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Dawn Crescent chapter 24 . 4/12
Ahhhhhh! This was great. Shorter than I would like, but isn't that how all good works end? Leaving you wanting more. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. It's fantastic. I don't think any of this was implausible. You used just the right amount of magic- not too much, but still enough to take advantage of the setting that we all love so much. And the characters were very believable. Great work.
Jennifer chapter 24 . 4/12
Hello, I'm not certain to when this story was posted or if it has been years since you ended it, but I have to tell you that I loved the ending. I have always wanted a beautiful sappy ending like this to a Draco and Hermione love story. Ending it how you did just made me happy for some reason. Do think
PINKvsBLUE chapter 24 . 4/4
I don't know if you are still active on here but I found this story this week and it was absolutely beautiful. Your writing flows wonderfully as did the story. I loved every chapter the way you described everything was phenomenal. I'm so glad I found this. Thank you for making my week so much better!
Gullb3rg chapter 24 . 4/3
omg this story made me so freaking happy and girly and giggily and omg :D hahah it was fantastic and so more fantastic considering it was your first dramione story! Really good job :D
Liked how you made both Hermione and Draco a bit different from how they usually are and how the story didn't involve an exploding Ron (except for the fight in the library) and so on :D
Guest chapter 24 . 4/2
This was Amazing! Absolutely riveting, lovely, sincere, thoughtful, and well written. I'm a total believer that Hermione and Draco should have been a real thing, because this fan fiction was just Too Perfect.
I loved every moment of it.
dramioneotp chapter 24 . 3/18
great story! love the plot and everything! it was really great!
CB chapter 24 . 3/15
I love this. I love them. I love you! Thank you!
sbcarri chapter 24 . 3/7
loved this story :) it was written so perfectly and i love the way it ended!
liz.barden chapter 24 . 2/24
An excellent story! If you ever decided to write a sequel I would definitely read that too.
red719 chapter 24 . 2/18
Can you do a sequel to this? It would be greatly appreciated
Guest chapter 24 . 2/18
chelseadearr chapter 24 . 2/16
Loved your story! I wish there was more!
FalconWing chapter 24 . 2/8
This was such an amazing story! Loved the plot, so well written and beautifully paced. It's so nice to come back to this fandom after so long and find such wonderful gems. Favourited!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/6
Ezmerelda chapter 24 . 2/1
Ok. So I quit Fanfiction, oh, about two or three years ago? I deleted all my stories and all my favorites, made a clean sweep of it all. I even threw away all my hand written stories and deleted them from all my electronic devices. But recently I began lurking, reading a little here, reading a little there...and this story touched my heart so profoundly that I broke my enforced separation and re-started my favorites list.

I'm surprised I only just now found it - after all, when you posted the last chapter I was still an active participant in the fan fiction community...but there are tens of thousands of Harry Potter-based stories on this site, and it's difficult to dig through them all.

Anyway, your story is well-written, the emotions are realistic and so are their reactions to them, and I just love this story to death! So, like a fly in a web, fan fiction has once again ensnared me. And it's all your fault. :)
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