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HuntingPeace chapter 4 . 7/2/2005
I like it. Can't wait for the next chapter and Luke's response!
Vero26 chapter 4 . 7/2/2005
This was an amazing chapter, hilarious and also sad. I hate that Rory went to Chris.

I think what Luke is doing is kinda mean but I’m sure he has a plan.

I loved everything about Luke’s buns LMAO! Great writing, especially Lorelai.

Peace :)
bloodymary2 chapter 4 . 7/2/2005
I have never met someone who could reproduce the rantings, spoken or thought, of Lorelai like you do. Maybe "Muffin is Injured", but that's just her. You do the Lorelai character to perfection! Particularly like the "Luke's buns"... Hum, drifting into the dirty part of my head.

Now, NOT IN COMA! Don't ever let anyone tell you your writing is 'horrible', cause that's just a stupid lie. You have very consise writing, with well developed and well organized plot. I never get confused, which is more than I can say to a lot of ff on the gg page. (some people think that a story can stand on dialogue alone... Not even scripts!). Lapdance is, of course, unnecessary. No offence, but I'm straight...

Am loving your story and how you are working through the proposal and Luke's non-answer and Rory mid life crisis ( though she is only twenty, so that would constitute as a third or fourth of her life, so what expression should we use?) Well, anyway, loved the fact that Rory left her grandparents house ( because that's just so wrong!), and though I didn't like her going to Chris' place, the way you wrote her was real. She just needed a place to crash... Liked that she has no misconceptions on him anymore. He can't even be considered her dad (the guy showed up ocasionally and always ended up finding a way to disappoint her)!

Anyway, I've ranted enough, WRITE MORE SOON!
Muffin Is Injured chapter 4 . 7/2/2005
I'll take that cyber lap dance and a little bit more.

You happen to be a frickin' amazing writer. Here I pause to try and find the exact words to display your excellence best, but they do not come. There are no words except the words I am about to use.

This is...brilliant! Wonderful! Great! Good! Insightful! Funny! Glorious! Luscious! Delightful! Charming! Hilarious! Award-winning! Intelligent! Clever! Erm...very very not bad! And I'm out.

I can't even believe how amazing this chapter is. - sputters due to loss of speaking abilty -

I love Lorelai's rant so much. So much. I want to print it up and stick it to my wall a million times and then paint it on my ceiling in really big black letters so as to scare my parents, annoy my sister, and confuse the people that will live here after we move. I love writing Lorelai and I love ranting and I love writing Lorelai's rants, but my Lorelai rant pales into comparison when I see your million-word long rant. I mean... Luke's buns! Parsley! Strains of cancer! Orphans raising Free Willy cows! Haikus! (By the way, it's 5/7/5, I learned it in second grade and mine went: I've got writer's block. Don't know what to write about. Give me an idea!) AVERT YOUR EYES FROM DREAM LUKE'S BUNS! Sylvia Plath! The clown!

And my favorite, favorite part- the Reader's Digest version of the proposal. I think that's the funniest thing ever to be written in the history of writing. I had to read it twice to make sure it was actually there. Seems like a good time to make coffee.

I am now internally crying. With joy. I think.

And seriously, Rory going to Chris? I seriously did not know who he was going to be until you said his name. I was like WHO THE HELL IS SHE GOING TO VISIT! I refrained from scrolling foward although I was itching to do so. Because I really and truly DID NOT KNOW. How did that happen? I'm supposed to know everything, dammit! I was like, Paris? Lane? Logan? At one point I even entertained the possibility of Jess! Even though he's in California! That's how crazy I am!

And Hump Day! I love Hump Day. My sister and I make Hump Day jokes all the time (well, when it's Wednesday). I seriously think we should declate it a National Holiday. Hell, let's go global! Humps for everyone! And I've always wondered why Wednesday was spelled like that. That's actually how I learned to spell it, by thinking wed-nes-day in my head. Hmm, that's redundant. Where else would I think? My spleen? I love spleens. You know, no one really knows what a spleen is, but they all know of it! So one day I thought, "Enough is enough!" And I went online and found it out. A spleen helps produce and maintain red blood cells, helps produce certain white blood cells, and is part of the immune system (and the lymph system, whatever that is). The eternal question... now answered!

And I just noticed! You used the word miscellaneous! I was spelling that in my head this morning while lying in bed because I suddenly realized I could spell spell it. And I can! I just did!

Hey, your chapter ended with a click. So did mine. Butta en ee way. Hemmorraghing... I never tried to spell that before but wow it's intense. Hey, you changed Chapter One's title! Good girl. Or boy. Who knows on the internet, huh? You seem like a girl, but then if you're a boy then now you're offended. So sorry in advance. Unless you're a girl, in which case I'm right.

