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JustADreamAway735 chapter 17 . 5/27/2013
Ahh! The feels! :) Thank you for taking time and giving the world a truly wonderful read. It had such a great storyline and in-characterness that I'm now inspired to change and challenge myself in my own writing. Again, thank you, and I can't wait to get started on your other stories!
NARUHAREM FOREVA chapter 17 . 5/19/2013
Right at the end, I was so going into fanboy mode for a kiss-scene ending. Although I guess that would be to romantic for a non-romance story. Either way, some good work man. Some good work.
MangaArtfansTwin chapter 17 . 5/19/2013
Very well done. You stayed true to the characters and made them not OOC. (As you have said on tip.) and I like the way you made Raven and BeastBoy warm up to each other throughout a long period of time, unlike some fanfics that just make them jump into a relationship. I enjoyed your story soooooo much. :")
Thank you, Blue Titan. Thank you for this wonderful story.
Bravo Mike Sierra chapter 17 . 5/18/2013
And thus ends the wild ride. I still remember the first time I started reading this years ago. Sad to see it end, yet fulfilling? At the same time. Thanks for the great read over the years! Looking forward to some more stories by you!
animeforever1 chapter 14 . 5/18/2013
I thought I should point out that 18 degrees (no matter which of the three measures of temperature is used) is never "near freezing (which implies still above freezing, but close to freezing). I do like your story. I just thought I should point this out.
MangaArtfansTwin chapter 16 . 5/18/2013
My eyes went wide as Raven leaned in, kissing BeastBoy. I leaned in closer to the screen, reading more eagerly as a warm feeling found its way to my cheeks, but that feeling was short-lived as realization struck me when Raven exclaimed BeastBoys name.
My left eye twitched ever so slightly.


I stared, jaw dropping as BeastBoy casually kissed Raven. My first thoughts were 'WHAT THE HECK?!' and soon after, they were 'OH YES!' A small grin creeped its way as I read, faltering a little as Raven took her swing forward, only too have it smashed into the wall. My face was a blank slate as I realized... this was the second time. Again, my left eye twitched.


A wide grin found its way onto my face upon reading that Raven had given BeastBoy a small peck on the cheek. Finally something that wasn't a dream.
My left eye not giving the slightest twitch.
Maihowl chapter 17 . 5/16/2013
I just finished you story and I must say you are quite talented, though you must know that already. Your standards are so high that I've actually took a look at my own works and realized how much of a low quality they were of comparison. This story must have taken tons of work and dedication I give you warm congratulations for keeping the story going and even completing it!
While the ending wasn't the best in my opinion, it will do, your humor that you add into the work is so spectacular I am able to overlook your ending. You actually manage to make me laugh out loud various times and I thank you for sharing this amazing fan fiction!

Redneckninja07 chapter 9 . 5/16/2013
I respect this story. You've managed to put characterization. And humor all into one. I cant believe you out raven in her rage form that successfully! You should read my story called The Moment. Its nothing spectacular but its a BBRae relationship story.
Sonicmario chapter 17 . 5/14/2013
Adorable. As of now, I'm checking out all your other work. :D
MangaArtfansTwin chapter 7 . 5/14/2013
Very hilarious and enjoyable and very well written. But, though Cyborg and Robin are indeed childish, they would never take it so far, especially if the joke involves Raven. In my opinion, they (Robin and Cyborg) were a bit OOC in this one. But, of course, that's just me.
TheMindGamer chapter 17 . 5/13/2013
First and foremost, I must say "Bravo." With one or two rounds of editing, this story would be pretty much perfect. I read it over the course of about three days and I feel rather satisfied. The pacing of Raven and Beast Boy's relationship was superb. It sets quite a nice pace for a real life-long relationship - feeling more like a caption and not the entire story. This is good. It's the type of thing their chemistry and personalities would naturally give rise to. It's very rare to find ANY story that paces romance realistically, so, again, I applaud you. The best part, though, you did it while maintaining the characters quite well. Rarely did you deviate from their personalities; normally capturing them quite well.

Mistakes were few and far between, but barring the grammatical (Typos like "tare" over "stare," misspellings like "manakin," etc), you covered a lot of bases. They span from internal contradiction to awkward contrivance to, arguably, misinformation. I'm not too terribly big on organizing this review well, so I'll shoot off some random ones that I recall "stream of consciousness" style. By no means will this be all of them, though. I'd have to go through with a pen a paper to do that, and at that point, it'd be a full on edit. P

Probably the thing that bugs me the most, personally: Your time frames are really "out of the wack." On the large scale, the whole story takes place over the first, roughly about ten consecutive days - the first day before the bet and then about nine days afterward. Then, it suddenly jumps forward to the last day of the bet at the end with no mention of preceding gap in time. You can't simply presume that the days are spread over the entire 30 days because events literally lead from one to the other. It's really awkward to suddenly jump forward two weeks when you lovingly detailed successive days. It gives me the feeling that I missed a whole lot. In that regard, your story isn't very well paced from a Watsonian perspective.
On a smaller scale, there's at least one particular instance that I recall. On the day of the arcade excursion, Beastboy explicitly wakes up significantly early. It's stated that he usually gets up around 11 or so. Now, I really wouldn't call an hour significant, so as a minimum yet hazy number, I'd say he got up, at latest, around 9. Anyhow, dialogue happens, then Raven and Beastboy nap for a while. They wake up a little before six in the evening. Now, presuming Beastboy woke up at his usual time, that means they napped between five and six hours. If Beastboy got up early, that's placing them around a full night's sleep. Of course, it's made a point that Raven isn't fully rested. The dialogue before the napping is rather short. Couldn't take longer than an hour. Realistically, probably about half.
This latter is the type of thing that's easily handled with editing, though. Just change the time from six to, like, two, and change the proceeding remarks about the sun and that's fixed.

