Reviews for I'll Take it Shaken, Not Stirred
Weasleys witch chapter 7 . 7h
Well very very confusing I've got to stay however if he's
Going ti hurl insults he should make them more colourful
And original they're lacking believability still there's
Plenty of time as lily will have thought up some wicked
Ones for love Remus forever yet friends or
Not he really has to take a stand against their
Bullying tactics .definitely one of the most entertaining
Chapters although every one has either had me crying
Or laughing which is the mark of a truly great writer
As your simply the best ever,Elizabeth skinner
Weasels witch chapter 6 . 13h
This is getting to be so intense with such classic lines
That I don't want to stop reading anything except
If it's Eden taking potshots at her father it's so very
Wrong she doesn't know what happened between them
So holding grudges is so juvenile and immature plus
Caradoc was a hero whom died to young. Your an
Absolutely magnificent author whose writing can
Rival jk Rowlings anytime anywhere so stand tall
And proud as your love for this genre and characters
Shines through so skinner
Weasleys witch chapter 3 . 17h
She was battling death eaters so bossiness is more
Than all right by the way where was james when
Lily was all alone I'll never like pet tigress plus
Those were inspectors aren't credible at all unless
They're related to lucius Malfoy James is right and
His father would agree.i love lily being contrary and
Sarcastic it's fine but she needs a makeover in
Learning to having a life outside of books it's
Absolutely as magical as jk Rowling in your own way
But nevercallyourself a skinner
Guest chapter 2 . 18h
This is exactly how I've seen James not taking whatever
Lily dishes out she needs to loosen up and enjoy life
More often people whom are to serious are boring
Lily's not allowed to become that however all true
Redheads myself included know how to have lots of
his family are pure bloods so he's got some
Expectations to live up to even though he's not a
Death eater although he knows Sirius .im still loving
This marvellous story as lily has to lighten up this
Time not James great skinner
Weasels witch chapter 1 . 18h
Well it wasn't the best yet that would be because of
Petty petunia and ver on they're very boring it's not
Your fault besides I'm in agreement over James being
To lovesick over lily he could've had any witch and
He focused too much on lily which isn't done although
Please no cheating with other witches just a backbone
I'm going to absolutely love this story which could
Turn out to become my favourite one so far it has
Every multi faceted characters that are great to read
Via your incredible writing skinner
moi chapter 26 . 3/16
Gonna Get My Gay On SaltyStyle chapter 1 . 3/9
I can't tell if I'm more in love with your author's notes, or with your actual story. Both are equally cute and witty- I just can't choose! Uggh. So good... I put off revising for exams to read this. Exams! LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE REDUCED ME TO! Curse you well-written-fanfic, curse you and all your children.
sorryspence chapter 26 . 2/26
Oh dear. I really love this story. Thanks so much for making me smile :) The Characters were greatly developed and oh dear, I loved the bantering between James and Lily. The Plot was well thought of (although missing a little the Lily/Snape Part, but since Deathly Hallows only came out after you wrote this, it is excusable :) ) in my opinion. So Thank you so much for writing it. you made my day :)
Guest chapter 26 . 2/26
So, I know you won't see this. That's okay. I just want to express my gratitude at how much time and effort went into this fic. I really appreciate it. It was really good. I read tlat first, but this one is good too. I know you probably won't, but it would be really great if you would come back and add on to the life and times, or itisns, or write a completely new fic for that matter. You probably won't, but I really loved all your stuff (and yes, I have read it all; I have absolutely no life) and would love it if you would make more. Also, I found the end to tlat a liiiiiiitle unsatisfying. Sorry. Anyways, loved your stuff, hope you'll make more, will continue to reread it till you make more. That is to say, I will probably be rereading your stuff forever. Thanks so much. (Also, in my mind tlat is canon for the marauder era)
Irshna chapter 26 . 2/8
Woah! What a great story! I loved it truly. It's shocking for me that this didn't include much romance but I still loved it so much. Thanks for making me believe that stories can continue even without romance. This was a wonderful story! The plot, the way you write, the characters, everything was superb! It was my second Jily fanfic that I read and thank you for making it amazing! Just perfect!
Guest chapter 26 . 1/4
I have already read the life and times and it was the best fanfic I've ever read! ; ) plz write more! This was amazing as well!
SkiieAvis chapter 26 . 12/30/2016
Okay this has been on my of jily reads for a long time. I have no regrets. It's such a great read, I had such a great connection to all the characters and there was no Mary sues. I really love this adaptation and I am so happy it does not fall under the same concept as it seems to be with every other fanfiction. Thank you for a great story!
Guest chapter 5 . 12/6/2016
I'm really confused as to why Lexi talks like Gollum from the lord of the rings. At first i was kind of like okay... i guess that's how she is but then she started saying stuff like methinks and i kinda got weirded out. what's her deal... is she a house elf in disguise or something?
Guest chapter 26 . 11/21/2016
Elianna chapter 26 . 11/16/2016
Hello! I don't really hink you'll ever read this. I came here after reading The Life and Times because even though I loooooved the story I wanted more intense Jily. Although I expected something else, I wasn't dissapointed. I wish you continue writing because you're really good at it. And thank you for these two amazing stories, the best Harry Potter related I've read so far.
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