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Anjita chapter 14 . 6/21/2006
That cliffhanger almost killed me. I'm typing this with my last dieing strength. Right, that aside...


So cool...this is a fabulous of the best I've read in a while. And it's very original...I'm impressed. Really.

Thank you for a good read.
Pakkrat chapter 14 . 10/16/2005
Aw, so sweet it almost makes one ill. Beast Boy and Raven moment, so cutesy-wootsy. Then that whole thing... where Einderan lays down the lay. "crosses legs" yeah... Either way this was a really good story and it seems to fit in with the series perfectly. I hope to read the sequel and man am I glad you did a sequel. Keep making great stories and I'll keep reading them so thanks for a nice read! I think this gives me some ideas on how to re-write some of my latest stories. Thanks for a beautiful read! Until next time!
Pakkrat chapter 13 . 10/16/2005
"Shock, awe, wide-eyed stare" Humana, humana, humana? "Cough" wait, just wait after initial shock mode... okay... getting there... ... A little more... Okay, done! So that was the BEST scene ever. It put my stuff to shame... darn... I'll have to try harder now, won't I? "sadistic grin" Gee, that was really good the way you made all that action and magic, the heroes determination of soul and heart, the song in the end. What can I say that was a really great piece and I still have another chapter! So will Mael appear again? Will his evil be able to pass on more terrible pain and carnage? What can I say this was good. I think I said that, didn't I? Oh well, you get the idea! Keep up wonderous work Proffessor Curly!
Pakkrat chapter 12 . 10/16/2005
Hm, so this is how we end the Malchior/Einderan feud? A nice step actually! The control of the good and bad variations of the emotions. I liked it, then the short smash about of Mael and Rocker. Along with that moment about Beast Boy and Malchior's interest in him. I have to admit you're really good at this. You seem to be taking into account all the points of the show and characters enough to enjoy. Until the next time, I hope to read more again real soon so I can start that sequel!
Pakkrat chapter 11 . 10/16/2005
Hello great Professor! "cough" er, sorry again for a LONG wait-a-roo! He-he, so busy and all... This fight was really great you made an allusive way of gaugin the unfair amount of power between the two. Also, that crack about "Man, these odds suck" really was a good one. You do treat the story as if you are telling it and that is a genuine style I like. In truth, I tell the story from another view for the simple fact I don't always have topics that... well, you've read my stuff and you can see how some of those darker topics and styles need special attention. The Bard returns I like him some what and I hope to see more of him in the sequel less something happens in this piece. You do an excellent job and I admit you work very hard to make something worth while. Keep it up Professor.
Pakkrat chapter 10 . 10/11/2005
A guy in a black trench, slightly built and wearing shades with slit back hair smiles to the screen, "Well, professor. Great job on your latest little piece of tale and whimsy. It's the one and only, though possibly not, Pakkrat. I plan to begin the Malchior VS Eindean section later this week, or today time abiding." The figure tugs his coat a little, "The dramatic inching of Frista's end a nice touch, solidfying a relation to the two perhaps in Einderan's rescue and entry. Raven's contempts, Malchior's sadistic pleasure of pain, and Mael was in rare form this chapter too. Your character diagnosis was well made. Your fic has a nice spin of action, though also the humor plays well and high in character to character talks and interactions. So far the story has a nice beat to it not being played out too fast or too slow I like the twists and playing of them."

"Well, a congratulations in actually finishing Too Much Red, even Shekron has yet to finsih and he has been reading longer than you, but he has many matters to attend with college. Not saying you do not have matters to attend to. I merely speak, these interesting playouts of ones time show fruitful." Pakkrat shakes his head, "As you are reading, this is how I normally would talk. A collective arrogance in most eyes but really I mean no disrespect. I wished to show my personal pleasure in seeing you finished my first tale."

