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sarathestarkidranger chapter 20 . 5/7/2013
Sweet lord Manwe, that was absolutely AMAZING.


And probably some of the best I've ever read, at that. The characters were original, no Mary Sues, and a plot twist at the end that you'd only expect in professional writing. Fan girling majorly over this. It's just asdfghjkl ohmigod.

Okay. I'm fine now. I think I'll re-read it to calm down.
Archiril chapter 20 . 12/14/2011
Thank you, thank you thank you for this story! Please tell me, will they be seeing Mandy again? :P

xXx Archiril
Archiril chapter 4 . 12/10/2011
This is sooo strange! Can't wait to read the rest of it! How did you come up with so original ideas? :P

As usual

xXx Archiril
Wanderling chapter 20 . 10/25/2010
This is so awesome and unique!
LadyoftheShield chapter 20 . 5/21/2010
The rambling bit was funny! excellent job. I did not expect it to be Lena!
LadyoftheShield chapter 4 . 5/13/2010
One error-

"Her friends noticed it. Heck, even Brittany and her friends noticed it."

That sentence is awkward but otherwise, well done!
Lulu Belle chapter 9 . 10/12/2008

Handsome, charming, 'I want to have your baby'

*dies* can you picture his reactions to the song "I wanna have your babies?" or the others that are popular now? I can name a few that are quite popular that would surely stop that poor man's heart! (I myself was a little suprised when I first heard them, lol)

*pictures Aragorn and Legolas in modern garb- better yet neon from a themed party i went to- at a party or club* HAHAHA! *slaps hand on knee* BWAHAHA! *staggers over to something and starts struggling to grab hold of it to keep her upright* MWAHAHAHA! *Pulls self up straight and starts laughing at anchor's face* HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHOHOHO!

*then laughter dies when she sees who she is laughing at*

"Aragorn, this mortal is touching me."

"Easy, Legolas."

*gulp* *releases legolas and starts patting his rumpled clothes* No harm no foul?

"Aragorn, if it were not for her common race I-"

"I make no claims or connections to her. To all others yes, but-"

EP! *runs away before either could do anything to her*

*unfortuntely she locked the door, and thus collided in it* I, uh, *gropes around for something as Legolas and Aragorn approach her menacingly*

*fingers tighten over something* Stay back or I'll- brush you? *looks down bewildered at the toothbrush* What the hell?

*throws it and rummages in a box* What I meant was- I started my- *shakes head* No, that's too cruel *throws small, cylindrical object aside*

Aragorn and Legolas watched, amused, as she digs through her box of toiletries for a suitable weapon, nearly half her upper body disappearing in its teal walls

AHA! *she triumphantly exclaims before curses as she struggles to get out of the box* *pause, sheepish* Can you get this thing off me?

*Aragorn and Legolas only do so only because they are deeply curious what her weapon is*

Thanks... now, you shall taste the wrath of, THE HAIR BRUSH OF DOOM! *brandishes it high like a Samurai*

*Legolas laughs* The hair brush of doom? What sort of silly nons- Aragorn? Aragorn?

*Aragorn as paled considerably*

*seeing this she gets a marvelously wicked idea* CHARGE! *she shrieks, lunging at him*

*Aragorn bolts, and somehow swings himself up on a bunkbed, hiding beneath the covers*

*She is very triumphant, until she sees Legolas isn't daunted* eh, heh,

*Legolas shakes his head* I've had it with this loony bin. *stalks out the door, leaving her dazed and confused*

Legolas/ *muffled voice of Aragorn calls* Is she gone?

*rolls eyes* whimp. *chucks hairbrush onto bed, causing Aragorn to scream in panic, before jumping off the bed and dashing out the door*

p.s. screw school. I got fanfics to read!
Lulu belle chapter 8 . 10/12/2008
Haha! Loved theintroduction of Legolas, esp to Becky and Summer! hehehe! lol.

And loved: "Scre your hoor and heroic nature! THis is survival."

hehehe. Great job! sry this is short, midterms, papers, presentations and labs, Oh my!
Lulu belle chapter 5 . 10/11/2008
*singing* Just another maniac monday! Or, I guess, it's more of a freaky friday!

lol, I am getting to be the same way about my diet coke! I actually stopped drinking it for two months, and got terrible headaches the first month. I don't drink it as much as I used to, especially now that I'm in college, but that might change as I hear it's seductive voice calling to me in the mini fridge... lol.

I am so happy, cuz I had my first LOTR dream! YAY! lol. I can't remember much of it anymore, but I'm excited nonetheless... I think it was a humor one, similar to the absurdity found in your writing.

