Reviews for So Much for a Boring Life
DaughterofDante chapter 19 . 12/18/2013
That was freaking adorable!
Mornwey chapter 19 . 2/9/2007
That was absolutely /adorable/. I loved Abby

Peace out

Lou chapter 19 . 8/14/2006
that was a GREAT story. i LOVED it!
LilShinni13 chapter 19 . 7/17/2006
WOW! What a great ending to a terrific story. I hope to read more stories from you soon!
Nagasuke chapter 19 . 4/30/2006
OH that was such a good story X3

little kids are SO cute

this was a really great story i loved it
Beautiful-Boy-Love chapter 12 . 3/22/2006
Yeah Heero Duo!
ShinSolo chapter 19 . 1/4/2006
oh wow.. i realy cant believe that it is 5am and i have stayed up all night reading your lovely fics and have to be at work in 3 hours... -blinks- eh... i can always just call in sick. -laughs-

This was worth every bit of it! -sighs- I love 1x2. -grins- and your story was/is brilliant!

-hugs you tightly-
EquineAngel chapter 19 . 12/19/2005
.:snicker:. You didn't think that I would just respond to the previous chapter and leave this one hanging, did you? Well... Buahahaha, missy! Think again! (Or don't...wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. :-p jp) Oh, and just as a side note to start off on...(CAN you start off on side notes...? I duno. :-p) I noticed that people leave comments on your diary... I don't nkow what it is...I hope you don't mind...but I'd feel uncomfortable doing that okay? If it's alright to be anonymous, I might drop a note once or twice...but...I dunno. It just bothers me for some reason. I feel bad reading it, cause I veiw it as an invasion of personal space. :-( I'm so lost!

Anyway... I do love the way that you started this chapter off. For some reason it seems real...I dunno...alive, maybe. Maybe it's the expressions that you used...or the descriptions...whatever it's really eye catching. I can also share a couple little laughs at that statement of Heero looking up suspiciously at the green eye. Something about that tickles my laughter. I mean...It's like...Buahhaha...the evil floating eye that will come and kill you in your sleep...BUAHAHAHA. Or maybe it's cause it reminds me of Cyclops. Well...actually...Mitsy...our one eyed cat. I like to poke fun as her cause she scares the living daylights out of me...and I'll call her Cyclops or Trowa...or sometimes just the "Evil fuzzy Pussy out to Get yah". :-p I'm not kidding when I say she can be scary. Okay...this is gunna sound weird...but just imagine waiting ALL DAY just to use the bathroom... Electricy is off... You dash in...sit down in the dark...and this BIG DAMN GREEN THING (no naughty thoughts here, Sis) comes bobbing at you...climbs up your leg...and YOWLS. Talk about scaring the crap out of you. EEP! .:shivers:. I've been trying to throw that one eyed hairy pussy out, but it keep coming back to haunt me! :-/

Anyhow... You said... " He appeared to be about a year older than her, and he pointed at something that made her laugh." -I was just wondering...WHAT was he pointing at...? .:raises eyebrow:. Goodness, Sis! Have some desency! They're KIDS. :-p

"Good thing Abby didn’t decide to come in here and ask Duo about a dog."- Abby walks in. .:gasp:. DADDY! What's THAT?

Yanno, sis...don't you feel at all horrified at all the wicked thoughts running through my mind right now? You have corrupted my innocence! .:sigh:. not like I mind... .:covers eyes:. I dun know about you...but I just CAN'T bring myself to write such things. That's why I depend on you to write all the good stuff FOR me! :-p

“Well, we uh…we took care of him, of course! We’re Gundam pilots, after all…” SOMEBODY has a swollen ego. :-p He's so full of himself I bet he could choke.

You know, It's kinda scary... I knew a little girl named Abby once... (I think that was her name) who was in the first grade...and she seemed alot like this little Abby. So innocent and pure it was almost funny. I met her in my last year in California...we took the bus together...and she was playing her music so loud it was beinging to make me wanna hit her. (I HATE...HATE...HATE little kids. Useless little brats...Cause I was never a kid. I was born 13, wearing jeans and a black shirt. In fact...I was HATCHED. Yup yup.) Anyway, I told her that her ears would explode if she did that much she gasped and started crying, and I was so smug...until she latched on to me and started wetting my shirt. .:sigh:. I then had a huge soft spot for I showed her my horses...Luna, especially...and I taught her what I knew about them from a GINORMOUS book about horses and ponies. Well, the time came when she asked me how I know if one was a boy or a girl... so... i pointed to a little strip of flesh "around there" and identified it as a boy. (It was worse telling her what a gelding was...EEP!) Okay...I did NOT know that 1. she went home and told all her newfound knowledge to her family, and 2. had a huge older brother in nineth grade who was on the wrestling team. .:shudder:. But any way...thought I'd share that.

