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iris2312 chapter 75 . 7/22
I loved it! It was a great story with its plot twists, character development, suspense, romance, and just great story line in general. You are an amazing writer and again i have to tell you this because you made me sympathize with the characters and you really took the time to show the evolution of these characters and their relationships with each other. Overall, you did a fantastic job, im so glad i was able to find and read this story...its definitely a favorite!
iris2312 chapter 73 . 7/22
Oh Erik im so proud of acted maturely and out of trust and love, i couldnt have asked for anything more! And poor, sweet Raoul... you will be ok, you have your son and the chance to start a family, one of the greatest opportunities that can be given...even if its just a tad bit broken in the beginning. And Christine you have also matured so much! You will be a great mother and wife! Stay strong girl!
iris2312 chapter 72 . 7/22
Ok now that Emily is dead i can allow myself to feel for the girl...just a bit though because even though she was practically a mini of Erik..there was just something about her that kinda rubbed me the wrong way and yeah while i can sympathize with her and understand her motives i just cant bring myself to really feel sorry for her the end she did it to herself and there was no one else to blame. The person my heart really goes out to is Raoul, the poor guy, he has been through so much...i really have to commend you on your writing by the way, you actually made me root for the guy and you just write beautifully in general.
iris2312 chapter 70 . 7/22
For once im hoping Raoul will not fail in his role of "hero" and just ahhh the suspense is gunna kill me! You are such a great writer and this story is amazing! And ok im sorry but i have to say it...ugh i hope Emily suffers!
iris2312 chapter 69 . 7/22
Ok she has gone too far! I hope Emily dies a painful death and slowly comes to the realization, as she is dying, that she will lose everything she never really had. that makes me sound evil...i promise im not its just im very protective of our dear couple Erik and Christine...especially now that they have the baby.
iris2312 chapter 67 . 7/22
Honestly, at this point, i really dont like Emily and so if she even tries to go after Christine and her baby i hope Erik makes her pay dearly. I mean sure i can kinda sympathize with her but she just takes things to another level i think.
iris2312 chapter 60 . 7/22
Oh Raoul :'( i never thought id sympathize with him so truly are a gifted writer.
iris2312 chapter 53 . 7/21
Emily fights dirty! And you know usually im all for Erik and Christine but, for once, im actually gunna hope that Raoul gets the happiest ending just because im really feeling for the poor guy. I mean all he did was fall in love and end up with amnesia, none of this is really his fault and he is such a sweet guy...he deserves better. As for Erik, Christine, and Emily im a bit angry with all of them because they went on tard mode and had to lie about everything which just caused all kinds of problems. Nevertheless, i hope Erik and Christine get their happy ending and as for Emily i really wouldnt mind if she came out on the losing end.
iris2312 chapter 47 . 7/21
It is about time! Thank you Christine for finally catching on! Now i just hope Erik doesnt blow it ...or is kinda hard to know what will happen between them with talk of the baby.
iris2312 chapter 44 . 7/21
Oh Erik...cant you just be truthful for once? Instead of going behind Christine's back? Lord knows lying and manipulation never result in anything good when it comes to the two of you. Jeez man!
By the way, im absolutely loving this story!
iris2312 chapter 41 . 7/21
Ohhhhh no you didnt! A love pentagon?! Thats amazing! Im so anxious to see how everything turns out...its gunna be good! And you know... i never really liked the idea of Emily and Raoul together but im liking her and the Comte...even though they have only slept together. I think poor Raoul needs to find someone else, some sweet girl with a good family and who will love him forevers and evers because he is a good guy. And of course Erik and Christine were made for one another so i hope that works out well too...especially with that little bun in the oven.
Mrs.ErikDestler chapter 72 . 7/20
Mrs.ErikDestler chapter 62 . 7/19
OKAy this was adorable. I will require a chapter of Erik running around threatening everyone while Christine is in this pain. I will also need her to threaten someone with the punjab lasso while in labor. In acknowledgment to your author's note "we are worms helpless worms". I couldn't resist sorry.
Mrs.ErikDestler chapter 61 . 7/19
Same. FOR THIS ENTIRE CHAPTER SAME! (Includingtheauthorsnote)Imeanwhat?
Mrs.ErikDestler chapter 58 . 7/19
I have cried twice because of the last two chapters. I regret nothing. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. ALSO, I know this is besides the point, but I loved how Christine was sassy. It wasn't much sass but I still loved it.
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