Reviews for Caring for you
leavethembehinde chapter 15 . 6/12/2015
pretty cool hey im new here so can ask a few questions about fanfiction
Guest chapter 15 . 6/9/2015
Hi! I simply love it! You're a genius
jj chapter 15 . 7/17/2014
Eru no Tsubasa chapter 6 . 8/15/2012
Aww! Cute! XD
Sgt. Goose chapter 15 . 7/23/2010
Man, that was an awesome story! I had to read the whole thing at once, I couldn't stop! Thanks for writing it, I always love getting caught in the fantasy world. Awesome story. Hope you continue to write!
siriuscanid chapter 15 . 5/20/2008
I just wanted to say something: What a nice story!
SidewalkChalk2718 chapter 2 . 3/30/2008
This is my first KakaIru fic, so I wasn't sure if I was going to buy into the pairing. I just bought a doujinshi the other day with these two characters, mostly for the art, but I figured I'd read what looked to be the best K/I fic to see if I liked the dynamic as well. And I have to say your one line, "somehow, it seems as if he’s always trying to throw me off guard," intrigues me to no end. I'm a little surprised that with one sentence you have gotten me interested in the pairing, but hey, I can't complain! I am looking forward to reading this fic; great job so far!
Anjel Kitty chapter 15 . 6/1/2007
I loved it! It was so cute! "Iruka blushed darkly while Kakashi said in all seriuosness. 'Nothing Godaime-sama, Iruka was just doing a bit of rolling.'"~loved that part. I fell out of my chair laughing. Loved it!
rockdogravi chapter 15 . 5/19/2007
This was so awesome. Like, the best KakaIru I've ever read. If there's anything I can do to make you write a sequel, I will, ok?

Love & Kisses from KK
secretox0 chapter 7 . 4/27/2007
you write funny ;)
BigSister2 chapter 15 . 4/24/2007
Okay I just read this whole fic in one sitting becuase after the first chapter I was hooked. It was awesomeness pure and simple. I loved the characterization and the determination of the lovers. And the part with Kabuto, whew drama pure and simple. This fic is well written and even though I should have been studying I had to keep reading until the end. Once again awesome fic, you wrote it wonderfully.
leroux chapter 15 . 2/12/2007
OMFG!I LOVE IT!very very very very well written.i'm at a loss for was just soo cool how Iruka beat Kabuto!believe me you're way better at fight seens than I am.
getaiyou chapter 15 . 2/10/2007
That was totally awesome. It really was.

But what pisses me off is Kabuto. OMG. That man, I seriously wanted to kill. gr...

He enrage me to a point of insanity.

And then there the two lovebird. OMG. How much trouble can they make? Both are so pathetic that that field. Each of their action is just sickening. It really is.

But I do have to congrate on how Orochimaru-dono is protrayed here. And the relationship he had with Jiraiya. That moment was just simply fasinating.

And all that is the reason why I love it so much. It got me so riled up. It was fantastic.
fizzytopykyle chapter 15 . 2/4/2007
hahaha 'rolling'

amazing fanfic. you rock. :)
Heosic-chan chapter 15 . 2/2/2007
I like the way you wrote out the events of the progression of the month they were apart. Good story!
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