Aw...Well, a couple things I'd like to mention... First...I would have loved to hear if Abby hooked up with never mentioned that! .:glare:. He could have been helping her load the stuff, or...well... I dunno! .:crosses arms and turns away huffing:. Coulda at LEAST had him making out with another chick in his car across the street. :-p

And...I loved the ending. I don't nkow if I could tell you how this made me feel... Kinda sad, cause I know how time does go so fast...and you lose the things that you love...even if it is apart of life... and maybe because I fear lonliness, and an uneventful life (though I don't think THAT will ever happen...I LOVE to be doing things!) I can't really explain...and really KNOW what I'm talking about... but I maybe felt a sense of loss. I have that thing whith your stories where I connect with the characters and imagine what they feel. It's not a problem or anything...I like it...but it puts me ina depressive mood. Now I'll need a good dose of fluff. .:glare:. Sheesh. I'm probably not even making much sense am I?

So is this maybe the begining of a sequal? Or is it the end? I have to admit, i didn't think that you could make this sequal anything like the last story...but you did great...and so much better! .:huggles:. But you know...I would have liked to see Abby's first boyfriend deal with her parents. EEP! I'd back slowly away...then start running the heck away as fast as possible. :-p You have to give credit to any guy who can actually take a step past the doorway entrance, eh?

Now, in response to your response of my response to your response! YES! I would LOVE some good FMA pics! heh...I do like Ed...and I'm finally coming to like Roy too. At first I didn't...but I fell in love with his little hand clicky pour the magic out thingy...yanno? I'm so weird! I just LOVE characters for the way they act. I wouldn't be watching the show if Ed didn't do his hand slappy down thingy. .:claps hands and slams them down on desk:. (owch!) Maybe I just have a thing for braided boys? .:drool:. So...I was trying to download FMA on limewire, but then I got ratted out by my sis saying how illegal it was...then my dad told her to delete limewire, but she only moved it to another folder so that I would think it was gone, but so SHE could use it for music and movies...(evil person lied to me and said that you couldn't not share it. Bleh to her) So I ran a system scan, found it, transfered it to my laptop, then deleted everything she had on it...and then the program itself. :-p Then I found out that I didn't have the program to run the whole movie, so it extracted the images and left just the dang audio. Not like you had to hear all of this anyway. (Passing time till FMA comes on tonight)

And you must have been reading my mind! I was planning on looking at your FMA fics...but I don't think that will be anytime soon, since I have about 102 unread chapters in my email. .

I LOVE the revission of getting Duo to sing. :-p that would be so awesome. You know, for all I yack...I don't think that you could do much more for this fic to make it better. You did a great job, so I think you should leave it at that and write me up something more...YUMMY. :-p .:sigh:. yup. My innocence meter has plummeted dramatically since my thirteenth birthday. What NORMAL kid my age thinks about things like that? O.o also have to tell me when my reviews get to be way to long and I have to cut them shorter so that you aren't falling asleep at your desk, k? :-p

Oh, and before I go, (Dun wanna miss my show! [Note: MY show, now :-p]) just ignore my corny wish-I-could-do-better jokes. :-p G'nite Sis. Take care, okay?

-A tired but happy and also depressed and ALSO anime deprived, and ALSO slightly annoyed, and ALSO hungry, and ALSO itchy footed, and ALSO twitchable, and ALSO Anime PICTURE deprived Lil' Sis. (Yayness! my round pen is going up tonight!) :-p Luv yah.
EquineAngel chapter 18 . 12/18/2005
Eh! sorry it took me so long! . .:covers eyes:. GOMEN! But...before we go on to talk about your story...we have to have a nice little chat, you and me. So there I was, flipping through your journal (This is gunna sound weird for those people reading this) and I'm oggling all the hot pics, and then, I fingure...lets start from page ONE and oggle THOSE pics too! ...SO I skip to the first page and READ about all the hott pics...but you DELETED them from Photobucket, and they are GONE forever! ah! You will seriously have to pay for that and I demand that you shower me with all kinda of hot pics or else! .:end annoying rant:. Oh, and one more thing before we start on the story... I place FULL BLAME on you for getting me hooked on FMA! AHH! So there I was watching TOON on my tv at 23:00, yelling at my dad during the commercials for making me miss the first five minutes, ranting at him until it started again, in which I locked myself in my room until it was over and I was watching Inny Yashi thingy. Or whatever. But now I have to tell you what it was that got me hooked. Eh, this is embarassing. Okay, so the first time I watched the show, I was about to turn it off cause I couldn't find in it what you liked so much...but then Ed (Yayness! I know names now!) Did the little clapping thingy with his hands to activate the circle...and I thought... Damn! That was hot! Must... watch...more! . Anyway.

