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xiaoweisan chapter 2 . 6/23/2005
I love most of lindahoyland's stories; to tell the truth, the torture and comfort fit some of my twisted whims. Besides, I have never been a fan of Denethor: first, he got in the way of Aragorn, who was kind of the Hero of LOTR; second, he was unfair to Faramir, who was also my favorite character.

Yet I don't think Denethor did physically abuse Faramir, or at least did not after Faramir came of age. But he surely was cold to Faramir and sarcastic words hurt no less than beatings. Faramir once lost self-control and asked his father whether Denethor prefered his death to Boromir's. It's quite unusual for someone who was strong enough to resist the one ring to lose his self-control. Obviously Denethor's unfairness had lasted some time and Faramir's patience was on the brink.

Basically Denethor was neither bad nor weak comparing with common people. So why did he disfavor his youngest son? First, Denethor might blame Faramir his wife's death, but I don't think that's the main reason. From the canon, Faramir was more like his father than Boromir was. Hence Denethor's disdain for Faramir was somewhat disdain for himself as a reflection of his father, Ecthelion's opinion. Denethor was learned and had a love for lore, yet Ecthelion prefered Thorongil(Aragorn), a fierce warrior and an excellent commander, to his own son. Denethor fretted a lot, but when he became a father and ruler, he repeated the tragedy.

Yet Faramir was different from his father. He could "read" others as much as his father did, but that made him pity others instead of scorning them. Denethor not only regarded such kindness as weakness, but also felt uneasy because he could not read Faramir like others. Denethor granted Boromir more trust partly because Boromir was easier to read, and Faramir was too independent in his mind to keep Denethor happy. Moreover, Faramir actually was a "flatless" son and that fact did not help Denethor's mood. Sometimes a perfect child drove you mad because he was a constant reminder of your wrong doing. In many cases parents prefered a haughty child to another one who never caused trouble. Besides, considering Faramir's strength to resist the ring, he could no way be easy to tame. No wonder Denethor was furious about his youngest son's "disloyalty"; also his self-respect was hurt by the fact that Faramir followed Gandalf's advise more than his father's. We all know Denethor never liked the wizard and did believe that Gandalf tried to supplant him. (Well, Denethor was not so wrong, after all.)
Elenhin chapter 2 . 6/23/2005
Aiiy, What a cliff hanger, the terror or waiting once more...

You were very right though, the chapter was surprising. I had not expected quite that. Faramir think that the King is uproting the last of all hope, instead of setting it anew.

Though it could mean the a confrontation where he and the King come

to be more at ease with one another. Either that or it goes the other way.

My guess however is that when Faramir sees that Aragorn have found a sapling and a new future, one that blooms, he shall come to see that Aragorn is not a man that one needs to fear.

This also shows Faramir and his beliefs very clearly, he holds the tree so high that he is willing to risk the kings ire, because he sees it as his duty to protect the symbol of the city.

Mayhap that Aragorn could have told Faramir about it before he gave the command, but on the other hand as shy as Faramir is around him, I see why he did not.

Such a mighty cliffhanger that I truly feel suspended not knowing was shall come to happen next.

A place my faith in your magnificent writing and your kindness of swift updates.

Kindest Regards Ever, Elenhin
Lilan chapter 2 . 6/23/2005
Ha! I told you the man had some spirit in him.

That sentence about the chair was hilarious. And so familiar. I prefer to sit on one leg, and for this you need a good chair, otherwise it starts to make you mad.

Frankly, I did not expect any Arwen there. I am working on an 'all boys' story at the moment, too, and it's fun, though I doubt real boys would like it :)

I am waiting eagerly for the next one, and hope they will not leave the room bruised!


Nienor Niniel chapter 2 . 6/23/2005
I've read all you've written, but somhehow I never reviewed... strange, don't know why.

I like very much what mess you've gotten poor Faramir in at the moment.. shouting at his king... he will be so distressed!

Considering all your stories, I've always had a problem seeing Denethor as such an abusive father, I for my part understand him more as he's in the books, meaning that he is not an evil man but was changed through the use of the Palantir.