Pakkrat steps back and shrugs, "What to do with you now? I mean, telling you of parallel dimensions means too much so all I can say is sorry if it confuses you. It is merely a way to give a more frightening affect, it is merely a tale to play out in the minds to me." With a little chuckle Pakkrat turns away, "You really have a point though, a demon in most manners is not defeated by the power of man but preferably god, yet where is this power? Can not all take it, use it? Call it from the SOUL. The soul is bared by love, given form by mind, and wielded by cause. That is my interpretation to the power of Raven in Too Much Red, her love and soul give her the power, and freeing it in her friends they make to harm Akaige. Then again, Akaige was only harmed, burned, but not killed. His body was able to escape to his realm and so he waits for the adults to be weaker and to strike at the children. His plans with Trigon continue, yet more evil appears. In the sequel a demon called "Malebolgia" shall emerge, and so the story takes a twist as Akaige is no longer the one enemy, a New Nemesis emerges... a demon lord, who has nothing but cruelty in his heart... if a heart he doest have."

Pakkrat turns to the screen, "Well, now that was more than I like to speak of giving away an interesting twist of tale and story. I also have an ambassador of heaven, an angel in some aspects, appearing to warn of the involvment of dual demons. This next battle may prove dangerous. Akaige as you have noticed is evil, but not in total an evil without good. I mentioned all beings have a good in them, and Akaige may have an evil essence but his warrior nature, to seek the challenge of fighters and hold his values makes his own dark evil somewhat tamer. If without those attributes even Akaige would be no better than Mael himself."

"Applaud is in order," Pakkrat claps, "Mael certainly is a supperior evil as my own creation. As you have noticed Akaige is more a business type of demon, doing his evil and darkness as to what he finds necessary. In my one tale "Age of Akaige" Akaige enters another reality and claims it as his own. A war of demons to earth, an epic war, and eventually... the end of mortals. It is a story that may just as well be the fall of heroes and rise of evil I have yet to decide. You say good always triumphs yet would it not be tempting to see evil succed just once? Perhaps not... then again it is a matter one must come to decide."

Pakkrat does a bow, "Expect not these fruitful and fluent talks I merely wished to award your good work and fandom. Now if you'll excuse me..." Pakkrat watches some rats run off with his pizza, "I have... vermin..." takes up giant hammer, "You smush real good!" A loud smashing sound off screen, "Me smashey rong time!" a second smashing and crunching sound, "Ah-ah, Eh-eh, Smashey-smashey!" The third smash hits the screen... silence, "Oops... Er, I guess I better buy a new monitor too. See you later Professor, keep testing the limits of your mind and skill!"

Pakkrat chapter 9 . 10/10/2005
Sorry for not reviewing for a long while... I haven't read so you can see why. You rank on my "Favorite Authors" list quite highly to be honest.

The story chapter of recent, where do I put this? The book of Malchior must be what is played next, also the scene with Einderan telling of his true nature was like bearing his soul to his fellow brothers in arms to let them know his willingness to lead. I like your style because it is recognizable with the holistic forces of the mages against the demonic legions.

I hope to read more soon but I have many fics to work on. I believe I have four actually... at once... and that is killing my time to read. It is one of the reasons I have sadly been unable to tell you how I felt of your fic. Either way this is great and I love your work so keep it up.

I read your review, not that bad and I understand what you mean. I did not like that Slade, he was just for the story I like Flickering Shadows and Brittle Glass Slade. Oh, read Brittle Glass, it has a very... happy villain... I know you love... (Sadistic laughter) (Cough) Well, you'll see in the second chapter who I mean, and it has the humor and stuff you seem to want. The sequel to Too Much Red also is more a humor piece, it has action but I do try my luck with the humor. I will read more and hopefully I can finally get started on your sequel... takes so bloody long... Not your story, just all these other pieces I have to finish... grr. Keep doing the good job, and great work with good twists of your own.
Pakkrat chapter 8 . 9/23/2005
Woo-hoo! I had a deeling he was the son of trigon! I mean, all that freaking power is a give-away! So what's next? I loved it, the cute little story about the good-hearted evil. Meh, maybe not so much that but... oh pleae do continue! I hope I can finish soon, but I have much writing to do! (Writing... so much crap...) Keep up the great work, how far are you on Too Much Red? I am showing the "kinder" side of Akaige in Too Much Red: New Nemesis. Tell me, would you honestly read a comic or story about the Kagejin, no teen titans and stuff, just the Kagejin! I am going to ask, and see what people have to say!
Pakkrat chapter 7 . 9/19/2005
Hey professor I finally got a chance to review! The bard is appealing I hope he wil play an important role. Then that crap with Einderan, what is up with that? What ever it is I am sure it is good. Well good as in a twist! You have a great fic Professor I hope to read more soon.

