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Jaycee27 chapter 4 . 7/1/2006
What a great story! I thought I wa the only one who'd ever attempted an RC modern phic, and I must say, yours is a LOT better! I really hope you're still planning to continue this.
pearheart chapter 4 . 8/24/2005
Wow that was so good!
Kagome1514 chapter 4 . 8/7/2005
NADIR! *huggles* I love him. Nadir is just so...frickin' awesome! Maybe not as cool as Erik, though... _

Yay! My name got mentioned not once; not twice!; but THREE times in your A/N! _ *does a little happy dance*

I'm sad I'm not your first reviewer of this chap..but you know, it had to happen some time. _;

*bursts into random song* (DON'T KILL ME, PLEASE! 0.0 I BEG OF YOU! I'M JUST TRYING TO BE FUNNY!)

Raoul is a fop!

He likes to use a mop!

He cleans like a sop! (even though I don't quite know what that means)

I make his head go pop!

Because Raoul is a fop!


And now, Ode to Erik!

*clasps hands, looking grief-stricken, rolling piano chord opening as Kagome-chan strikes a tragic pose, eyes and face sad*

The lamentable tale of Erik, as told by Kagome1514:

One day, there was an Erik

Whose face was not generic.

It made him sad

And made him mad

And also made him bad. : P

He went to jail

And is so pale

Maybe he'll get some mail! _


And now! A melody based on the indecisiveness of Christine!

*clasps hands and puts on a torn expression*

Raoul is so good to me!

He rescued my scarf from the sea!

Maybe it was meant to be...

Were it not for my angel's plea!

Erik is so sad inside!

In me, he likes to confide...

It makes me want to hide!

I couldn't leave him if I tried!

*downcast face as the curtain swooshes closed on the final slow notes of the piano*


*curtain opens to reveal a golden podium w/ microphone and extravagent awards set on the background of the stage*

*random person at podium that suddenly turns into Hikaru Hayashi*

And now, I'd like to present...the award for the best 'dumbest random songs I've ever heard' award! Envelope, please!

*envelope drops down from the rafters, causing HH to look up, only to see the swish of black cape that could have just been shadows*

...*HH shrugs and picks up envelope which has a red skull seal on the back and the words 'Best Dumbest Random Songs I've Ever Heard Award' written on the front in red ink*

What the...? *HH shrugs again and opens it carefully*

*moment of silence as everyone holds their breaths, waiting for the answer*

And the award goes to Kagome1514 for Best Dumbest Random Songs I've Ever Heard!

*Kagome1514 jumps up and down, screaming excitedly* Yay! Yay! I won! I won! *turns to random audience member that looks vaguely like a POTO fan* YOU LOST! SUCKA! *grins and runs up on stage, snatching the award out of Hikaru Hayashi's hands*

*sweet smile as she stands at podium, holding a gold award akin to the Oscar but the guy looks like a guy with a mask...and a a suit...with a fedora on his head...Kagome1514 begins a babbling 'thank you' speech*

I would just like to thank everyone for the inspiration of my random songs:

Raoul the fop! (*an indignant "HEY! I'M NOT A FOP!" echoes from the back of the audience*)

Erik the freak! (*a distinct growling like thunder is heard above on the rafters*)

And Christine the indecisive twit! (*a gasp of protest from Christine, who's sitting in the front row*)

*suddenly, a background begins to fall from the top of the stage*

0.0 Oh, SHIT! *dives off the stage, leaving HH right in the middle of it*

HH: 0.o...Mommy!

*background falls, almost hitting HH if it were not for the handsome, somewhat long-haired man that grabbed her in his arms and dove out of harm's way*

HH: Thanks...a lot! : D

*suddenly notices whose arms she's in and blushes* _

*huggles Raoul* I. Love. You!

Raoul: 0.o

Christine: 0.o

Erik(up in the rafters): 0.o

Kagome1514: *giggles*...Oh, wait...0.o



Wow. That was so random...and long...and dumb...but whatever! _

I hope you enjoyed my crazy review! (*mutters* This is what I get for reviewing this early in the morning...I never wake up this darn early...what the hell am I doing up anyway...?)

