Reviews for Must be Dreaming
YurukaMuto A.S.M chapter 3 . 11/18/2015
Good story , but I prefer to think that it was just sexual abuse and attempted rapes, Yugi's first was Yami, and Yugi's mom and grandfather were both physically abused him, and Yugi's friends never cared and actually enjoyed the abuse Yugi's been through , because he has psychic powers . At least in my opinion.
YugiKitten chapter 3 . 3/4/2015
Not bad but lota and lots of grammar mistakes
also its Nibble lol not nipple...
Asquerus chapter 3 . 10/8/2011
Ooh, Great job! :D You're very awesome at this, yes? I hope you continue to make fics for YamixYugi!

Domo arigato gosaimossu for posting!

Fourswordslover chapter 3 . 10/4/2011
Damn your REALLY good! Will you arite more cuz dis was AMAZING! :3
Rogue Blade chapter 3 . 1/13/2011
This is really good. Stroy's where Yugi get's raped are sad.
Brawling-Duelist chapter 3 . 11/23/2010
Poor Yugi. This is really well written and I could feel the emtion as it poured out in the story.
xXStupid DaydreamerXx chapter 3 . 4/4/2010
aww That was a nice ending~! :D It was so sad when Yugi almost killed himself. and his past ;-;...This was nice~ w Great job :D
Serena6686 chapter 3 . 3/24/2009
Yizuki chapter 3 . 2/5/2008
This was great. I always like it when stories like this have a good ending.
razzle chapter 2 . 6/8/2007
not for nothing and the story's good but the songs called how could this happen to me by simple plan k cose that was bugging me
Angelic Samurai chapter 1 . 1/29/2007
Love the song, love the chapter
yugiismyname chapter 2 . 11/24/2006
Hi there, nice fanfic, I can't wait for more _
CosmicEssence chapter 1 . 8/30/2006
Chap 1 wasn't allthat good, a bit jumpy and what not but the last two were great. Second song lyrics were the best and most fitting and the whole of chap 3 was cool. Only thing I would say is that your grammer and spelling needs improvement (and yeah this was written very fast so i know this review aint one to talk)
Nina Windia chapter 3 . 7/16/2006
Um... I thought Joey was dead...? Maybe I missed something...

Anway, this is really good story! I'm glad there was a happy ending.
Nina Windia chapter 1 . 7/16/2006
This is really good, but the fact that it is all underlined annoys me.
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