Reviews for I'll Take it Shaken, Not Stirred
Udle chapter 3 . 9/21
I can see how this worked as a sort of warm up (though I know it stands alone) to The Life and Times. I really like how not every moment is overlaid with the characters' feelings about each other. For example, when Lilly realizes she was following James, you don't get bogged down in the possible symbolism of the act. Instead, you treat the moment as it would have been experienced: chaos with little time for thought or reflection
Guest chapter 8 . 8/28
I know you probably aren't still looking for suggestions but I am a writer and I would honestly love of you would read my story. It is about Ariana Dumbledore. the title is Ariana:The Forgotten Dumbledore. I know you will probably never see this comment ever, but it was worth a try...
hi chapter 1 . 8/11
at least u completed this
James' Girl chapter 26 . 7/28
haley7747 chapter 1 . 7/19
I am completely destroyed about Sam so I have come here to make myself feel better. So hopefully nothing will make me cry this early on. As always perfect chapter, very excited to see who this Eddie guy is.
Azzurrolunali chapter 26 . 7/18
Thanks so much for a fantastic read! Really enjoyed the plot and most of the characters were really fun too! I stayed up all hours to finish this story!
Rjiel chapter 7 . 7/1
Everyone ships Jily. They just ro.
Rjiel chapter 4 . 6/30
The sass is real
Rjiel chapter 2 . 6/30
Everyone loves a cheeky Remus
Guest chapter 5 . 6/22
Woah I love this story so far! I love the James/Lily interactions, and Iike how you are writing James as person with a life not completely revolving around the adoration of Lily like some stories. And such a creative plot so far! I've never read anything similar to this! I'm curious about Eden and where Peter went... but I'll find out I guess! Love it!
SophiaSkylarRose chapter 6 . 5/16
Okay, first of all, it's STAYED, not STAID. Second of all, wow, anorexia is so funny. You know what I, a person with ACTUAL anorexia, love to read? Misguided assumptions and jokes about my mental illness! Third of all, Lily and James are seventeen, not seven. "Am not" and "am too" arguments do not exist past that age, especially not for a person described as mature (such as Lily). The writing is okay, the plot is good, but your personality and opinions make me sick.
Gruvia and NaLu 4 life chapter 6 . 5/6
Cool, I like the plot. bit to much of snake face for me though
Guest chapter 9 . 4/25
Your a wicked writer boy. My only complaints are that Spanish grammar and that Jame's a chaser. ;)
Guest chapter 26 . 4/15
Wow this fic is one of the very best I've ever read! This review is definitely years late but wow it was amazing!
Justanotherfangirl19 chapter 26 . 4/13
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