Sorry I took a while to review, so bloody busy finishing Flickering Shadows! Yes, it is done! The blasted story is pretty good I hope you can check it and give me your opinion.
Pakkrat chapter 6 . 9/15/2005
That was just about perfect. I mean wow, the music, and character Rocker were all so perfect. Nice work Professor that kind of was sad towards the end but what a collection of sentimental moments. You sure put some time into this piece I hope to read some more again later. I like the bard, hope he plays an important role later on.
Pakkrat chapter 5 . 9/15/2005
Another great chapter! So we have demons, minions, and super-war like stuff as the baddies go ballistic! I sure hope they figure a way to break the spell. Other than that more action packed than previous chapters! It has a Teen Titans like attitude to it with realistic worldly stuff too! I love it, a great chapter with all that action.
Pakkrat chapter 4 . 9/15/2005
OOH! Villain pandemonium. Terrible trouble seems to be coming this way, now to see what happens with all these villains on the war path. Great work with an inventive new twist to the badguys.
Pakkrat chapter 3 . 9/15/2005
Hm, now Frista has a crush on 'Indy' (snicker) nicknames are fun. Except for little Raven, and Rasemune. That was a great way of introducing the characters to familiar your readers with them. Also a nice establishment of backstory from all the characters. I will read more soon but let me take the time to say I am pretty impressed with this story.
Pakkrat chapter 2 . 9/14/2005
Dun-Dun-DUN! Well how can I say this, Slade and Mael, crud... Perhaps that was a little expected from me but let's face it, Slade has a little bit of the tastes we all want, evil and sadistic.

I enjoyed the way you made the magi here all like Rae, able to use great power but flawed in emotion. Allow me to applaud that and the exquisite manner you described and brought out the players of more importance. (snicker) Biggs, that was hilarious. I used Biggs and Wedge in Too Much Red as the two guards who show up here and there. Did you get to Bata-Boom? Shekron seems to like that character a great deal he has many the qualities a good villain would have.

Mael and Einderan have a great play-out by the way. I like them both greatly! Einderan has a cool kind of attitude in my eyes from how you described, nicely played. As for Mael I rate him as sadistic and vicious, the kind of nature a demon always should have! You make it really interesting the way you always set up good interaction of your characters, and action looks pretty well formed to the same interaction. I hope to read more again soon, (I have like two days off, I so will read a lot of this, and maybe finish?). I would have reviewed sooner IF I was not so busy. I updated Flickering Shadows, one more chapter after this, and started a SECOND Slade Raven story, what is it about these two that intrigues me? Until my next chance, take great pride in your skills as I see they are magnificent my good man! You have only one flaw, the same I had as I began writing, You use They're when you mean Their or There at time when it is only used for They are (They'reThey are).
Pakkrat chapter 1 . 9/10/2005
I got a chance to review, Rasemune is an interesting demon name for Raven. I liked this first chapter and I will be back to read and review the rest. Allow me to say it was an honor to see Professor Curly, whom has been an adamant reviewer of Shekron Kaizar to review a story of my own. May I ask you to do me a slight favor? Could you read my story "Too Much Red" because it has a lot of great twists you might like. As for this chapter!

You put all the characters in perfect well... character! Mumbo and Mod were hilarious along with the Theme in the begining. The stuff with Star and Raven really seems to fit after the Sisters episode. Then Mael, that was a great demon. He's evil, and a little playful. You make a great story Professor I hope to read more later. Till then keep writing, you have a nice talent of making a piece that seems very much in tune to the show and fits in with the recent events.
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