Reviews for Feeling Low
Feline Feral chapter 1 . 8/6/2006
good job!

Sorry, don't hav emuch to say. never seen the show before.


hemery chapter 1 . 6/21/2005
Wow, that really showed her character. Good going.
RandomlyWritingRandomness chapter 1 . 6/21/2005
HEY! This was really good! You captured a lot of Brooke's feelings well. :) I hated what those idiots did to her last season. And i especially hated how the writers didn't even bother really exploring how she felt about it all. instead they just focused on the two who hurt her and made it seem like THEY were the victims. *rolls eyes* it was really irritating. Anyways, i totally agree with how you wrote Brooke's feelings towards Peyton. She's said it many times, guys screw you over' but best friends are supposed to be the ones who pick you up after that happens. Not be the cause of it. I also think it was especially hard for Brooke cuz Peyton wasn't only her best friend, but also the only one she's ever really let see the real her. And she asked her repeatedly if she like lucas and what did she do? Deny it over and over again! even when Brooke told her that she liked him! And i hated how peyton felt she could trust a complete stranger about her feelings for him (haley) but not her bestfriend of 7 years. It was just truley pathetic! and how haley kept telling lucas that she felt bad that Peyton would 'be turned down the first time she opened up to someone' when we know that she had a good relationship with Nathan (at the beginning) But for brooke, this was THE FIRST EVER for her and yet Peyton ruined it. :( Anyways, forgive my ranting, but i get so worked up over this subject. lol

good job! :D