a tv at the moment and therefore am missing my weekly dose of WWE. i am suffering from fight scene withdrawal and therefore need to get my fix from somewhere. heh-heh. take care and hey.. update soon.

ps. thanks for reviweing my fic. taking a little longer to write the 4th chapter (it's that bloody long) chapter but it should be up by this weekend. hope you'll be there to check it out.
TheDreamerLady chapter 9 . 9/27/2005
ha, the mark wasn't near as bad as when I got hit by a bike last friday... it was scary... and the sad part was a good friend of mine pushed me into the path of it... le sigh!

anyway, thank you for the cute wonderful romyness... *worships author* You must do more!

*squeals like the fangirl she is*

more more more more!

Lanco likes you... He gives you his uttmost respect... Yup yup...

amanda and Lanco(The Duck)
Independent Fire chapter 9 . 9/27/2005
Oh for the love of ROMY- that was awesome! The hefty dose of Romy definitely did the trick. Rogue with her risque was a wonderful thing. The clubbing part was a great add, they could be together without "being" together, it was hot, it makes me want to go out and dance. Remy's whole sweat makes you wet comment will permanently amuse me. Great job.
El Varon chapter 9 . 9/27/2005
Excellent chapter. It's good to see Rogue being happy with Remy; quite honestly, she kinda deserves it. And, now I'm wondering what's gonna happen with Logan, and with that non-X-character. . . .
ishandahalf chapter 9 . 9/27/2005
well, huzzah! a nice, long chapter chock full o' romy goodness, that's what i'm talking about! great stuff, i loved it. rogue's worries are certainly natural for her to feel, but i'm so glad remy managed to reassure her, aww! and then they have their fun... yay.

so, yeah! lovely, lovely. keep it coming!
Luc Star chapter 9 . 9/27/2005
a non-x character? way cool man. i can hardly wait to see who its going to be. anyways.. great chapter. i'm glad to see that things are actually working out between Rogue and Gambit. and i can't wait to see what Logan is going to be up to in Japan. God.. i can hardly wait to see which Non-X character is going to show up. you know.. i'm almost tempted to shout out a few names just for the sake of it.. but if i know you.. you're going to be keeping us waiting until you decide to tell us what's going to happen. hehe. anyways.. great chapter.. great story. keep up the good work.

ps. hey.. i've recently posted my own x-men evo/btvs crossover fanfiction. check it out if you get the chance. would love to hear your thoughts on the story. later.
El Varon chapter 8 . 9/17/2005
Hmm. I wonder . . . are those clues as to what may happen? And I'm glad Scott's at least moving on.

Great chapter.
Independent Fire chapter 8 . 9/17/2005
Aww poor Tabitha! Yeah, the trend definitely continued and I must say it was superb. Tab's father was such an ass, and it was so great to see John so protective of her, that was definitely one of the best installments of the Mass. Academy. I couldn't believe how insensitive Lance had been, but it was sweet of him to try and make up for it by bringing her an ice pack. Scott and Alison finally kissed! I can't wait to see what comes of their romance. Wonderful job.
TheDreamerLady chapter 8 . 9/16/2005
AH... The horror the horror... the big words are gonna eat me!

Nice scoot stuff... i liked the Tarot stuff better though, of course... seeing the future is so big! AND HUGE!

oh... I'm tired... I'm moving right now, and wow... yawnness...*faints*

more soon!

amadna and Lanco(the duck)
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