Contrivances were, impressively, sparse. Usually something that appeared to be a contrivance ended up having a decent reason behind it. I did count about two or three, though. The only one that comes to Mind is Cyborg falling asleep and turning up the AC. It simply wasn't done in a natural or believable manner. This, too, could be easily reworked to be more so, though.

You tended to leave out important information, too. Beyond not mentioning the time gap, for instance, you never explained why Raven and Beastboy were quarantined in Raven's room as opposed to the Medical Bay. While I read, I clung to the notion that they perhaps didn't have one... until it showed up later. That was annoying, honestly.

There were also instances that simply should have been done slightly differently. Such as, Cyborg opting for a photoshop of Raven and Beastboy when he simply could have staged his picture. There was nothing stopping him from staging it. He had it practically done already, anyway, as things are in the story now. He could have shopped any adequate pictures of the two to make one of them together like that. It devalued his opportunity's magnitude for him not to take the photograph staged.

Occasionally there was some awkward pacing. I think the biggest culprit was Beastboy's dream. It was just strangely slow. I think it actually stemmed from how far apart the plot relevant elements were. It just took forever to progress. I was actually bored by how long it took. Compressing it would help a lot. Most of the other ones weren't as long. The scenes of Robin running from Starfire on the roofs were awkwardly placed, causing awkward pacing. They were sporadic, however, so it wasn't as grueling. There was a long gap between Mumbo placing the two in wedding attire and getting annoyed at not being payed attention that should be compressed a bit.

That's all that comes to mind as I write this. Again, I'll conclude by saying that this was a very well done tale and a lot of what I mentioned are finer issues. Pacing was overall, spectacular, and the characters were all kept decidedly in character. Just a round or two of editing, and it'd be perfect.
MangaArtfansTwin chapter 1 . 5/13/2013
O. M. G... You are a VERY talented writer. One of the authors who actually give a good fanfic where the characters are not OOC. Dude, you are amazing. I hope my even of writing will reach yours someday.
ssjEasterBunny chapter 17 . 5/4/2013
Haha, Cyborg popcorn-maker...

So, as I said in my previous review, I so appreciate that you wrote this story in such a controlled fashion. Every incremental progression in Beastboy's and Raven's friendship was a believable one, and I also really like that there wasn't a magical kiss at any point. Most BB/Raven stories are written for the purpose of creating that moment, and they tend to take liberties or make certain allowances (e.g., the characters are older, one is already attracted to the other, or one becomes aware of a glaring deficit that is remedied by the other character) in order to make the more fluffy romance possible. Your story is the first 220,000 words for each of those other stories. Instead of targeting the fluff and starting a step or two before it, you start from square one and land us two steps away from the fluff. The final chapter ends not with Beastboy and Raven in each others' arms, but enjoying each others' company in a 'slightly more than friends' situation. True, the magical kiss scene is an easy stones' throw from this point; but so many other possibilities are equally... possible. Exploring those is for another BB/Raven fic (or arguably, EVERY other BB/Raven fic).

Again like my last review, I will deliver the meat of the poop sandwich (apparently, "s**t" is automatically censored in reviews). The final two chapters included a few stepping stones that I think were a little too far apart. I'm thinking specifically of the scenes where each dreams of the other kissing him or her. Don't get me wrong; you wrote those dream scenes as if they were actually happening and I love the way my brain tripped over itself when you 'took it back' and revealed that the characters had unknowingly dozed off. That was cool. But I guess I'm just saying that it was kinda convenient that each has a similar dream, when no romantic feelings had been discussed prior. The Mumbo Jumbo wedding scene was similar. The fact that it happened was fine, and you certainly made Mumbo a lot of fun! But it was strange that Beastboy and Raven were so flabbergasted at their mock wedding ensemble. I was thinking, "Okay, cute, now shake it off and beat the bad guy who's ABOUT TO KILL YOU!" My only other criticism (probably more constructive, too) is the over-analysis of some scenes. It was less of an issue in the last two chapters, but still present. Obviously, it's just my preference. Take it or ignore it as you see fit.

The comedy continued to be hilarious right up until the end. The scenes in Raven's head and in Beastboy's arcade were well done, and I really liked Beastboy's dream about his friends turning to stone. It was very detailed - probably more detailed than most dreams would be, but then again, who knows how little of our dreams we actually remember. Maybe they are very detailed and we just forget most of it. In any case, the devil was certainly in the details for this story, because I was very drawn into the dream. It also contributed a lot to the tone of the story, by putting one of the characters in true distress without having to create a 'search and rescue' scenario like others do.

In conclusion, good job and thanks for staying so committed to the story. It was a great read.
DarkChieftain chapter 17 . 5/2/2013
I'm really trying hard not to cry right now. This is now literally in my top uh... ten(?) Favorited stories. And I have several hundred Favorited stories!
BlackCatNeko999 chapter 17 . 4/29/2013
You wrote an amazing story, you know that? The talent you got is present in every chapter. I must read more from you :))
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