I love her yelling at the birds, and hurling the alarm clock. I have often felt that way, but seeing how my alarm is my phone and i A) don't want to hit my roommate or B) break my phone, I can't. Happy writing! I am lovin this like no othr!
lulu belle chapter 1 . 10/10/2008
*blinks* this box actually popped up? *blink* And I'm typing in it... YAY! WOOHOO! I have been clicking at that dam review button since I got to college and my laptop would never allow it to pop up! HAHA! I AM KING OF THE CASTLE AND YOU'RE THE DIRTY RASCAL!

ARAGORN: Hey! I'm king of the castle!


*aragorn shrinks back before diving into my roommate's trashcan, as I cackle.* I've got the power! *sings off key and starts dancing ridiculously in the vacant dorm room*

LU: please excuse the reviewer, she has just injected peeps and skittles and hasn't had anything else to eat today except for a waffle slathered with whipped cream... needless to say, I firmly believe the sugar as gone to her brain and warped her common sense. *mutters to self* this is so embarressing, why the hell do I have to be the sane half.

ME: Yup, LU is my little pet! She is the sane part of me, so she's very very very tiny-

LU: *throws shoe at head* I prefer the term PETIT nimrod!

ME: ANYways, I just finisehd your prequel, nearly died about the coffee pot (thank god everyone on my floor is out, I would have been wheeled off to counseling in a heart beat had any of them overheard me). I was supposed to be studying for finals, but after years apart from this beloved fandom I couldn't resist pouring over the deliecious black words on a velvety white screen... *drools, which causing keyboard to start sparking, snapping reviewer out of fantasy* Anyways, so I had to stop... LOTR introduced me to , and for many years I had been faithful, a deevoted spouse, but then high school came with obsessive maniacs like myself who, despite their love for LOTR, never wrote the fanfics. I suppose their love was not as strong as my own, *glistening tear*, and I struggled to remain true, but their seductive tales of torture and misery captured my heart and I strayed... into the newsie fandom. It was a nice fling while it lasted, but even that fandom could not keep my flighty heart content and soon my mouse began drifting towards the power ranger stories to relive my childhood. That lasted for a few years. But now that I am a woman, a college freshman, I have returned by chance to my lost love. I come back, humbly, kneeling before you, begging you to take me back. I know I strayed, but I am older and wiser now, will you please reconsider!

*legolas looks down at the groveling sweat-clad woman before kicking her away* Why the hell did you come back? I thought I was finally rid of you and your twisted ways?

ME: *raisng head, looking up, shocked and teary-eyed* But I have never written an entire, true, torture story!

LEGOLAS: *rolls eyes* your mind is twisted! Thousands of e-mails and reviews you have polluted with humiliating and painful scenes featuring myself, aragorn, the innocent hobbits, your friends, and your own derranged split personalities.

ME: *shrugs* I do what I can. *beaming at the long and rambling review she hasn't written for so long, because you can't really do these type in any other fandom but this one* I'm glad to see I haven't forgotten how these things go!

LEGOLAS: *evil glint in his eye* Are you sure about that? Because I know I remember my favorite part.

ME: *confused, turning back to face Legolas* What are you-

CLANG! *Legolas hits reviewer in the face with a desk lamp*

LU: YEEWAO! *emitting her mighty battle cry, Lu flings herself off the top bunk, startling a guilty Legolas who holds up the lamp in defense, only to have Lu push past him. He watches, confused as Lu pushes reviewers body off chair and perches on it, cradling a bowl. When Legolas inches closer to see, Lu snarls* MY POPCORN! *before hitting him in the head with a remote, turning on LOTR at the same time*

Legolas: *rubbing head and glaring at the mini* And I thought she was supposed to be the sane part!


I would continue this review, but, unfortunatley, I am unconcious on the floor... hey, that means I don't have to study!

wait, crap... that means I'll fail.

Nice to be reading these humor fics! I need to write these type of things because I love them, but I find my creativity pales in the face of such excellence- well written, comical, semi-realistic in a fan's warped mind, and well written. You are my idol. *sends over marshmellow peeps* Enjoy a pure sugar, insanity, plot bunny goody!

*btw, I am educating no ffnet people! I explained to my teacher what a plot bunny was... though, he doesn't seem to have quite grasped the concept *sighs* see what I have to deal with in the real world?
lindahoyland chapter 20 . 10/1/2008
This has been a most enjoyable story and I'd love to see a sequel one day.
lindahoyland chapter 19 . 9/6/2008
A very clever Goodness Tolkien's text remains!
lindahoyland chapter 18 . 8/6/2008
I'm pleased you are continuing this. A truly surreal and exciting will happen next?
Hello Anyone There chapter 18 . 8/3/2008
Hurrah! Update! And Mandy is back with our fave ranger and elf. :)

I had almost given up hope, I'm really glad you chose to continue.
Keuka chapter 17 . 5/29/2007
Ok, I absolutely love this story! I hope you find time to continue it soon. I wanna know what happens!
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