O! You know what? You know what? Copy and paste it into your next A/N so other people can read it and review on it and laugh! _

Luv ya! *huggles*
Anawye chapter 4 . 8/7/2005
Very interesting indeed. I'd like to read more this.
Countess Alana chapter 4 . 8/6/2005
your goin to band camp! o! torture! *cries* but i will be strong and think of the awesome new chapters that i will get to read when u come back! woo hoo! see? now i feel better! awesome chapter and i thought christine almsot gettin hit by Nadir was kinda a..non deathy sort of way...:D anyhoo! i hope we get one last update before you go! keep up the good work! :)
pearheart chapter 3 . 7/21/2005
Surper awesome store!
Countess Alana chapter 3 . 7/17/2005
erik...u make my day-ee-ay! woo hoo! awesome chapter! i was totally thrilled to see u updated so quickly! so...erik...hehe...i love him...and i need him...and i'll sing a song for him!...but not today, hehe! ya, i would really like u to read my story! it actually has nothin to do with van helsing, its like a dracula/oc kinda thing goin on! let me if u read it or if u like it...ok? ok! ok so ya! update soon! :)
shamaho chapter 3 . 7/17/2005
LOVE IT! God, I'm such a sucker for AU's, I have no idea why.

It's great, keep it going.

I wonder if Christine ever thought of going to see Erik? It certainly doesn't seem like it. (Ok, I'm weird)

Kagome1514 chapter 3 . 7/17/2005
*jumps at the review button, making sure she's the first reviewer yet again* Ha ha ha! Victory is mine! _

I would like to thank you for that lovely shout out. I wonder if anyone will listen. *thoughtful face* Hmm...

Erik was in this! Yay! I love Erik! _

That warden...I don't know about him though. -.- That's why I had you add on to it. XD

Erik being shy...? 0.o That's a new one. Well, it might not be if he were deformed. But as a normal, good-looking guy...being shy? 0.o

Ok. Anyway. _;

*POTO music blaring in background* POTO is...SO F*ing AWESOME! LONG LIVE POTO!

And that's my phangirl quota for this review. I shall take my leave now. _

Ja ne!...ermm...perhaps I should use the French "salut" (which means 'bye' to a close friend).

Update soon~! And make sure to e-mail me so I can beta-read it. _

*huggles happily* Yay for POTO! _

Countess Alana chapter 2 . 7/16/2005
hey hey! woo hoo! u updated! party over here oo oo! there ain't nothin over there oo oo! lol awesome chapter! i can definitely tell christine has a lot on her mind...including mister erik...o my...hes a good lookin one, hehe! gosh, raoul...hes so...raoul...and blond lol! update really soon! i wonder what eriks doin lol, probly drawin pics of christine and using his jail bars as a xylaphone to make music...ok, just pictured erik playin the xylaphone hehe! o hey, i have this story called, To Be Rekindled in the van helsing movie section! i would be happy if u would check it out! its like a horror romance i guess hehe! but awesome work and i can't wait for more! :)
shamaho chapter 2 . 7/16/2005
Gah! I LOVE this story, it is PERFECT! Well, not perfect, I wasn't looking for errors or anything so I can't say that, I got so caught up. PLEASE continue, I can tell it's going in more of an RC direction and i really don't go for those but I really like it, continue soon! *Adds you and story*
pearheart chapter 2 . 7/16/2005
What a great story. What dose Daae and Giry mean?
Kagome1514 chapter 2 . 7/16/2005
Ah, I know that blushing Christine well. The one that won't admit her feelings. XD

I can't wait for Erik to brought in and stir things up! That's just what this story needs is some Raoul/Erik action scenes! XD

I am terrible at writing long reviews and I can't really think of anything other than 'great job!' so...gomen for the short review. _;;

Please update soon! _

I'll beta it for you. _~

pearheart chapter 1 . 6/20/2005
WOW great store!I really like when Raoul was showing Christine to her class. I thought that was really sweet of Raoul to do that for her. I looked fored to your next store. Iam so glade that I know you in relife.
Countess Alana chapter 1 . 6/18/2005
hey i really like it so far! i can tell its gonna get really good and really juicy in the upcoming chapters! i wonder when erik will get out of prison...perhaps i should just go pay his bail...hehe! update soon! :)
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