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December Wind chapter 57 . 11/8
So... wow is all I have to say. Not sure how I missed this one in all the years I've been lurking ffnet and theforcenet but i have. Probably cause I always set the filter to L/M but I've noticed we've never been given any real details on Thecla's appearance so I'll continue crossing my fingers!
Superspartan117 chapter 57 . 10/15
I've been looking for story's like this for the past two days and have been reading this one every chance I got. I was so surprised that this has been going on sense 2005. Continue the good work.
Elle chapter 57 . 9/18
Another story of yours I've read over a few days, and what a ride it was. Rhovan is a really complex character that after all this I still have the sense of unsurity about him, it's amazing how well you've written him, And what a horrible downfall for Luke, that is such a painful journey to read, watching all these events become an unstoppable train wreck. You've brought it together so well, I was grieving but utterly hooked throughout it. My favourite scenes throughout are probably the ones centred on Luke and Vader, they are few moments that are impeccably built up to, and pay off so well. I'm interested to see if Vader has an influence on Luke's (I'm hopeful he does) regain of memories, and even return from this dark place he's in. I again wait excitedly for future instalments, knowing I'm in such good hands.
reppad98 chapter 57 . 9/2
And it's Luke, oh gods, it's Luke... I'm not sure if I'm happy about this development or not. I mean, it's great that Luke is alive and recovering and that there are still memories, little whisps of thoughts remaining from who he was before, but I just wish he wasn't so under the control of the Emperor! And that he remembered more! I mean, it's just really frustrating to read about Luke finally finding out about Vader being his father only to promptly forgot it again (that, and a whole lot of other stuff :P). You did that splendidly, by the way. I don't think I've ever read a story where it's been pulled off so well.
Anyway, thank you very much for updating, I'm finally caught up again (such a shame, really, I wish there was more), I'm looking forward to the next chapter, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 56 . 9/2
I'm starting to really like Rhovan, though I'm really really wondering whose side he's on, or whose side he'll end up on. With what he's doing, the dangerous line he's walking, I actually wouldn't be surprised if he didn't survive this story, though I'm of course hoping he will. Still, I have the feeling that at least one character isn't going to live to see the end of this story, well, I mean, a character besides the Emperor.

One typo that I noticed: [...of their suspicions...

their belief... their tuth...

...they had discussed...] 'tuth' should be 'truth' I think.

The scenes between Leia and Han are very cute, too. It's just short moments of peace amongst the chaos, very lovely. And who oh who found about Yoda being on Dagobah... You sure do know how to keep your readers in suspense!

Thank you very much for updating, I'll get to the next chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 55 . 9/2
Just when I think it can't really get any worse, we get this... I just... it's horrible to see what's happening with Luke, and even with my positive mindset and always thinking the best of everything I'm finding it hard to think of a way to end this whole story happily. How can Luke ever return to who he was before? How would he be able to keep to the Light when he can't even remember it? Maybe Obi-Wan will have something to do with it, or Vader...
I really liked the scene with Luke drooling on Palpatine and then turning to look at Vader. And I know Vader is only doing it for Luke's and his own protection, but it was still frustrating to read that he wouldn't let Luke reach him.
Anyway, really curious to see how this story will ever get a somewhat happy ending, thank you very much for updating, I'll read the next chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
reppad98 chapter 54 . 9/2
Woo, I finally reread this whole story and I'm caught up again! And yes, I had been waiting for appearance of these two. I really like how Obi-Wan still has faith in Anakin, and I'm really, really anxious to see how things will turn out with Luke and Leia. And I like your twist with Dagobah being shrouded in the Dark Force, I don't think I've ever read about something like that before.
Thank you very much for updating, I'll get to the next chapter soon, and keep writing! ! !
Mireilles3 chapter 57 . 8/29
Whoa, trust the queen of Like torture to do yet another number on him :) a very intriguing and different one, too :)

Poor baby... So there weren't any Luke Vader talk about family huh? Danf, I was so looking forward to that in that setting of yours :)

How is Vader reacting to Palpy's actions and plans, though?..

Great work once again, dear! More soon, please!
jedi-josh chapter 57 . 8/28
Nooooo! What a cliffie! Must have more!
cnrbanks1212 chapter 57 . 8/24
This is such an incredible story
DraKarina chapter 57 . 8/19
As always reading your fics is a pleasure .Your dark side is even better than the original I must say. Eargely waiting a meeting between father and fic
Laddy-Daddy chapter 57 . 8/19
things just got interesting, i look forward to seeing what all else you have planned
pennypo chapter 57 . 8/17
Oh my God, I am sooo excited for the next chapter. This story is great, its the only one I've found like it besides the Sun of Sons trilogy. I found this story from the sun of sons author. This is a great original story, and I love the new characters. Thecla instead of Mara is very cool...unless Thecla is Mara o.O.
Enigma Jade chapter 57 . 8/17
I always look forward to these chapters. :)
DawnDayrider chapter 57 . 8/17
Luke...Please come back for you're friends and family. :(
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