Well, anyway. Good chapter. If I didn't get that message across clearly.

ciao bella,

Biscuit chapter 4 . 7/2/2005
Please write more. I love this story.
epona9009 chapter 4 . 7/2/2005
I can't believe Rory went to Christopher. At least she hates herself for it but they weren't even talking and I really hate Chris right now. Even more than Emily. Sure she invited (well ordered him) to come to the vow renewal but he's still the one who said everything. He didn't have to come and brake up Luke and Lorelai. Luckly only for a short time but still, it sucked. Not to mention the fact that he wasn't around for over 50 percent of Rory life. Almost 100%. But your writings great and I'll have to keep reading. But hey at least Rory doesn't want to be there or like that shes there and knows she's making a mistake by quiting Yale.

Lovin how Luke isn't answering her yet. Kinda funny how he just avoids it. She talked for a long time in the car, to herself, her train of thoughts very interesting and love thinking about Lukes buns. That part that you added right before Luke hung up about Lorelai's other lover was great. She does things like that on the show and Luke just ignores her, it be really funny if Emily walked up next to her when she was saying something like that. Oh and the Readers Digest version was funny, loved it. Maybe even Rory going to her dad. Depends how she treats him. So far so good.

Update Soon

Antifangirl725 chapter 4 . 7/2/2005
OMG that last chapter was so HILARIOUS.

"Man, I want pie. Luke’s pie…not even going to go down that potentially twisted path!"

I have to say that is a great line that is. Can't wait for the next chapter.
egbert chapter 3 . 7/1/2005
Nice writing with the pen-tossing dialogue.

Luke's speech about being a father to Rory seemed a bit too much, given Luke's tendencies to be humble and silent. But it's your story, so ymmv.
rjs0123 chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
I loved having them triple team Rory. She needs some sense knocked into her - she's seriously been acting like a spoiled rotten brat on the show.

But anyway, exceptional job.

Raina chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
That was beautiful! Ha! Awesome! Perfectly in character! You let Rory keep her brain and her integrity! I love it!
Muffin Is Injured chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
Aah, hello, Ponderesque, it's your favorite person.

When I saw your fic on the.. I don't know, the place where fics list themselves... I was extremely thrilled. My wonderfully ramblacious reviewer had a story- with the word ramblacious in the title, no less! I distinctly recall telling you how much I liked that word when responding to one of your reviews.

I'm not really into post season-5-finale fics. I don't read them. Well, I read one by Lenina Crowne and told her it was the first and last. And now I've read yours and am telling you it's the second and last. Maybe that is telling me something about post season-5-finale fics. Ooh! Insight!

You have the characters down so well, my friend. The first chapter was cute, with all the ranting, and the non-answering. I love the line about the world record breaking in the second chapter. And everything about Lorelai trying to get the courage to talk to Rory. I started laughing when I read “Rory, damnit, open your freaking door device thingies!” The days-of-the-week underwear thing is cute. My grandma always used to buy them for me but then they all got too small. Hmm. I am strangely sad now. I should buy more.

I lurved the 'toss' scene with Luke and Lorelai. That is classy, my friend, you are an amazing writer. Oh, and I love the chapter title in the third... hmm, and the second, too. But what is with the first? No no no, this will not do.

Luke won't answer her question yet. Hehe. Love the triple-teamage with Logan. But it pisses me off that, apparently, the only reason she's dropping out is because everyone wants her to NOT drop out. She's just playing Devil's Advocate and rebelling even when she doesn't need/want to! Heh, devil's advocate. That makes me sound smart.

Anyway, update soon if you please because I love this fic and and I love you and I love the way you woke up, honey muffin. -coughs- Sorry, I'm back. Now don't you love this long review? Now you see why I beg and plead for new reviews daily.

ciao bella,

Miss-Lionesse chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
Lorelai should start liking Logan now, now that he is in her side and se sees he cares.
LukeNlorelaifan chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
Great chapter! I loved the paper being thrown back and forth! Please update soon!
epona9009 chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
It's great so far. Love how you have everything set up, and if Logan is like this on the show I'll probably start to like him. Not really sure about him right now but Rory is not very good at picking boyfriends, all of them are cute though. Your characters are really well written too. Very in character, which is good, because if they weren't they'd be out of character. I do have one question though, how does Lorelai calling Luke help the situation. Because if Luke can get there without being seen why can't Lorelai leave? And how would Luke help her not to be seen? And Lorelai is very shoe obsessed, they must be Jimmy Choos.

Glad that you added Lorelai saying she didn't choose these for Rory, Rory chose it herself (Not in those words but same meaning) because without that it makes Lorelai seem to much like Emily. And in the fourth episode (Around there) Lorelai told Rory she didn't have to work towards an Ivy league college and Rory told her she wanted to. Added that defines the difference between Emily and Lorelai. Emily didn't give Lorelai a choice and Lorelai did. I hope they address that on the show and don't make her act to much like Emily. With the control and trying to force her to go back to Yale. Love how you betray Rory in all this, it makes me not hate her. I'm kind of made at her right now, I was just starting to forgive her for the end of last season. Wasn't easy though with her changing so much.

Anyway so for the order of my review. My thoughts jump around a lot so it can get confusing. It's long though, and everyone loves long review. Update soon.
farelaguerra chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
*gasp* really good. update soon!
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