First off...I must tell you that the teacher in this chapter is painfully like my English teacher. Oh, I wanted to throttle her. She's blunt with people she hates (me) and doesn't think twice about calling me a stupid idiot...but she lays down all the sugar and flowers to suck people into thinking she's the greatest thing in our horrible stinking school. And everybody loves her. Psht. (She's number one on my long on going list of teachers to hate at AMS.) But, I loved the way that you make the characters in your story seem REAL. They don't do things that "normal" people wouldn't. Your teacher in here is realistic, and I can connect more with her...(or, maybe at least one of my bullets can) :-p Naw, but really sis! Why do you waste your talent writing free for people on the net, when you can write for lotsa cha ching? $.$

Yanno...I also loved what you had to say about Heero not telling abby to cry. In a way it makes sense, and I really had to take some time to think that one over. Maybe you're right, and I've been wrong all along. Do you really veiw it that way? .:sigh:. I'm kinda confused right now...what I want, how and who I want to be...what I love even sometimes comes hard to me. Soemtimes takling to you, or reading the thoughts that you put in your helps. .:shrugs:. maybe I make SOME sense...maybe not...but I wanted to thank you, cause it's not often that I just sit and think. (unless it involves two anime characters...guys most likely... in a dark room with steamy windows... make it a bedroom with steamy windows... ... ...) :-p

Oh, and just a suggestion on the side... Italics can do wonders for your story. I know it's easier to put in in caps, cause it basically has the same effects... but it's nice some times. Heh...anyway...nothing important. I'm afraid to make any suggestions for fear that it will decrease your writing abilities! .

Oh...the Child protective services! We all live in fear of those people... My family does things that "others" would consider improper environment for a "growing child"...Like bringing us up around guns...and...Protecting ourselves. Were you hacking my mind or something, cause it seems like you're putting bits of it in here! ah!:-p naw... they actually came over and talked to me about hitting a kid, Jesse, cause I broke his nose. I had to pay my parents back for the medical bill that they demanded... :-( But it was worth it. :-p

AHAHAHA...I LOVED that scene with Abby drawing duo in a dress. :-p You actually had me reeling with dad thought I was gunna die or something. :-p eh...that was a good one. And gee... Duo is corrupting poor Abby even to EAT like him. Hope she looses weight quickly. I can just see it... Duo pushing one end, Heero pulling the other, poor abby finally rolling out the door to wack into a pair of rich slobs making out on a bench. . scary.

“Duo…”“Yeah?”“Sing to me.”He blinked. “What? But, I can’t-”“I’ve heard you in the shower.”“You were listening!”- "no...I was watching..." -sorry! I had to put that there. Just making minor corrections. :-p

Okay! Okay! Last thing...really! I just wanted to say how much I loved the wedding speeches... (And how I thought that they'd knock the priest over in shock when they ravished eachother right then and there.) Oh, and I know why trowa was such a nice guy to the ring bearer. It's called pedophenilia. (sp?)

Anyway...I better get going before I kill your computer by taking up to much space! Luv you, sis!

-Overly energetic Lil' Sis .:bouce bounce... bounce bounce:.
gussiegal5 chapter 19 . 12/12/2005
great story I really enjoyed it.
Animouse03 chapter 19 . 12/9/2005
Really cute story. I like it. However, I thought the ending was a bit rushed. It was just so...cut short. I suggest rewriting it, but that's just me.

Anyway, great thought though!
Jennifer chapter 3 . 12/1/2005
by the way i'm a different jennifer than the canada . just wanted to make sure we didn't get mixed !
Jennifer chapter 2 . 12/1/2005
Hey I'm a picture freak! but neways back to the review-I love the story so far had to stop and tell u before continuing to the next chappie. I read ur other 1 too. It was great! keep up the excellent writing. huggles!
Koway Oceshia chapter 19 . 11/10/2005
nice, nice ending, really. i loved reading this story from the very beginning! an they got a dog! yay! abby moved out and quatre got a kid! yay! see you in the other stories! bye!
Zyth chapter 19 . 11/10/2005
i like the repetition of the so much for a boring life. good job on the story.
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