Reviews for Dark Times
blank101 chapter 56 . 6/29
Ooh yaay, Dark Times is starting up again!

Very curious as to what's going on with Rhovan, but of course it's Luke's stroy that brings me back every time :)
The vision...hmmm - was it Luke's or Leia's? Interesting.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
ccp chapter 56 . 6/22
Great update
Guest chapter 8 . 6/21
Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying this. The first eight chapters are great! I like where this story's going.
Sith are scum chapter 56 . 6/20
I beg you Treena... stop teasing and torturing the readers! Thank you for writing :-)
p.s: I hate Thecla so much, I hope her and Palpatine will rot in hell soon.
heloise1 chapter 56 . 6/20
What a chapter! I especially love Leia's dream sequence, I have a feeling that it's some kind of unconscious message from Luke (yes, I need to believe that he is still there). Besides, it's good to see that Luke still has his friends. As for Rhovan... now he is even more an enigma. I speculate about his future role in Luke's faith. I'm sure that they will have a confrontation, but I don't exclude that him and his new rebel cell will support Luke at a point of the story - somehow I am convinced that Rhovan believes in Luke :). One question: Who has the vision about Yoda? It's Luke in his deams?
babe chapter 56 . 6/20
so good pls update soon!
Richardc269 chapter 56 . 6/20
Great chapter. Had to read the last chapter to remember what happened. Cant wait to read more!
MckinlayHeatherBell chapter 56 . 6/20
I hope Luke doesn't turn evil!
J.F.C chapter 56 . 6/20
Is not really that hard to imagine why the Emperor wants the rebellion to rise again... it's so much easier to get rid of them in a public attack and in large numbers than in their current hidden state. Loved the chapter, and awesome interrogation/questioning between the Emperor and Rhovan. Hope you update soon.
J.F.C chapter 55 . 6/20
It has been a while since I last checked this story. Damn, what a chapter but expected events. But Palpatine should be careful of how he treats Luke from here, there's a limit of how much Vader can take before he decides to break and revel against him for the sake of his son. Up to the next one.
FantasyGeorge chapter 56 . 6/20
i enjoy this very much, great work man, keep it up :)
HubrisP chapter 56 . 6/19
So that is Palpatine's plan, he needs to shape the gem a bit. He doesn't intent to separate Luke from Vader, but by introducing him into the life of a Sith Lord from the get-go, he can ensure that their relationship would be in the interest of the Dark Side. And his own.

Keep up the excellent work!
Darth-Taisha chapter 56 . 6/19
Wow, excellent chapter, thanks for all your hard work.
iloveMOM1597 chapter 56 . 6/19
Holy shit Rhovan is a curve ball. He's worse than Snape when it comes to understanding where he stands.
EroSlackerMicha chapter 56 . 6/19
keep up the good work. so Rhovan is going to be a triple double agent? for the empire, the rebellion and for his own ends?
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