Reviews for Forever Strong
SilverChelle chapter 18 . 3/23/2009
I enjoyed your story.:) -SC
pizzapality chapter 18 . 9/30/2008
Wow, this was really really great. My computer actually was being stupid and closed the window about five times, but I persisted! I really enjoyed this fic, and I'm off to read Never and Forever next!

* fav *

You're really good at writing.

xkawaiiaki chapter 18 . 3/12/2008
wott xD loved it :] HAHA i read the WHOLEE thing today xD

sorry bout not commenting every chapter i would've .. but i wanted to finish! XD

Love the "hitch" proposal XD
Laurie Jo chapter 18 . 12/7/2007
Oh wow... I read this fanfic two years later, but nevermind. XD I had so much fun reading your fanfic! And I loved it! Your descriptions are so colorful, so it's easy to have an image in my head of everything that's going on. It's romantic without being fluffy, and their engagement scene was too funny.

Thank you for sharing this with us.
Cyberchao X chapter 18 . 6/25/2007
Damn, how did I not see that! You gave me the hint and everything, and when I looked back, nothing looked wrong, even though I know the proper pluralization of "elf". But then the rest of that? Hmm...wonderful! Incredible, really...I feel so inadequate...
Cyberchao X chapter 17 . 6/25/2007
Yeah, I know...very good stuff. I'm repeating myself a lot, I know, but I'm really out of it...
Cyberchao X chapter 16 . 6/25/2007
Very good. I love this story.
Cyberchao X chapter 15 . 6/25/2007
Sweet. Found myself having to read the sentences a few times to get them, but it's very good.
Cyberchao X chapter 14 . 6/25/2007
Wow. Awesome. A little grammatic trouble, but good.
Cyberchao X chapter 13 . 6/15/2007
Still don't know what fish has to do with it, but I definitely like where things are going. Wonderful.
Cyberchao X chapter 12 . 6/15/2007 the ending. Hilarious.
Cyberchao X chapter 11 . 6/15/2007
Ah yes, wise Origin. *bows, then bursts out laughing at self* So, everything's back to normal...perfect.
Cyberchao X chapter 10 . 6/15/2007
Ha, perfect. You really had me going for the length of the chapter, making me think that my assumption was wrong when I was really right. Also, so funny how you just kept repeating the same thing to the reviewers...You're really great.
Cyberchao X chapter 9 . 6/15/2007
Ah, phew...the bandits took care of her. Praise Martel...
Cyberchao X chapter 8 . 6/15/2007 Can't be good, can't be happening, who keeps the fake-out going for multiple chapters? Oh, Well, of course, that death was done in a way that left plenty of room for a return...yeah. Something in my original story, on fictionpress, although I probably shouldn't have said anything since the return from the apparent dead isn't until about thirteen chapters past the last one posted. Heh heh...yeah.
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