Reviews for On Authenticity
mistressKC - wanteddeadoralive chapter 1 . 6/7/2005
with Kogure's insecurity, unsaid arrogance, and of course, his self-loathing and content, I suppose he really is a 'normal' person. One that strives to be normal and yet inside is not. -; ehehehe... maybe I'm overthinking this, oh well - I think you did a brilliant job on presenting Kogure on a different light. I haven't actually read The Da Vinci Code... makes me wonder what the hype is all about.
Night Strider chapter 1 . 6/7/2005
man, the first paragraph is funny. Sounds like a typical Filipino family with grandma stuffing food at ya every goddamn time. and it doesn't end there, the comedy pervades the whole fic which is contrary to the dull, cyclical life our dear hero Kogure is leading. Like a twist in the run of the mill game of his diurnal life. That's ironic and cute at that. And sarcasm is everywhere too, though it's not like Kogure to be sarcastic, it may be just justifiable all the same since look at the crappy situation he's in.

I liked this:

Does the blue-haired piece of junk know that Kogure’s been playing basketball for three years? -This is my Mitsui he's talking about! Hahaha!


Da Vinci Code is absolute junk, let alone cliche, overrated, mainstream and badly written. I still go for the simple plot of Catcher in the Rye and I'm still Holden the Phony.

Hahahahaha! Julie? How dare you? And it's a no-no, huh? This deja vu, dude.

ANd the ending. Oh, yeah. I get it. _ As usual, beautifully written, bold and just plain realistic.

PS. I haven't got Notes From the Underground by Dostoyevsky that's why I didn't pretty much get its whole meaning in your context, but of course it's not your miss, it's mine_ And to think that Dostoyevsky's the best author in the world for me!
Santeira chapter 1 . 6/6/2005
Oh my gawd, I've been reading and my bimbo-ish mind almost burst. Blame that to my middle-of-the-road mind; and your vocabularies had me rummaging through that thick dictionary. But I still strived my hardest to comprehend this extraordinary prose. Kogure is a god, who puts himself in a façade just to seem normal and ordinary. He’s only not in pretension when he is with his lover; that is his most authentic act for the day. This means that there is, by any startling chance that he is even better in basketball than Rukawa or Mitchy? Exhilarating, how you are using the predicaments derived from this site (Dan Brown et cetera) as a form of protestation. We should never be deceived by what we see of a person, because he might as well not be showing his real self (this reminds me of someone actually…hmm).

I hope my review isn't too bimbo-ish. _. More stories, please.