However, I still enjoy your stories very much. Each in itself and also all taken together fit together so well. The chatacters are well defined, and the relations between them are strongly described. There are many scenes with such strong emotions, and the people behave like normal people. As I sayed, I enjoy what you write, and I'm looking forward to the "strong Faramir" you wrote about (he surely has been tortured to much by to many writers, he has deserved some peace).

A little something I stumble over now and then is punctation. I'm not really an authority as I'm not a native speaker, but when there are these: " (don't know what they are called in English). I *think* sometimes they get mixed up a bit with the spaces after them. Also sometimes I'm not quite sure about the commata. But as I said, I'm not a native speaker, and I don't like these " myself if I write, even in German my native language). But these little things don't take the pleasure of reading your story away.

Just go on with this story quickly, and also the other one (you left them in such a terrible situatuion...)

Greetings, nienor
Patty chapter 2 . 6/23/2005
Yes! I'm so glad that you have written of Aragorn's finding the sapling. I remember the thrill I felt of new life and hope rekindled when I read it in the book.

gave the tree such short shrift in the movie. Actually if the viewer didn't see the EE DVD, you'd never know about the tree blooming again.
Ainu Laire chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
Oh, I'd love to see a story where Faramir is the stronger one and Aragorn is the one in need of help and healing! *imagines it now and cackles evilly* I
Ithil-valon chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
I'm not familiar with the "The have a Friend" series. Is it here on

I have to laugh at the idea of Aragorn moping around...that's something my sister and I used to be accused of when we were teens! You brought back a funny memory. Thanks!

Oh, I can just see it now...Faramir is going to go off on the "KING" and then he's going to be even more embarrassed. I'm rubbing my hands in glee; this should be very interesting.

/For the time comes of the Dominion of Men, and the Elder kindred shall fade or depart. I shall go soon. The burden must lie now upon you and upon your kindred.”

/ I'm like Samwise, I's always so sad to me when I read about the time of the Eldar being over. Sigh...I just wish they had all stayed. I almost won't read 4th age stores for that very reason...they are mostly sad to me because the elves are going or gone. What a lesser world it is without the first born!

Please do write a "strong" Faramir story! Not that I don't love this one...I'm just anxious to see you put your magic to Fara.

Thank you for your reviews of my story...they're very much appreciated.
Stoneage Woman chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
Again a very good chapter (but this promises to be a very good story). I thought it would be a more musing kind of fic, but apparently you have a plot in mind. This is the first time I've read such a good explanation for anyone getting angry in a story. Well done! Update soon!
viviana chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
Snif, Arwen in this fic?...snif, doesn't matter...this fic is awesome. Continue please.
quillon chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
I am really enjoying this interlude story, and I can already see that it will be rife with the misunderstandings that make your stories so very interesting.

I really like your characterization of Aragorn since it shows how human he really is, with his share of doubts and fears as well as hope.

Larner chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
Good to see Faramir asserting himself properly as Steward of Gondor. Moping around? Waiting to see what will come next, I think.
QueenofFlarmphgal chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
he he...

Aragorn's in trouble now! Even though it isn't his fault, but then again, it rarely is.

i liked how you fit this in with the books, as far as findign the scion of the tree. It seems, to me, as a very good example of hope and the continuing of Aragorn's lineage. bravo!

Am looking forward to some Aragorn wompage in the next chapter, even if it's only verbal. It's nice that even thought Faramir is so shy he is standing up so strongly for his beliefs and heritage.

Please update soon!

Julia chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
So I'm not going to get any A/A in this fic? Oh well, romance is hard to write. I guess I'll live. I liked this chapter very much, as I always enjoy book touches when they are well chosen. And it was nice to see Aragorn cheer up a bit, and Faramir show some spine. Please update again soon, I can't wait to see Faramir's reaction when he sees the sapling.
steelelf who is blushing chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
because she didn't read the authors notes...

Whoopsie! (blush) thanks for saying you liked my stories, that was real sweet...
steelelf chapter 2 . 6/22/2005
Nice touch1 faramir WILL come out of his shell if someone or something he loves is threatened...

I know what you can do on 'burden' something like that, have someone else threaten someone (preferablty ARagorn) and Faramir comes out guns- I mean, bow drawn! I would LOVE that! I mean, we kind of need a good, strong FAramir in that story...

neway, that was my two cents... more like a whole nickel, though...
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